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I took some time today to learn how to make a trendline graph for statistics pertaining to 2 similar processes for one of my clients. This is created using #QlikView, a #dataanalytics visualizer by the #Qlik company. The #UI does not switch to dark mode easily: it takes a lot of tinkering to get it to look good. As far as #UX goes, Qlik can improve their application a lot.

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Thanks to sponsors like STMicroelectronics, Netflix, Living Optics, and ChromeOS, Collabora once again had the most contributors for the latest release! Here's a look at what we contributed:

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Hello to folks on ! I'm posting an to find new as I do a . I'm an assistant professor in the School of at in New Jersey. I teach in our fully online higher education doctoral program and I research . Looking forward to connecting with you here!

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The awesome folks @globalwitness have a number of positions open: , & investigations, , web content, etc.

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While many companies have built their analysis framework around , no one had made the effort to contribute upstream, until now. Introducing the @gstreamer Analytics Metadata Framework:

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Episode 2 of GeoData is finally out - join me as we get to the core of data-driven success in this episode as I give a high level look at the Data Science Hierarchy of Needs and uncover why it is important for developing responsible data solutions and the crucial role data professionals play in its implementation.

This episode is for ALL people passionate about data! 🗺️

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🚀 Dive into the world of data exploration with R! 📊 Uncover the earliest date lurking within your dataset using the power of R. With just a few lines of code, you can conquer this challenge and gain valuable insights into your data.



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Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) is a free playground that 🇪🇺 Commission offers to in the EU.

Join the series of free courses and learn how it works and when it can be used.

Both beginners & experts are welcome👉!xknmGT

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I'm looking for someone who can provide coaching or resume assistance -- my husband is still stuck in his job search after having to leave his last position due to long covid. He's been in for over a decade but is getting nothing back on applications so I think we must be doing something wrong. Searching for resume help only gets AI stuff these days, so if any of you have worked with a real person on this and can recommend someone, I'd love to hear from you.

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Question for and folks of Mastodon - how do you deal with time-series data in and what would you prefer to use instead?

I‘m starting to get fed up with how half-baked the implementation is and it‘s feeling like time drain

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Pandas crash course 🐼 👇🏼

A new crash course for pandas by Kevin McAleer 🐼🐍. The course provides an introduction to Pandas for data science.


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📈 Exploring Logistic Regression in R 📊

Logistic regression is a crucial tool for predicting binary outcomes. In my latest blog post, I walk you through the process of plotting a logistic regression curve in R. It's an essential skill for data scientists, statisticians, and anyone interested in predictive modeling.



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My code-teaching website is suggesting Jupyter for Python development, from a Data Analytics POV. I'm not taking to it at all. Any other recommendations?

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Anyone work at a company they like that's hiring interns for summer 2024? Interested in roles related to

I'm a third year PhD student in Computer Science at an R1 university (completed MS coursework), and a dual citizen USA/EU :) Thanks for boosting!

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How to Build an Efficient Data Team to Work with Public Web Data - The topic of how to assemble an efficient data team is a highly debated and freque... -

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Wieso nicht eine Weiterbildung noch dieses Jahr? KI, Machine Learning und Data Analytics sind speziell bei geographischen Analysen relevant.
Im CAS Spatial Data Analytics 2023 Start 28.8 und es hat noch freie Plätze.

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It should come as no surprise that Freddy and Sway have filed for arbitration. Not only is it their right, but they absolutely have earned it.

If you've been following along, Freddy, Sway (& Cliffy) were the first players to go through my report card system.

You can learn more about it on my Substack!

@hockey @bostonbruinsgameday @hnom

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The 15 Key Responsibilities of a Data Scientist

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Big Data Analytics: The Key to Resolving Complex Business Dilemmas - Big data analytics is the complex process of examining large and diverse datasets ... -

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