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‼️🇩🇰Live From Denmark: ‘A stupidly large number’ as Russians sacrifice over half a million men to an illegal invasion (Ukriane Matters Media VIDEO Livestream) #Ukraine #Denmark #Livestream #Press #News #russiaUkraineWar #10yrInvasionofUkraine

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Hello everyone!! New to this server after being banned from MSTDN.DK for calling out Proton's unjust actions of turning a climate change activist in to police. Guess they don't prefer people to speak up about social injustices there. This is my backup account as I am also on a seperate instance just in case my views are not accepted here either. Fingers crossed! Anyway, thank you for welcoming me!

I am into anonymity, freedom of speech/press/expression, social justice/human rights, and am against corruption and government tyranny.

#New #Censorship #Monero #Freedom #Linux #Tor #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #EU #Denmark #Copenhagen

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Stromness Venue for Screening of The State of Happiness

'Denmark, The State of Happiness', is on at the Stromness Town Hall today Monday, 27th May, 7.30 - 9.30pm. Tickets are priced at £5 and you can pay at the door or reserve your place by clicking on this online link: Denmark - A Film by Lesley Riddoch with Q&A This is a one-off screening in Orkney of this film showing how the Danes do things and how their successes could be applied here in Orkney and beyond.

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Tank guns that cannot fire because important parts are missing. Electrical or hydraulic systems not working.

New information on a donation of at least 100 Leopard 1 tanks to #Ukraine from #Denmark, #Germany and the #Netherlands reveals a number of serious problems.


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‼️🇩🇰Live From Denmark: China found to be providing lethal aid to Russia. Will the US continue ignoring the obvious? (Ukraine Matters VIDEO Livestream)

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Latvian President Edgars Rinkēvičs warned that any unilateral attempt by Russia to alter Baltic Sea borders would provoke a reaction. This follows Russia's announcement of plans to redefine its maritime borders with Lithuania and Finland, claiming new internal waters in the Gulf of Finland and near key coastal areas. The proposed changes involve adjusting geographical coordinates in these regions.

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@Edizionilazio @noelreports Then I think and shoud unilaterally change the extent of their internal waters in the Danish Straits.
And then close them to Russian ships and ships directed to .

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21 May 1481: d. Christian I of , Norway & Sweden, first of the Oldenburg monarchs at Copenhagen Castle

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13 Stefanie Freyer/David Gehring: Evolution and Revolution in British Diplomacy (1/6)

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But she is not alone! With David Gehring at University of Notthingham, who is an expert on , she found the perfect partner in writing. Gehring’s special interest on 's relations with the Protestant territories of the and is also reflected in his publications:


@histodons @historikerinnen @earlymodern

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Found in Denmark, life is good.

@ Is Butik, ,

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The Kh-101 is made entirely of Western components. The USA and other Western countries find themselves unable to stop the supply of their microelectronics to Russia, yet they forbid hitting Russia with Western weapons

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Watch the world's first artificial energy island being built
#PrincessElisabethIsland will be an electricity grid at #sea connecting #offshorewind to #Belgian mainland and also serve as a hub for future interconnectors with #UK and #Denmark. Belgian #electricity transmission system operator #Elia is project’s developer. Princess Elisabeth Island is part #PrincessElisabet Zone, a future 3.5GW offshore #windfarm in the #NorthSea, around 45 km (28mi) off the Belgian coast

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One thing I love about working in is their complete respect for personal privacy. You could come in with blood soaked clothes and a shovel and they’d be like “good weekend?”

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