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Ever since watching on Amazon Prime, we've had "Crawl Out Through the Fallout" by Sheldon Allman stuck in our collective heads.

And if you didn't before ... it's stuck there now.

You're welcome.

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has anyone ever found reverse engineering or decompilation projects for the original Wasteland? (Apple // or DOS)

i'm coming up with nothing, and i'm frankly surprised no one has taken this on

skinnylatte, to fallout avatar

I have restarted a game of Fallout 4 with a mod of Walter Groggin’s face as my new character.

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i haven't seen anyone talk about this project, and i can't believe how fast it has matured since i peeked in on it last year.

Fallout 1 & 2 Community Edition are full-on reverse engineered re-implementations of the game engines for win/mac/linux/ios/android.

FO1 was never much of a problem, because it ran very well in dosbox for decades. but FO2 was always another story - it was a 32-bit windows-only title, and it's always been a real pain in the ass to run.

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So Fallout 5 is definitely going to have a perk called "Okie-Dokie"

what will it do?

MisuseCase, to fallout avatar

I played a lot of (too much of?) 3 and NEW VEGAS from the late aughts through the early 2010s but it’s only on seeing the TV series and replaying FNV that I realized: hey, the worst bastards in the setting are all revanchists, accelerationists, or revanchist accelerationists.

I think it’s because the TV series really hammers the point home in a way that the games maybe don’t, even though it’s a strong through line in the series.


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My favorite fun fact will always be that this song (as with most of the soundtrack) is actually from the sixes for real

Atom Bomb Baby is another great one. I guess the Big Iron On His Hip meme is probably Fallout's fault too, even though I think that was well known before

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Based on the opening of episode two, I would never waste my money on an AI sentry

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Fanatical's awesome bundle ends in just over a day: (partner link)

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Le documentaire "The Atomic Café", sorti en 1982, a eu une influence considérable sur les thèmes, le ton et l'esthétique du premier .

Le film est entièrement disponible sur YouTube dans une version restaurée et mérite le coup d'œil. C'est un regard sur l'Amérique de la guerre froide, sa paranoïa et son obsession pour l'atome.


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North Carolina bans medical masks (seriously), US/UK/NZ surging, covid 60% deadlier than influenza, weird new variant symptoms, US: no fall vax for uninsured, covid ripping through New Zealand schools, rAW MiLk eNTHusIaSTs, masking on the Fallout set, and more.


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Part 5 of my "how I build in Fallout 4" series shows how I approach building within a ruined structure.

Embracing the shape and constraints, and solving the problems that arise.

I create a workshop area and some accomodation for settlers at Jamaica plain.

📽️ ~ 58 mins

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Heute ab 20:00 im Stream: Wir spielen das RPG von MODIPHIUS. Eevie leitet und es spielen: Mháire, Bananepic, Weteeff, Walker und Moritz!
Das fantastische Teaserbild stammt von der ebenso fantastischen Schlipsheim

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Playing with Unreal...
Fallout Nuka-Cola turns into Quantum 🤪


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I could deal with most everything in Fallout...except the giant roaches.

Adam_Cadmon1, to fallout avatar

Imagine growing up in a bunker and everyone you know growing up in that same bunker only to learn your dad is 200 years old, the ultimate Company man and the world had been shaped to fit the desires of that Company?

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Co jakiś czas trafiam na jakieś materiały i filmiki dotyczące Fallouta (serialu i gier).

To jest ciekawe, że w grze, która miała jeden z najlepszych systemów wyborów, który realnie wpływał na zakończenia oraz świat gry, ludzie jako "kanoniczne" przyjmują tylko jedną linię historii i zakończenie :)

Kadr z gry

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Broke: Doing the Yes Man ending because you ideologically prefer an independent New Vegas and do not trust House's compassion

Woke: Doing the Yes Man ending because he's really nice to you and everyone else is mean

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I'm sorry I am still on the bandwagon (and of course it got me playing Fallout 4 again) but damn Teagan Meredith is just awesome.

SirTapTap, to fallout avatar

It's really funny that tries to make a statement by making huge wads of Pre War money worth 1 cap like other clutter...but they fucked up by giving it 0 weight actually making it fantastic (but very limited in amount) currency gameplay-wise

WhyNotZoidberg, to fallout avatar

The most flattering outfit for female characters in the game is the mechanic jumpsuit of all things.

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War, war never changes. But mods do. Pierwszy raz gram z modami, nawet z jakims modpackiem. Zobaczymy.


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