mima, to food

Time for some #DominosPizza for my #lunch ​:blobcatnompizza:​

#pizza #Dominos #food #foods

chunshek, to Japan

in both and have launched their new . At a diameter of 16″ (40cm), the features a "volcano" shaped bowl in the middle, filled with cheddar "magma" for dipping pizza slices, fries, chicken fingers, and whatever else you order on the side.

They are starting at ¥2,590 (US$17.97 / €16.43 / £14.13) in Japan, and NT$549 (US$17.68 / €16.17 / £13.90) in Taiwan.


There's an idiom in Mandarin: 我不入地獄,誰入地獄? (If I don't go to hell, who would?)

So to "hell" I went today. And by "hell" I meant 's , along with a platter of dip-worthy sides like chicken tenders, fish fingers, and tater tots.

And… it was hellishly delicious. If you want to petition your local Domino's Pizza to introduce the cheese volcano to your market, I've got your back!

Moggy, to VideoGames French
@Moggy@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

Je remets ce vieux thread sur de magnifiques covers de jeux vidéo. Pas envie qu'il disparaisse. A l'époque où j'étais en coloc avec L'aspi, on avait tout compilé dans un dossier une multitude d'illustrations très laides qu'on trouvait dans les magasins ou sur le net.

Je commence avec Snow White And The 7 Clever Boys, un jeu PS2, la contrefaçon de Phoenix Games:

#cover #videogames #ps2 #playstation2 #SnowWhiteAndTheSevenCleverBoys

@Moggy@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

Yo! Noid (NES). Une cover du tonnerre sur un jeu Capcom mettant en scène l'ancienne horrible mascotte de Domino's Pizza.


Linux_Is_Best, to pizza
@Linux_Is_Best@mastodon.social avatar

This is why I stopped ordering from my local Domino's Pizza. The national coupon for two items or more items for 6.99 each is modified to add a surcharged to 8.99 each. As shown in the screenshot, I made no modifications and kept the default settings to the order.

2 basic bread bowls from selection of choices with no custom changes
Local Domino's surcharges so it is not 6.99 but 8.99

@Linux_Is_Best@mastodon.social avatar

I could not find away to DELETE my profile with Domino's Pizza.

Don't you just "love it" when a company makes it so easy to sign up, but not to leave?! (Yes, that's sarcasm).

I ended up removing all my saved payment information, uninstalled their app, unsubscribed from all e-mails, and marked them as spam too.

Linux_Is_Best, (edited )
@Linux_Is_Best@mastodon.social avatar

Why the fuss about Domino's Pizza?

Because the local pizza shops (all of them) are now equally priced and roughly quality matched with my local Domino's.

My local Domino's Pizza has been adding surcharges, plus their delivery fee is now comparable to everyone else, plus tip. There was no longer an incentive to keep using Domino's.

If you're going to be paying the same, getting the same amount, at roughly the same quality, you may as well buy local.

Linux_Is_Best, (edited )
@Linux_Is_Best@mastodon.social avatar

Once a year or so, I liked to mostly use them (Domino's Pizza) to gift some pizzas to the local Fire Department, Police Department, and EMTs.

I did a few times starting in 2020 during the pandemic, and have continued with that tradition. - My way of showing support to the public service members.

Domino's Pizza, unfortunately, no longer fits, and I'll be focusing on a local establishment.

templarknight, to kpop
@templarknight@ieji.de avatar

IU as the new Domino's Pizza (Korea) spokeperson

#KPop #DominosPizza #IU #Uaena #dlwlrma #아이유 #지은아 #李知恩 #LeeJiEun #드림 @kpop

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