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Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei holds European Union election rallies in Duisburg and Munich

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Irish Lawmaker: Recognizing Palestine as a State Is Rooted in Our History of Colonization & Famine

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Several European Countries Just Recognized a Palestinian State. It's Symbolic--but Has Huge Implications for Israel.

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Billlie announce European leg of their 'Our FLOWERLD' tour

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Lead EU election candidate resigns from German AfD leadership after SS remark

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More than a fifth of the 11,500 animal, plant & fungi species in are “critically endangered” & thus are of a re-evaluation of the country’s has found.

The Ministry published the revised list to commemorate Natura 2000 Day, the anniversary of the creation in 1992 of what is now the world’s largest coordinated network of , which in the present day includes more than 27,000 sites.

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Reintroduction of 170 European bison could help remove CO2 equivalent of 43,000 cars, study finds

#european #yale

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Reintroduction of 170 European Bison Could Help Remove CO2 Equivalent of 43,000 Cars, Study Finds

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A cabal of notorious and/or legendary orgs and people is looking for someone who can build an . Are you made of the material that is worthy of joining this Oceans eleven of democratic badassery? Do you know someone? Pls boost

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'Dark Times': Historian Detained, Interrogated by

"The good news is—actions like this by the or countries taken under pressure from the pro-Israeli lobby or itself smell of sheer panic and desperation," the renowned author said.

@palestine @israel

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Herd of 170 #bison could help store CO2 equivalent of almost 2m cars, researchers say - "Free-roaming animals reintroduced in #Romania’s Țarcu mountains are stimulating plant growth and securing carbon stored in the soil while grazing" we need more of these magnificent creatures

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These are bison rather than imports from the . Thirty years ago they were almost extinct - small populations in north east and north east They have since been introduced elsewhere - including the and even the county of - somewhere normally not at all keen on anything !

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Medical missions in Gaza trapped without access to supplies and basic aid

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Eurovision 2024 Concludes With Controversial Grand Finale

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Ireland's non-binary Eurovision entrant Bambie Thug takes furious aim at organisers: 'F**k the EBU'

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Switzerland Cruises to Eurovision Victory Despite Protests, Expulsions, and Infighting

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I’ve started writing my #Wildlife #ForestGarden #newsletter again! Latest issue is here:

And yes, #WoodMeadows are my new jam. I’ll be writing more about them as a model for human activity creating biodiversity, in a democratic and engaging way. I am, to put it mildly, quite excited.

I’m also promoting my fundraiser so that I can go to the #European #conference on #Ecological #Restoration in Estonia. #WoodMeadow heaven

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In France, we've been desperate for a real alternative to Macron and Le Pen. Finally, he's here | Alexander Hurst

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A shrinking giant . Gazprom's losses on the European market have left the company in the red. Increased exports to China might not be enough to compensate.

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'We want to stay unbeaten' - will Leverkusen claim invincible treble?

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