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OKAY. Stopping point on the Northshore Bike Map, connecting the latest Seattle and brand new Eastside map.

I think I've found everything I know about and I've stumbled upon a bunch of things I didn't before now. This has been educational.

I've also labelled a bunch of stuff, added replacement labels for certain attractions that had their labels obscured, and made a couple of corrections.

I'm not including the sidewalk/path hybrid along Ballinger because while sometimes it sure does feel like a path I most of the time it's just "sidewalk."


Tell me about them! But only if they're public. I've not included a couple of trails here because they are 100% private.

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Okay decided it would be clearer if I added the very top of the 2 Line eastside bike map. I hope that's okay, @seabikeblog ?

Anyway I have to stop this for now I have spent WAY too much time on this today. xD

eta: dammit, left out a (not very friendly but passable) way over 405 if you're on Tolt Pipeline trail. It's now added.

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somewhat less woefully incomplete

i also grabbed part of Seattle's map for some continuity and since I had room

#biking #BikeTooter #seattle #NorthShore

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here have my woefully incomplete Northshore bridging map connecting connecting at least some of the Seattle bike map to the new eastside bike and bus connector map for the new 2 line.

if anybody has anything they want me to prioritize adding let me know! it really is mostly incomplete. i just wanted to get some of the most important connectors in. (And carry forward everything coming off the top of the new eastside map.)

#biking #BikeTooter #seattle #NorthShore

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ironically where I broke my pedal I think

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well they did warn us

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the detour, it’s fine but busier than it looks in this shot

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While I only wear at -30 to 0°C, and from 0 to 10°C, on this 19°C sunny day while in , I encountered someone on the cycleway who:
✅ …wore a blue velvet cape
✅ …with a cat-ears motorbike helmet
✅ …on a Segway.

So of course I shouted, « Merci de normaliser les capes! 👍 » ("Thank you for normalizing capes! 👍") as I passed them.

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I started working on a silly logo for my joke about there being a group of people who ride biked in the cemetery by my house but it's really just me...

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Took the third-wheeled cargo carrier out for a little ride and uh

wow that's loud :(

Didn't think about that. The wheel attaching to the bin directly means it acts like a drumhead and it's REALLY loud.

I mean it's not damages your hearing loud but EVERYONE hears you

considering idk maybe a hinge to keep it off the ground when not loaded or maybe just angling it so it's only low to the ground on heavier weights. dunno.

on the plus side, it works fine, handles turns, generally good.

#biking #BikeTooter #30daysOfBiking

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Biked to the lake with my wife. Still on the cool side, with a headwind on the way back. Starting to see more buds and greenery popping out along the way.

#biking #BikeTooter #gravelcycling

sun shining through vivid red buds on a tree (red maple?)
Red gravel bike leaning on tree next to lake shore

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I biked from noe to the conservatory of flowers today with the kid on the back and HOT DAMN it was honestly one of the most incredible experiences of my #biking life.

Gorgeous gorgeous day. Got to ride up Page #SlowStreet, which is just so lovely. Then down #JFK which is honest to good one of the most beautiful promenades on the planet right now. There was art! There was nature! There was community!

God, #SanFrancisco you can really show off when you want to.

#BikeTooter #SF #ebikes

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okay bagels in progress, dough set to rise for an hour

got to clean up the off to shops for eggs for glaze since we’re out

that’ll be an interesting experience on bike

how many will make it home LET’S FIND OUT

#baking #bagels

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okay all eggs are good down here

but the road home gets bumpy LET’S GOOOOOO

moira, avatar

eyyy 12 for 12 :D

moira, avatar

i walk into the kitchen and around the island

and the dough rising timer goes off


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Did 7 miles in 45 minutes today and it looks like this…

#mke #milwaukee #biking

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yeah the new black version (of the bike hitch adapter) looks nicer than the old test white version

(top of thread)

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oh ho progressing failure on the old one, not where i was expecting but makes sense

the old one was 10% infill, this one is 50%, hopefully it will improve the strength

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Got in 7 miles this morning because I was up at 4am, could not sleep anymore and was out the door by 6:30am.

Riding streets is a little more exciting than the cemetery and you definitely have to be more alert.

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today’s was Anna’s usual preferred exercise route with a stop at the library after since my hold finally resolved and i got emily wilson’s translation of the iliad. 14km. ish.

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It’s a gorgeous day to take Gladys out for a spin.


#GladysOTR #cycling #bike #authorLife #biking #park #chicago #BikeTooter #selfCare

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Got in a 5.2 mile ride this morning, including going all the way to Appleton Avenue which is probably a good place to get killed...

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Bike People, what are your thoughts on this kind of bike bag?

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today’s baking starts with to get more rosemary I GUESS

moira, avatar

fffffff whelp it’s the junkier rack for me I guess

this place needs more bike racks

#baking #bagels #biking

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biked 20 miles to get flaked salt and once I do the local starts carrying it

#baking #bagels #biking

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