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Microsoft says Russian interference in US elections is already underway, and it's more effective than you think
Microsoft says Russian interference in US elections is already underway, and it's more effective than you think #microsoft #russian #US #election #interference #disinformation

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Probably won’t cover as extensively unless things get interesting, but #Trump’s #criminal #ElectionInterference / #HushMoney trial is back on today w/ continued #jury selection.

A #juror was quickly dismissed at the start. She was among the 7 already selected, she said she was very worried that despite the fact the court ruled to keep jurors’ name secret, she would still be exposed & targeted.


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It’s unclear what her friends were messaging, but the concerns reflect the reality that outlets are publishing details about jurors were revealed in open court, that some commentators use to say if jurors would be pro or not.
Prosecutors asked Judge to rule Trump violated his by posting a quote from falsely claiming that some of the prospective jurors are “undercover liberal activists." [ ]

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Laws, ethical debates? It's all too late. The cat's out of the bag. Women over 60, 70 from our village share things like this on WhatsApp and laugh their heads off:
Can I take a photo of you? - Why? - I can do that with you too! - Oops!

The next scammer or dictator can do it, too. Perfect propaganda tools.

#AI #genAI #techBros #fakeVideos #FakeNews #disinformation #propaganda #ethics #EthicsOfAI #MonaLisa #funny

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European Union leaders weighed a response to suspicions of Russian meddling ahead of June elections in the bloc, with several states pushing for sanctions targeting "malign activities" by Moscow. #worldnews #politics #eu #russia #europe #elections #disinformation #brussels

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Speaker is plowing ahead on a plan that has roiled his conference & prompted 2 to push an effort to oust him….
But instead of the complex 4-part plan he floated this week, Johnson now intends to try to pass 5 bills — 1 each for to , , & allies, …a wish list of priorities & a 5th…to address widespread Republican… [ ] demands….

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#GOP leadership announced that the #House would stay in session until Sat to consider the bills.
[good friggin luck]
The new approach is risky & is already blowing up on the speaker, who…is being threatened by …#MarjorieTaylorGreene to invoke a “motion to vacate” to topple #MikeJohnson if he puts #Ukraine #aid on the floor, something to which many #FarRight #Republicans aka consumers of [#Russian #disinformation; #Putin & #Trump lackeys] object.

#HouseRepublicans #NationalSecurity #democracy

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Interesting read.
There was an attempted infiltration of the SA #auspol Liberal Party by 500 Pentecostals as part of this plan to take over the 7 pillars of power.
Also that the proposed Religious Discrimination Act is a part of this ploy for a takeover. It’s a serious movement and well underway in #australia.
Atlas Network is at the heart of it.
#news #media #journalism #newscorp #murdoch #disinformation

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#JasmineForUS: "Republicans need to stop peddling Putin's lies."

The Congresswoman from Texas is sick of treasonous republicans pushing Putin #disinformation.

Call Capitol: 202-224-3121
Rep must sign #HRes1016

Please boost.

#RussiaIsATerroristState #PutinIsaWarCriminal #arrestPutin #warcrimes

The Congresswoman from Texas: "Republicans need to stop peddling Putin's lies." Americans are sick of treasonous republican pushing Kremlin-Putin disinformation.

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"Russia Just Helped Swing a European Election"

"Slovakia’s new Russia-friendly president won office with the help of a barrage of pro-Kremlin disinformation."

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Meanwhile, over on the disinformation site, all the WX folks are battling bots claiming "cloud seeding" is what caused the extreme rainfall event in the UAE/Dubai/Oman (no... it did not). #wx #disinformation

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Secret document urges action to weaken the

’s Foreign Ministry has been drawing up plans to try to weaken its Western adversaries, including the , & leverage the to forge a global order free from what it sees as American dominance, acc/to a secret Foreign Ministry document.

Nonilex, avatar

“We need to continue adjusting our approach to relations w/unfriendly states,” states the 2023 document, which was provided to The WaPo by a service. “It’s important to create a mechanism for finding the vulnerable points of their external & internal policies w/the aim of developing practical steps to weaken ’s opponents.”

Nonilex, avatar

…The creation of the Concept & the classified addendum followed a call to Russian academics for policy suggestions. One proposal submitted in Feb 2023 to the Foreign Ministry by the deputy head of Moscow’s Institute for the Commonwealth of Independent States, which maintains close ties to ’s apparatus, laid out Russia’s options more bluntly still.

Nonilex, avatar

The academic, Vladimir Zharikhin, called for to “continue to facilitate the coming to power of forces in ,” “enable the of Latin American countries & the rise to power of forces on the far left & far right there,” as well as facilitate “the restoration of European countries’ sovereignty by supporting parties dissatisfied w/ economic pressure from the .”

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At @DFRLab: 〝The disinformation campaign is similar to ones seen in Europe. Both seek to decrease support for Ukraine, undermine public trust in their institutions and polarize society, says Jakub Kalenský, a senior analyst at Helsinki-based European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats.〞

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"On 13 April, Iran launched waves of drones, as well as missiles towards Israel ... Within seven hours of Iranian drones being launched towards Israel, 34 false, misleading or AI generated images and videos claiming to show the ongoing conflict received over 37 million views on X (formerly Twitter)."

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Here's an tool that arrives just in time: The PRISA media group has created an audio and detection service for voices in Spanish.

Their goal: Support (e.g. when covering election campaigns) and foster trust in the face of .

Remarkable: The creators also address the problem of powerful people claiming their voices have been cloned after saying something embarrassing.

Details in this post (Reuters Institute):

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How to spot five of the fossil fuel industry’s tactics

"When politicians talk about how much it will cost to act on , they almost always refer to economic models commissioned by the fossil fuel industry, which leave out the cost of inaction, which rises with every passing year."

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How to spot five of the industry’s biggest tactics “Swayed for 30 years by fossil fuel industry propaganda, the media has been as likely to unknowingly amplify falsehoods as they were to bat them down. (1/3)

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Useful: 5 of the fossil fuel industry’s biggest tactics
proudly funded by the []
UNDERSTANDING the fossil fuel industry’s classic narratives is a good starting point.
DEBUNKING false claims is a critical next step.
please debunk

  1. Energy security
  2. The economy versus environment
  3. We make your life work
  4. We’re part of the solution
  5. We fund museums, sport, art
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How to spot five of the fossil fuel industry's biggest disinformation tactics

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How does The Onion stay in business?

CindyWeinstein, avatar

@dkiesow. On mornings like this and with headlines like this, I'm glad I canceled my subscription. It's coverage like this that lays the foundation for , which MAGA outlets then blast to the base.

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is a who thinks her job is to promote Russian and to the American people. She doesn't even make an effort to hide her treasonous behavior. I'm seriously worried about the number of elected who, by all appearances, are on 's payroll. I really hope the is investigating her, and other Republicans who are violating their oaths of office.

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first time for that the had an informative story, shocking that is just another

You are wright, as said here

the needs to be called out

is saying the same thing, they are getting ready to "start the steal" in Nov 2024

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OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION:🇪🇺MEP Krzysztof Brejza is a spyware victim, per 's national prosecutor's office.

He was incessantly infected with spyware while coordinating opposition political strategy during Polish parliamentary elections.

After we publicly confirmed our findings, Brejza was targeted w/unrelenting, orchestrated disinformation. And harassment.

For a time, we @citizenlab were also a target. 1/

jsrailton, (edited ) avatar

@citizenlab 2/
Baroque conspiracy theories were floated and amplified by various groups seeking to discredit the victims and our findings.

The formula was repeated for each victim we & others like Amnesty's Security Lab surfaced.

Didn't work, but if you'd asked me in 2022 if whether Poland's government would ever officially confirm spyware cases to victims, it would have seemed hopelessly optimistic.


#Disinformation #poland #polska #infosec #cybersecurity #spyware #malware

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