tvbeek, to php avatar

I created version 1.6.0 for Laravel GitHash!

This adds support for .

And this release also contains some internal cleanup:

  • It switched to for codestyle checks.
  • Added Vale for checking the text in the documentation.

The goal for this package is to give a simplified way to get the git hash from your code. This hash can be showed in the admin interface, added to your logs, and used for everything you can imaging.


tvbeek, to random avatar

Laravel Mail Catchall now also support .

This release also contains some internal clean-up:

The clean-up is a progress to give my different personal projects a more consistent configuration and improvement in quality.
And the additional bonus is that it lowers my maintenance cost.

See for more information:

jupiter, to godot avatar

Sitting on the train home, finishing up the first baseline example and in-Engine performance test for ...

Next... you know it... will be boids.

I actually never made boids before. gasp

It's important to provide facilities in an ECS for entities to reference each other in an easy (and performant!) way. Let's see what I come up with.

A benchmark scene in Godot, showing 40 thousand orange cubes undulating in a lissajous pattern as the camera moves around them.

janriemer, to random

Enchanting Composition System ✨

janriemer, to rust

So you want to build an ECS-backed framework

Challenges and opportunities in the future of bevy_ui - by Alice I. Cecile, Rose Peck (November 2023)

I think UI in Bevy has very high potential! Very good points and current limitations mentioned by the authors.

Regarding using ECS for UI: In classical OOP UIs, the decorator pattern is often used.

In ECS, you basically have decorator pattern by default! 💪

GregCocks, to Economics avatar
janriemer, to rust

Software engineers should really look more into and architecture when designing software. This is especially useful in software systems written in .

It is mostly used in 's, most notably in , but is very useful outside of , too.

It all comes down to this:

  • separate data from behaviour
  • favor composition over inheritance

It's the antidote to .


bearstech, to random French avatar

Retour d'expérience d'Amazon sur l'utilisation de Docker.

hywan, to GraphicsProgramming avatar

Bevy 0.12,

Once again, an incredible release. Great job 👏 !

ctietze, to random avatar

Summer r/roguelikedev event

Very throrough game jam postmortem for a custom engine with to manage state and objects!

schizanon, to AWS avatar

My least favorite service used to be , but now it's ; subnets, registries, ALBs, Fargate, Kubernetes, such a fucking shitshow.

Docker containers were a mistake!

grofit, to unrealengine

I don't use but I'm really impressed with and especially in the latest version.

I don't really see how can compete at the moment as their rendering pipelines seem a shambles, and GI seems all over the place and there is nothing like nanite on the roadmap.

They are doing some amazing work behind the scenes to move away from to 7 but that's ages away at the moment and and still seem to be experimental.

linux_mclinuxface, to random avatar

If you're interested in OS, we're hosting a community meeting in 25 minutes! It'll cover some upcoming changes for and k8s.

chiefgyk3d, to Cybersecurity avatar

Somehow I became the freaking #cloud #engineer in my group of #cybersecurity engineers at work. I have never done #AWS and my work paid for #ACloudGuru for the company to learn, and I’ve been rolling through #lambda and now #ECS at work and making custom #python for #crowdstrike and #zscaler and now looking at rolling a @grafana at work for a POC probably on AWS too. I only started doing Python a few months ago. #chatgpt helped a lot. The times really do change don’t they? #infosec #IT

markusstaab, to php German avatar

lets speed up by speeding up @PHPCSFixer

please consider supporting my open source work if you benefit from this improvements


markusstaab, to php German avatar

its that time of the day again.

I am working on getting faster

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