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Jürgen Klopp verlässt Liverpool: Abschied einer Legende mit Herz

Mit Gedichten, Wandgemälden und Pies verabschieden die Fans des FC Liverpool Jürgen Klopp. In neun Jahren wurde der deutsche Trainer zu einer Art Markenbotschafter der nordenglischen Stadt. Von Franziska Hoppen.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/ausland/europa/juergen-klopp-england-fussball-liverpool-100.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

jdmccafferty, to Scotland
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19 May 1568: Elizabeth I of orders the arrest of Mary Queen of (BM)


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18 May 1554: William Thomas is hanged, drawn, quartered at Tyburn for encompassing the death of Mary I of (BM) He’d already botched suicide by stabbing himself in the Tower of on 25 Feb.

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Amazing sculptures you (probably) didn't know existed

Statue of King Arthur, England #sculpture #England #KingArthur

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Rievaulx Abbey was once home to a monk named Aelred in the 12th century, who some people today consider a gay saint.

This video was made in partnership with historian Holly Cruise. .

📍 Rievaulx Abbey,
| Grade I listed @HistoricEngland

Monk Aelred

SubtleBlade, to Health
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The cost of is laid bare in a new study that shows £27bn a year being spent in on the and of drinking

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16 May 1568: Mary Queen of #Scots crosses Solway Firth to #England in fishing boat #otd The beginning of the end for her... (BM)

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16 May 1662: Peter Lely the most fashionable Restoration artist naturalised in #England #otd (NPG)

He was from Soest, Westphalia #Germany

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16 May 1532: the Clergy of surrender their right to make canons to Henry VIII (BM)

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16 May 1532: Thomas More resigns as Lord Chancellor of #England #otd

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Oh look. has just returned via the backdoor, which is how a lot of unpleasantness takes root in the these days.

"...Government sources told BBC News about plans to ban sex education for under-nines in [], as well as teaching about gender identity, on Wednesday.

"Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the new guidance would ensure children were not 'exposed to disturbing content'..."


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Visit England.

Managed by the Tories and private interests. From @coldwarsteve

Wen, to environment
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‘Somebody is going to die’ because of polluted rivers

I think that might be a little late. Directly, because people are already being infected and life ‘changing' infections have already occurred, indirectly because people are being scared away from the water.


Archived article.

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While I don't like the subject of the painting, seriously FUCK THE MONARCHY, but holy hell do I love the painting as a painting!

Just pissed I didn't think of it first.

junesim63, to random
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United Utilities failed to stop pumping millions of litres of sewage into Lake Windermere for 10 hrs in February & didn't report it to the Environment Agency until 13 hours after it started.

The pumping station is only permitted to discharge untreated sewage into Windermere if it’s overwhelmed by rainfall or snowmelt.

And therein lies the bigger problem: allowing privatised water companies to pump raw sewage into waterways & lakes at all.

#Sewage #Windermere #England

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This article from April 3rd this year shows the threat to Windermere from raw sewage. At the time this article was written we didn't know about the massive February discharge of raw sewage which has just come to light.


Wen, (edited ) to security
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UK public voice fear over security in NHS data systems


Leaving aside the fact that (as always UK is synonymous with England and hence the whole of Britain), who is surprised. With c ompanies such as Palentir involved, and no doubts brown paper envelopes to senior managers and a Westminster government ruling the roost it is inevitable.

#NHS #England #YourData #Security #Privacy

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https://www.europesays.com/1214684/ Manchester City: Pep Guardiola says money not the reason for club’s success #England #EnglishPremierLeague #Football #Soccer #UnitedKingdom

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13 May 1619: on the day of Queen Anne's funeral, Edward Herbert 1st baron Herbert of Cherbury leaves with instructions to "renew the oath of alliances" between the Kings of & . (National Trust images, Powis Castle: what a dresser)


matt, to mastodon
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Can't believe @ChorltonArtsFestival are on #mastodon. :tiktok_wow:

One for all the #Manchester tooters to follow!

#FridayFollow #FollowFriday #FF #England #UK #UnitedKingdom

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What is the most effective action individuals can take to mitigate against #ClinateChange?

Most experts (76%) backed voting for #politicians who pledge strong climate measures, where fair #elections take place.

This is not possible in #England as neither of the only two parties represented by the #undemocratic FPTP system pledge strong climate measures.


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I needed a good laugh and this one never fails to crack me up!

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