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Disney Musician Richard Sherman Has Died at Age 95

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New Disney Attraction Rights a Racist Wrong and Scratches Our 'The Princess and the Frog' Itch

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I take back my previous statement about in modern TV menu's. + is quite fantastic, even the keyboard and search is very usable.

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Disney songwriter Richard M Sherman dies aged 95

#disney #marypoppins

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RIP to Richard Sherman, who made a huge amount of the music of my youth.

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Richard M. Sherman, Oscar-winning songwriter behind Disney hits spanning decades, dead at 95

#academyawards #disney

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It's ! 1 trash can, sliced into 2 halves. Which side are you on?

👇 Poll in comments! 👇

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Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck's uncle, is known by many different names: Gil, Balthazar, Dagobert, Joakim, Robert, etc. What do you think about translating character names? #duck #scrooge

#disney #lanuage #culture #name #uncle #donald #rich #cartoon

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Jeez Bob, out of touch much? The only technology creatives are against, is the kind that is strip mining their creativity and not paying them for it.

Instead of helping people be better at their creative jobs, you just wanted to replace them. And see how that's working for you?

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Former Disney parks employee says the characters going viral on TikTok are probably played by gay men

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10 Things We Learned From Assembled: The Making of X-Men '97

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to 1958 and Fantasyland's Midget Autopia in Disneyland. Take a look at that bullet-style trash can in the loading area!

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Used by Permission.

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First, Jenny Nicholson releases four hours long video about failures of #disney #StarWars hotel.

Now, We're in Hell releases two hours plus essay about weird #Netflix #reality shows.

Between these two, I'm really getting spoiled about delicious takedowns of things I have absolutely no interest in. 😅

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Marvel's Upcoming What If? VR Game Gets a Revealing First Trailer


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Pinocchio stands atop the Village Haus, keeping a keen eye on whether you properly dispose of your garbage. Don't disappoint him. He knows people.

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Jojo Siwa messily celebrated turning 21 at Disney World--and shared it all on TikTok

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Pixar cuts 14 percent of workforce, shifts focus back to feature films

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My favourite corner of the house 🫶
Olaf is such a vibe


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New trash cans within the Theater of the Stars at Walt Disney Studios in Paris. Home to the new "Alice & The Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland" show, this outdoor location previously hosted the "Moteurs... Action!: Stunt Show Spectacular" for 18 years.

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