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NEW video about KRITA, showing how a 231 brushes bundle can help you.

Check it out. The best of... RAKURRI


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In the park [ 12 April 2024 ]

I've never regretted replacing with , whose brushes and built-in filters really make a difference.

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It's almost been a year since I've had Momo in my life now and I wanted to paint him now that he's all grown up! For the past several months, I have been struggling a lot with burnout and depression, but Momo has been the absolute light of my life during this time. He's a very happy kitty that loves to chat, play, and explore his surroundings with wonder and amazement. Because of this, I wanted to paint a piece that showed Momo in the the way that I see him. ♡

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Entre Mastodon et Instagram, les votes étaient extrêmement serrés 😱

Je vous propose de vous révéler l'heureux gagnant qui sera illustré demain... Demain ! 🤭

Rendez-vous à 14h sur Twitch pour savoir qui des deux animaux on illustrera ensemble pour bien commencer ce weekend de Pâques ! 🐇

#MastoArt #illustration #twitch #live #procreate #digitalpainting

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Grogu [ 28 March 2024 ]

Inspired by this photo:

If you like my pixel art, you can support my further work here (see more details in my profile description above):


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It has been a while since I have done an so here goes! I'm a photographer, through and through. I am most alive when I have a camera in my hand.

Most of what I share here are my photographs. I'll also be sharing art that I create digitally, using my own photographs as the base. I've been digitally painting and transforming my photographs so that they're new creations, made by me (no AI).

Most recently, I've given acrylic (abstract) painting another try (I haven't painted since my teen years). If my paintings are not good enough to share here (from my judgment), I know I'll be able to use digital painting to complete my vision where my paintbrush leaves off.

Introducing a new piece of art in my gallery! "Sunset Over the Water" was created by digitally painting my own best-selling photograph, "Solitude at Sunset."

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Here’s the start of my next digital piece.

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15 hours and the woman’s hair is done. Now her dress and the background. #wip #digitalart #digitalpainting #surrealism #chickenart #chickens #procreate #mastoart

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