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I think it was @markwyner who made me aware of this fantastic release......... Thanks Mark!
Bobo Yéyé: Belle Époque In Upper Volta 3cd box compilation with hardcover photo book on 2016
, , , and

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An UNHCR official has warned that Sahel's humanitarian crisis demands urgent action to prevent regional spillover and global repercussions.

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Chef der Militärjunta in Burkina Faso soll weitere fünf Jahre regieren

Der Chef der Militärjunta von Burkina Faso, Traoré, soll noch weitere fünf Jahre im Amt bleiben. Als Grund für die Verlängerung der sogenannten Übergangsperiode wird die prekäre Sicherheitslage im afrikanischen Land genannt.


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I kind of wish anyone here knew anything about Burkina. It gets lonely. I made a Burkina Faso instance but nobody in my life wants to join 😂

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@being There's a chapter on Burkina Faso cinema in this book.

Often referred to as Africa’s Hollywood–Burkina Faso, ranked by the UN as the third poorest country in the world (2005), is considered a kind of role model for sub-Saharan African cinema.


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‘Our green is brown’: the eco-friendly club avoiding the water hazard

> Course in uses just 200 to 300 litres a day, while US peers suck up millions

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Is US Imperialism Maneuvering Toward 'Humanitarian Intervention' In Burkina Faso?

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Burkina Faso blocks media, aid group over reports army massacred 223 people

mstrlaw, to journalism
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Burkina Faso: Sendeverbot für BBC und Voice of America

Die Behörden im westafrikanischen Burkina Faso haben den Radiosendern BBC und Voice of America für zwei Wochen die Ausstrahlung verboten. Grund sind angebliche Desinformationen über eine Gewalttat der Armee. Von K. Küstner.


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Including in and with 48 degree heat last week and many excess deaths among people over 60 in Bamako

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Interesting article on French colonial legacy in Africa, the CFA franc (franc de la Communauté Financièr Africaine) and efforts to rid themselves of it by four West African countries.
Historically, France has always sabotaged previous such attempts, by coups or financial shenanigans. This time, the attempt may succeed.

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170 killed in Burkina Faso massacre as French-Russian rivalry grows in Sahel

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Around 170 people were “executed” in attacks on three villages in northern Burkina Faso last week, another flare up of violence that has engulfed the western Africa country in recent years. Women and young children were reportedly among the victims. Al Jazeera reports:

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Great story about how Burkina Faso architects Diébédo Francis Kéré and Albert Faus build schools and orphanages that stay cool in 40C heat, using local materials such as laterite and drawing on traditional building techniques.

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Burkina Faso: Mehrere Tote nach Angriffen auf Kirche und Moschee

Bei Angriffen auf eine Kirche und eine Moschee in Burkina Faso sind zahlreiche Menschen getötet worden. Ob es einen Zusammenhang gibt, ist noch unklar. Dem Sicherheitsapparat zufolge wurden mehr als 100 Dschihadisten "neutralisiert".


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br00t4c, to random avatar

At least 15 dead in Burkina Faso church attack

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As Senate Considers New Ambassador to Burkina Faso, Human Rights Focus Would Strengthen US Policy

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Two weeks ago, military juntas controlling , , and announced their countries' "immediate withdrawal" from , 's regional integration bloc. This is a big deal.

But it can't legally go into effect right away...

@geography @geopolitics

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The #ECOWAS treaty, which is incorporated into the laws of #Niger, #Mali, and #BurkinaFaso through past ratification, states in Article 91 that member countries can only withdraw from the organization after "one year's notice in writing".

What's more...

#law #internationallaw #intergovernmental #geography #geopolitics #politics #WestAfrica #Sahel #AfricaNews @geography @geopolitics

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...last word from 's governing commission is that it hasn't received any official notice of withdrawal from , , and at all.

It's presumably up for debate whether leaders who took power unconstitutionally in coups even have the legal power to serve withdrawal notice to ECOWAS. Of course, the military juntas are ignoring their own country's laws anyway. But...

polgeonow, (edited ) avatar

...their lack of legal legitimacy could make it easy for future, constitutional governments of , , and to declare that no withdrawal from ever really happened, if they want to reverse the decision. In any case, it can't take legal effect within less than a year.

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, , and have announced that they're leaving ECOWAS and forming their own mutual security pact called the Alliance of Sahel States, in response to regional sanctions against the coup leaders in all three countries

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