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: "Chamber of Progress, a tech industry coalition whose members include Amazon, Apple and Meta, is launching a campaign to defend the legality of using copyrighted works to train artificial intelligence systems.

The group says the campaign, called “Generate and Create” and unveiled on Thursday, will aim to highlight “how artists use generative AI to enhance their creative output” and “showcase how AI lowers barriers for producing art” as part of an initiative to “defend the longstanding legal principle of fair use under copyright law.”

Without intervention from Congress, the legality of using copyrighted works in training datasets will be decided by the courts. The question will likely be answered in part on fair use, which provides protection for the use of copyrighted material to make a secondary work as long as it’s “transformative.” It remains among the primary battlegrounds for the mainstream adoption of AI, with some companies putting guardrails on use due to legal ambiguity.

“The principle of fair use is well established over decades of copyright law,” says chief executive Adam Kovacevich, who’s a former Google executive. “All art has responded to what’s come before.”"

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#OTD in 1790.

John Barry's Philadelphia Spelling Book Arranged Upon a Plan Entirely New becomes the first American book copyrighted.

John Barry was a schoolmaster of the Free School of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Philadelphia. While no complete copy of the book exists today, the Rare Book and Special Collections Division of the Library of Congress has the printed title page and two pages of text that Barry originally deposited.

#books #copyright

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What we have learned: People are always willing to switch one monster to another.

A social app for creatives, Cara grew from 40k to 650k users in a week because artists are fed up with Meta’s AI policies

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Oh hell no.

"Chamber of Progress, a tech industry coalition whose members include Amazon, Apple and Meta, is launching a campaign to defend the legality of using copyrighted works to train artificial intelligence systems."

#ai #news #technology #TechNews #copyright #corporations #capitalism

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#EU #DSM #Copyright #Pastiche #Parody #FairUse: "This review of the national implementations in 26 Member States reveals that, five years after the entry into force of the DSM Directive, the EU does not yet offer a harmonised treatment of caricature, parody and pastiche, as envisioned by COMMUNIA’s policy recommendation #6 and policy recommendation #7.

The failure of the Czech Republic and Latvia to cover pastiche within their exceptions is particularly problematic because the pastiche exception appears to take into account artistic freedom considerations that are not adequately safeguarded by parody and caricature, raising even the question if it can be qualified as a general exception for artistic freedom. In our opinion, the omission is relevant enough for the Commission to initiate infringement proceedings against those countries, as is the omission of Spain to cover caricature.

The fact that six Member States failed to extend the exception for caricature, parody or pastiche to uses beyond the for-profit platforms covered by Article 17 shows that EU copyright law, as it stands, has yet to exhaust all the fundamental freedom considerations that the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights imposes on its Member States. The EU legislator can certainly do more to achieve a fundamental-rights compliant copyright framework across the EU, and to actually save the memes and other expressions of fundamental freedoms across territories, platforms and AI-powered tools."

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Happy 5th birthday #DSM Directive! 🎂

We're celebrating the occasion with a supplement to the Post-DSM #Copyright Report on the exception for parody, caricature and pastiche (by Teresa Nobre). 🎁

No memes were harmed in the making of this blog post:

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»Adobe will Zugriff auf Inhalte von Photoshop-Usern:
Der Konzern hat seine Nutzungsbedingungen aktualisiert. Wer zustimmt, gibt dem Unternehmen das Recht, auf seine Daten zuzugreifen.«

Ich empfehle und nutze schon länger @krita, @GIMP, @inkscape, @Blender und/oder @penpot aber ich bin ja kein Grafikprofi. Abgesehen davon wird selten zugegeben, dass die Fixierung auf einen Hersteller nicht unbedingt professionell ist.


#adobe #photoshop #copyright #zugriff #grafik

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The Pirate Party Survived Mutiny and Scandal. In the EU Elections, It's Trying to Rewrite the Rules of the Web

#copyright #eu

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Looks like someone in Sweden got up & thought it's a good day to fire up an Azure instance for AI training, using the well-known "Firefox/72" scraper. Well, not with my photos.

It's still going on, but the amount of requests would already equal ~2 GB in volume. One scraper. In less than 24h.

This is the reality when you have a website with visual content. Isn't AI great?

(see also:

#Webmaster #Copyright #CopyrightInfringement #AI #AITheft #Leeches #Cloudflare

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The EU's common market is based on four freedoms: free movement of goods, services, labour and capital. We're still lacking the free movement of knowledge.

The next mandate should bring some news on the “Fifth Freedom”.

In this regard, this webinar by Knowledge Rights 21:

«Scientific Innovation and Growth—What should the EU do in its 2024-29 mandate to support research?»

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A case of a researcher's thesis being plagiarized in a journal article. She needs a good #copyright lawyer. If you wrote it and someone else uses it, it's #plagiarism. You're still the creative author.
IMHO the fact the people who wrote the journal article just copied big chunks of her work show lazy work.
Sounds like the universities and the journal aren't taking this seriously enough.

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@SRDas Yeah, that really made me cringe. It doesn't even take that much to count as plagiarism. If I have a work in progress, and someone uses any of it without my permission that's still plagiarism.
I really feel for her. She shouldn't be going through this. She really needs to get a #copyright/intellectual property #lawyer involved.

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"imitation is stealing 🤡!!!" #copyright #monopoly

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Just stumbled across this...

The Defendant's counsel pointing out the current case "is a refiled case" and they "dismissed the [original] case and refiled it as the current case as soon as that [original] case was assigned to Judge Seeger".

Brilliant stuff - and this one keeps pointing out the errors.

#ScheduleA #copyright #SADScheme

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If you have a Samsung washing machine, you'll probably be familiar with its self-satisfied "I'm finished" chime — the 40-second jingle that plays when your wash cycle is complete. It's a version of Schubert's "Die Forelle," which was composed in 1817. Now, it's sparked an absurd copyright abuse flag on YouTube, with a Twitch streamer claiming his play-through of Fallout was demonetized because his washing machine finished while he was streaming. Seemingly YouTube's automatic scan had detected the washing machine chime as a song called "Done," which was uploaded to YouTube by a musician known as Audego nine years ago. Albino suggested that YouTube had potentially allowed Audego to make invalid copyright claims for years. Here's more from @arstechnica

#Music #Technology #Lifestyle #Streaming #YouTube #Gaming #Twitch #Copyright

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Daily newspaper drops #paywall, moves to reader #patronage, generates 37% more revenue - what's not to like? #copyright

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Cher wins royalties lawsuit against Sonny Bono’s widow
Mary Bono had argued that she no longer needed to pay royalties to Cher after invoking a feature of US copyright law, but a judge has ruled otherwise #uslaw #uspol #copyright #music

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#Copyright #IP #CircularEconomy #Upcycling #Environment #Sustainability #HumanRights: "As the environmental crisis escalates due to overproduction and overconsumption, there is an increasing recognition of the urgent need for environmental consciousness and a shift towards a sustainable, circular economy (see, in the intellectual property context, Pihlajarinne & Ballardini (2020), Senftleben (2023), Calboli (2024)). Upcycling, notably, which involves reworking old items or their parts into new ones, has emerged as a tangible effort to address the negative impacts of this crisis. However, copyright protection may unexpectedly clash with this sustainable practice, as certain upcycled items could include copyrighted prints, ornaments, or design patterns from the original materials, such as new clothing items made out of old bed sheets, curtains, or tablecloths, or jewellery made from broken porcelain."

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So I'm working on a new project, nothing too big, but I need to use some copyrighted images. The copyright owner's Terms of Service suggest this should be okay, but it's probably best to make sure.

The contact email address has "nice lawyers" in it, so hopefully this is a good sign 🤞

#copyright #SideProject

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Surprise, surprise: News publishers only care about Money!!

#AI #GenerativeAI #AITraining #OpenAI #Copyright: "Publishers are deep in negotiations with tech firms such as OpenAI to sell their journalism as training for the companies’ models. It turns out that accurate, well-written news is one of the most valuable sources for these models, which have been hoovering up humans’ intellectual output without permission. These AI platforms need timely news and facts to get consumers to trust them. And now, facing the threat of lawsuits, they are pursuing business deals to absolve them of the theft. These deals amount to settling without litigation. The publishers willing to roll over this way aren’t just failing to defend their own intellectual property—they are also trading their own hard-earned credibility for a little cash from the companies that are simultaneously undervaluing them and building products quite clearly intended to replace them."

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Good news from the German antifa and related organizations scene: copyright protection.

A small group based in Germany has begun buying the Trade Mark rights to certain words and phrases - mainly abbreviations of words associated with extreme right wing groups and movements often aligned with the ideals of the original Nazis - so have them removed from the marketplace.

Companies producing these slogans will now be forced to remove them from their catalogs, from the stores and from sale, or face legal fines.

Article in German:

#life #Germany #antifa #Trademark #copyright

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