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🤖 Rise and stake, friends! ☀️

Who else measures time not by weeks, but by Cardano epochs? Cardano price prediction🦾

simonmic, to cardano avatar

Not much time for hledger :hledger: hacking this week;
support and doc tweaks, and an updated example CSV rules file for ( wallet software).
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Pdragos, to haskell
matt, to cardano avatar

It makes me chuckle a little that one of the biggest NFT stores on the Cardano blockchain is just called 'JPG Store'.

So many people are like "NFTs are shit. Do you not realise you're just buying an image?" and the name 'JPG Store' is just screaming "Come and buy some expensive JPGs"

synlogic, to golang avatar

quality of a better programming language:

  • compiler is your Best Fren

quality of a worse programming language:

  • compiler is your Frenemy

The former:


The latter:

Stark9837, avatar

@synlogic @Gert

I learned of it with the and blockchain, and it makes sense there. Similar to how I just don't like , because my head things in C++ with circuits and not and my code just isn't as good. I struggle to code my daily projects in , but blockchain made sense to me.

It's very weird, but it's different ways of thinking.

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  • harryprayiv,

    @revengeday this is going to come up a lot. I started a #Cardano community on THEN found out that would be defederated.

    I’m thinking I might create the same community on many instances but I assume that’s perhaps frowned upon. This stuff is so new to me that it’s hard to know the etiquette.


    harryprayiv, to cardano


    I created a community on Please join the community rather than crawling back to .

    Aditya, to random

    Cardano Founder Labels Ethereum Classic A ‘SCAM’ With No Roadmap, Innovation, Or Vision

    PeterSoukup, avatar

    @Aditya He is just pissed at for rejecting his proposal to enrich himself through the treasury, so he then stole their twitter account they've spent 6 years building and gave it to his pet project buddies from foundation. Charles is a classical malignant narcissist and a pathological liar. ETC is far more decentralized than his failing and there is ton of development there, , , name services, developing their own stablecoin, just need to check their website.

    bwbush, to renewableenergy

    I am a who has focused much of my career on the , , , and of (especially and ), and who is currently working on the . I love , , , , , , , , and teaching.

    I have passion for art, music, language, and ; I occasionally create , , and .

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