mikako6, to Bloomscrolling Japanese
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Kiwi petals turned translucent by the rain

bk1e, to Bloomscrolling

Some sort of false yucca, I think
Canon FTb, nFD 70-210 f/4, Kodak Gold 200

bk1e, to Bloomscrolling

Field of fire(wheels)
Canon FTb, nFD 70-210 f/4, Kodak Gold 200

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My Mesa Verde ice plant is a prolific bloomer!

KelsonV, to wildflowers

Probably an of some sort, by the side of the road.

luis_in_brief, to Bloomscrolling
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at Lake Tahoe.

CLMilne, to Bloomscrolling
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Fave stetch of spring in garden
Cool damp weather has all the greens popping.

Image Description: at center is Lady's Mantle, just blooming yellow flower above flat leaves, with dark red astilbe to left, also just about to bloom, with drooping Solomons Seal, back center and the loveliest white Siberia iris about to bloom in back left


richrollgardener, to Bloomscrolling
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Well, as I said a few days ago, as an experiment I stopped cutting off the flower stalks of the very mature rhubarb I have and this is the result. It's teeming with hover flies and other small flying insects that I could not identify. of a sort!


moira, to Bloomscrolling
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The dwarf lilac is coming to life!

cynblogger, to Bloomscrolling
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Sunday, May 19 🌺

  1. Two-hour afternoon concert by our enthusiastic neighborhood mockingbird, a master in polyphony, with ballet interludes by squirrels & jays.
  2. The hummingbird I spotted yesterday announced his official return with the customary hovering outside my screened slider, and roosting in his regular spot in a myrtle tree.
  3. I snapped this photo scrambling my way through a dense, overgrown oleander to scatter birdseed.
helenclayton, to random
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@helenclayton@mas.to avatar

Also saw one of the prettiest orchids…the burnt tip orchid.

I must look up the name of the blue flowers in the background. They grow everywhere here and are just the perfect shade of blue.

#BloomScrolling #Wildflowers #WildOrchids

KokopelliBFree, to photography German
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sewblue, to Bloomscrolling
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My garden right now. Heaps of flowers. Hard to believe this was a wasteland of lawn a year ago.

The California poppies were volunteers. I love how many bumble bees they attract.

papablue, to Bloomscrolling
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The California poppies are finally blooming on the hillside. We planted mostly natives this time around, and with no big dogs to rip up the landscaping we scattered poppy seeds in the early spring.

Most of the green carpet here is poppy plants, with a few sages and yellow daisies visible.

Within a week or two we’ll have our own little SuperBloom. Hopefully they reseed well for next year too.

A hillside covered in bright green poppy plants. A couple open poppies are visible. Two sage bushes show with contrasting grayish-green leaves. Yellow daisies and a different variety of sage are visible at the upper left. The hillside is topped by a brick wall with the neighbor’s hibiscus plant visible.

Traumkaempfer, to Bloomscrolling
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Den vielen Regen die letzten Tage haben die Pflanzen nicht so gut vertragen, daher hier noch ein Foto von davor.

chad, to Bloomscrolling
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The neighborhood Bird has bloomed, with more to come! I really like the leaves on their own, but it’s a special treat to get the flowers out.

I propagated some of this cluster over by my house and am eagerly awaiting my first bloom-on-premises.

stevenray, to gardening
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Good morning from the . The tallest of those Cala lilies is over five feet. I hope you find some beauty in your day.

USelaine, to Bloomscrolling
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Last sockets of Splashacata have opened for the season. Thumbs up for this satisfying tall bearded iris.

@USelaine@mastodon.online avatar

The Crow’s Feet iris is also on its last legs. Speaking of legs…

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