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Expect new images and first science results from coming Thursday, 23 May. Five new stunning images, first ten science papers plus five reference publications.

There will be broadcast by as well as press and paper releases by ESA and us. Stay tuned!

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Uh oh. The ambitious European-Japanese BepiColombo mission to Mercury has experienced a worrisome "glitch" in its thrusters.

Engineers are scrambling for a fix so the spacecraft can enter orbit around Mercury late next year, as planned.

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BepiColombo got some enticing previews of Mercury during its 2021 flyby of the planet.

These images come from the spacecraft's little monitoring camera. The real ones (assuming the spacecraft pulls through) will be far more spectacular.

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Excellent! The sun twanged in a big way!

The May 2024 solar storm: your questions answered.

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International collaboration FTW

ESA and NASA join forces to land Europe’s rover on Mars

#ESA #NASA #RosalindFranklinMission #Mars

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I honestly can't wait for the LISA observatory to launch.

Webb detects most distant black hole merger to date.

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Can't help but wonder how SOHO survived!

SOHO’s view of the 11 May 2024 solar storm.

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Départ de Cologne après notre dernière série de tests et prélèvements au siège du DLR/Centre d’entraînement des astronautes de

Ma mission à se termine officiellement aujourd’hui.

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What is ? It's a physics experiment and an space mission 🛰️ - but foremost it's a project imagined, designed, built, and operated by more than 2000 scientists, engineers, and technicians 👩‍🔬 👨‍💻 👩‍🔧.

We are now starting a series of -posts showcasing a cross-section of the people behind

First up:

Valeria Pettorino, ESA Euclid Project Scientist


Virginia Ajani, Scientist in the Interscience Task Force for Likelihood

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I totally love what the is able to see, such as this new and exciting image of the Horsehead Nebula, where you can see loads of galaxies.

Absolutely amazing!

The image from even contains a very detailled description, and metadata in the AVM format, which my NeoFinder for macOS software of course catalogs, displays, and allows you to search.


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in :

Powering the Future: Exploring the Electric and Chemical Propulsion at

Friday, 17 May 2024, 3pm

Register here:

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Kometenforschung mit Prof. Kathrin Altwegg an der

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I have proof: it is a globe!

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Space Rider


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We are launching the Science Newsletter! It serves the scientific community and welcomes everyone interested in more programmatic and technical news from the Directorate of Science: calls for proposals, announcements of opportunity, research fellowship announcements, calls for memberships, job announcements, major mission updates, conference announcements, etc. for all our missions!

More infos & subscription link here:


Space background (and image from the Euclid space telescope) with an overlayed stylized hear animation.

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...because, all you need in the run up to launch is an old, WWII era bomb scare!
Well done the entire team!

Mission control ready for EarthCARE despite disruption.

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