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Enchanting Composition System ✨

janriemer, to rust

Software engineers should really look more into and architecture when designing software. This is especially useful in software systems written in .

It is mostly used in 's, most notably in , but is very useful outside of , too.

It all comes down to this:

  • separate data from behaviour
  • favor composition over inheritance

It's the antidote to .


badtuple, to programming

Do people have examples of Entity Component Systems used outside of games?

If you squint, relational/columnar DBs line up data wise (though the System analogy is fuzzier). Data Frame style tools inspired by APLs sort of fuzzy match as well.

Curious if anyone knows other ECS or quasi-ECS patterns in real software. Especially if you built it and have opinions!

(Boosts welcome! plz forgive the hashtag spam: )

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