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More Brexit winning. So much winning.

Post-Brexit ‘mess’ as Italian driver’s lorry held for 55 hours at UK border post

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There's a huge, Brexit-shaped hole in this election - that's why there's such an air of unreality about it | Nesrine Malik


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Why is the word #brexit not uttered on the so-called #BBC anymore? I guess it may get the odd passing mention as they are bound to have #farage on daily now.

#elections #politics #scotland #labourbrexit #libdembrexit #redtories #yellowtories #NeverTrustATory #torybrexit #IndyToRejoinEU #scotlandineurope #youyesyet #WhyNotScotland #YesScots

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UK ended post- border deal over ‘budget pressures’

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This is what insular thinking does to people: British PM assumed it was ok to leave commemorations after the „British event“ was over and went back to the UK to prerecord an election interview with a TV broadcaster instead of joining international leaders and veterans at Omaha Beach. Now apologies follow - but too late. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2024/jun/07/general-election-2024-bbc-debate-uk-politics-live-rishi-sunak-keir-starmer

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was founded on lies & deceit. & refusal to engage on the worst act of self-destruction imaginable is a betrayal to those who fought for to & to those who now realize they were lied to.


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Via Mike Galsworthy @mikegalsworthy
Yes, @PrivateEyeNews. 👏👏👏

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British paratroopers have passports checked after parachuting into France for D-Day event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imO8mGAcKwg&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=mastodon

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and its consequences

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This piece from Robert Shrimsley in the FT really nails how the Conservatives have killed themselves. Via Mark Chadbourn

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“A claim that nearly half of private school pupils would leave the sector if a Labour government levied 20 per cent VAT on their fees is “too high” and “not statistically representative”, the consultants behind the study it was based on have said”

…More tory lies


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Nice play on words in a German newspaper article (my loose translation):

Instead of the UK getting done, it seems like Brexit got the UK done.


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Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Blitzed By Milkshake On Campaign Trail


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gets banana milkshaked.

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Now that the UK has announced a Genital Election, I'm really looking forward to all the political content coming our way.

This isn't even sarcasm. I love a UK election.

#Politics #UKpol #UnitedKingdom #GeneralElection #Election2024

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01:20 onwards

""...because labour have nothing to give, - when i voted labour ,my dad were labour, all of Leigh were labour, we've always been labour, but this is not labour now, this is just another version of conservatives where they dont give a...they couldn't care less""

When offer no representation, no change and no hope, people look elsewhere - whether or , , - sadly all packaged with or social conservatism

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