UndisScot, to Scotland
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The amazing Norman carving on the Edrom Arch near Duns in the Scottish Borders. This is all that remains of a church that was built in the early 1100s and demolished in 1732. More pics and info: https://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/duns/edromarch/index.html

Wen, to Theatre
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DunsPlayFest returns to Scottish Borders from April 26 to May 4


For those who have never attended, if you have to time, give it a look. Some great new and established theatre, film and music.

EricBranse, to Theatre
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Duns Playfest is fast approaching and is going to be even better than last year. Here is a video of stills from last year:


EricBranse, to drama
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The story behind Duns Playfest. How creativity in the Scottish Borders has been nurtured, helped by Creative Scotland and other funders, to form what is becoming an annual marker on Scotland's cultural year, a showcase for new theatrical drama.
#DunsPlayFest #Duns #Berwickshire #NewWriting #Drama #Theatre #liveMusic


EricBranse, to random
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@tim_evans interesting preview of your new show. Hope it goes well.
I'm interested in new theatre writing as I am a trustee of an annual festival of new drama, DunsPlayFest which has been going & growing since 2019, this rear being 26 April - 4 May.


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EricBranse, to random
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We are on the countdown to DunsPlayFest 2024!

Save the date because from 26th April-4th May we will be enchanting Scotland with over 60 acts and captivating performances from established artists and new emerging talent!

Tickets are available now 🎟


EricBranse, to Musicals
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This is show week for the seniors at Berwickshire High School which has a brilliant music department. Well worth coming to see. Their productions would grace a professional stage.

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The Berwickshire High School really has an excellent music department. The current production is the seniors' show S4-6, most of the leads actually being S5 students who have just finished their prelims (mock exams). Before Christmas the lower school (S1-3) staged Frozen which was also very good. The last full school show (last June) saw 70 kids on stage, over 10% of the school population, with many more running backstage and tech.

UndisScot, to Scotland
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The purest expression of the Edwardian country house in Scotland, Manderston near Duns in the Scottish Borders. The original house built in about 1790 was extensively remodelled between 1901 and 1905 on an unlimited budget. More pics and info: https://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/duns/manderston/index.html

#Scotland #ScottishBorders #Duns #Manderston #CountryHouse #Edwardian #UndiscoveredScotland

EricBranse, to random
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Duns Playfest is an annual festival of new drama held every May in the Scottish Borders. This year one of the shows was cancelled, but we were treated to some excellent music by this chap who lives locally and walked in off the street by chance with his guitar (don't know his name). A brilliant serendipitous evening. Photo was taken by local photographer Yid Whellans.

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