gamingonlinux, to dota2 avatar
GamingAmigos, to dota2 avatar

BLAST, renowned for top-tier CS:GO events, expands into Dota 2!
First major event in Nov 2024, with 4 more planned for 2025.
Can they bring fresh excitement to the scene? @dota2 #dota2 #esports

steffo, to dota2 avatar

#Dota2 #AbilityDraft: Well, that’s an useful upgrade 😆

hypolite, to VideoGames

Dota 2 released yesterday a cool update with a storyline that you can unlock by playing the game. Unfortunately, playing single player against bots like I usually do doesn't count, so I'm renewing my call for casual players in the East Coast who would like to get together.

My Steam id: hypolite_petovan

#VideoGames #Dota2 #Steam #InSearchFor

Gargron, to dota2 avatar

New #Dota2 update: Crownfall. Mostly cosmetic items, and looks like some minigames, but not gameplay updates. New lore comic though!

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It's going to be a quiet day in the house without to watch.

CenturyAvocado, to dota2 avatar

What a final game on Season 22 - can definitely be entertaining when presented correctly and DreamLeague do a fantastic job of it.

CenturyAvocado, to dota2 avatar

What a weird ending to a best of 3 final game on #DreamLeague S22 #DOTA2 Group Stage 2 with #GaminGladiators and #ShopifyRebellion . Well worth a watch of that match if you like Dota2

CenturyAvocado, to dota2 avatar

<3 that #ESL #DreamLeague #DOTA2 is back. Such a feel good stream and event. I really don't care who wins but I love watching.

emill1984, to cs2 Polish avatar

#CS2 #esport

Karuzela transferowa juz sie powoli zatrzymuje, ale jeszcze potrafi zaskoczyc

Po blisko 3 latach na scene powraca #TeamSecret, ktore do tej pory znane bylo bardziej z #LeagueOfLegends i (chyba) #DOTA2
W nowym skladzie zobaczymy... kolejnego Polaka - Paweł #innocent #Mocek po dlugiej przerwie wraca do aktywnego grania


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massivelyop, to dota2 avatar

Valve issues gift-wrapped permabans to Dota 2 cheaters and smurfs this holiday season

hypolite, to dota2

The #Dota2 change logs keep delivering subtle sarcastic gems:

Fixed longstanding and game-breaking bug where the chance for hero melee damage block was 49% instead of 50%

Game-breaking, huh? 😏

ridge, to dota2

it's the christmas dota update, everyone who smurfed got a gift box full of coal that permabans them when they get it, tons of streamers who were smurfing got the coal live.
oh fun christmas gift box, full of coal permabanned and vacban

(btw he reads "banned until 1/18?" but fails to read that the ban is until 1/18/2038)

(video source:

Mason opens his gift box in Dota 2 and gets a highly toxic lump of coal, which bans his account from playing until 18th of January 2038, due to smurfing.

darkade, to dota2 avatar

This one looks a bit more evenly matched


Gargron, to dota2 avatar

I’m rooting for Team Spirit but I can’t help but feel bad for Gaimin Gladiators being so clearly outmatched so I hope they can win the next match.

#dota2 #ti12 #dota2ti

Bahadir, to dota2

3-0 coming up. I really wanted Quinn to take the aegis but Team Spirit are way too strong.

#dota2 #ti

darkade, to dota2 avatar

That muerta shot!!!!


spacecowboy, to dota2

Seems unlikely maybe but let's go GaimingGladiators!


RamboSmitten, to dota2

The atmosphere is energized in the Climate Pledge Arena this morning as we ready up for the semi-finals at TI12

odr_k4tana, to dota2

Not sure if staying up late to watch TI games is worth it anymore....most games have the same picks and bans and a lot of them are >50 mins. Not pleasant to watch.

#dota2 #dota2ti

r3pek, to dota2

Let the games begin...

odr_k4tana, to dota2

That entity tundra series was sad to watch. #dota2

ElysianThus, to gamedev

I like because it's more comfortable... for my dogs.

Gargron, avatar

@ElysianThus #Dota2 chair 🙂

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