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Tarde de café y un paseo por el en mi canal de twitch https://twitch.tv/lordbogle vengan genteee!

18+ gamersneedy, to Starfield
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lots of people (myself included) have had a genuine grouse about and one thing that happened in my umpteenth playthrough of is randomly running across darla, many missions after convincing her to leave skinny malone, wandering in the night, miles away from vault 114, wearing the same dress, muttering 'who needs that big galoot anyway?'

there's nothing in starfield to match that level of humor or even create the context in which an event like that could even occur.

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was a huge disappointment, and starfield even more so. i really hope bethesda gets its shit together for and beyond.

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Tarde de café y un paseo por el mundo de en mi canal de twitch https://twitch.tv/lordbogle vengan genteee!

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I may have stayed up into the wee hours of today playing , and my only regret was starting my adventure without enough ammo to take down all of the Super Mutants that were in my way.

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massivelyop, to fallout76
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Fallout 76 previews June’s Skyline Valley update and its ‘fearsome North American turkeys’
🔗 https://massivelyop.com/2024/05/10/fallout-76-previews-junes-skyline-valley-update-and-its-fearsome-north-american-turkeys

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Tarde de café y espero que un buen rato de en mi canal de twitch https://twitch.tv/lordbogle vengan genteee!

dorowski, to fallout76
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I reached season level 100 in and got all the rewards I was interested in. The Cremator is a great weapon, fun to use and perfect for blowing yourself up. There are also some nice decorations that I placed in my camp. Time to let the game rest again for a while. —

kris, to fallout76
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Spent a wonderful amount of time in this weekend. Not nearly enough, but a good amount to hopefully get me through tomorrow’s work shift with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

Lordbogle, to fallout76 Spanish
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Hoy seguimos la moda que ha levantado la serie fallout y probamos el en mi canal de twitch https://twitch.tv/lordbogle vengan genteee!

massivelyop, to fallout
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Bethesda’s Todd Howard on why crossplay and cross-progression may not happen for Fallout 76
🔗 https://massivelyop.com/2024/05/01/bethesda-boss-todd-howard-explains-why-crossplay-and-cross-progression-may-not-happen-for-fallout-76

AnnaSaultron, to random German
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Hier sind die gesammelten Phantastik Prompts für Mai 2024.

Das meiste befasst sich mit meinem SciFi WIP Star Ryde. Hin und wieder gibt mein WIP SciFi Parodie Galaxy Glyde. Und dann natürlich die, die sich mit dem Schreiben an sich befassen.

Mai 2024

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01.05.2024 Die Tradition, den ersten Tag als Vorstellungsrunde zu verwenden, ist zurück! Also, woran arbeitest du gerade?

Immer noch an meinem "jahrelangen Dauerbrenner" der seit kurzem einen Namen hat, Star Ryde und die SciFi Parodie Galaxy Glyde.

Es wird wohl auch noch etwas länger so bleiben.😅

Dann sind da noch einige DND Kampagnen Elemente, Character Backstorys u.a. eine Kannibalen Character Backstory für Fallout 76.


Imperor, to fediverse
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Tonight we're looking at Fallout 76 - Yes, the show led me to take another look

It has been five years since last I played. It was a mess then, so let's go and see: Has it improved?

Come hang out in chat, predict my death and help a fellow enthusiast get some reach!

Join tonight 20:00 (GMT+2 Berlin) on https://twitch.tv/imperorthefirst


SirTapTap, to fallout
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This is very serious so far for a Fallout property

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I wonder what exactly happened that we're "allowed" good game inspired tv/movie spinoffs now.

Certainly never seemed to be taken seriously esp in the uwe bol era

Castlevania was extremely good, I need to catch TLoU. It and fallout are good choices for live action too. None of this "live action Dragonball" shit

Oh I also tried . I didn't think I'll bother. Glad it was free on ps+

massivelyop, to fallout76
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Fallout 76’s population spikes to one million players in one day thanks to the TV series
🔗 https://massivelyop.com/2024/04/25/fallout-76s-population-spikes-to-one-million-players-in-one-day-thanks-to-the-tv-series

belghast, to fallout
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Morning Folks! This morning I explore the boost in player numbers and sales that the series is experiencing as a result of the popularity of the Amazon Series.

I also talk a bit more about my own return to

Fallout Fever

brian, to fallout76

Funny, I thought I was paying for 6 months of Fallout 1st at a time, not 6 months minus a day or 2.

belghast, to fallout76
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This week I have been back screwing around with and it has changed substantially since the last time I spent much time playing it. I talk about some of the various things that I have learned and some of the interesting cultural norms.

Return to Fallout 76

maxim, to fallout
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Fallout 76 📌

Finished the season, a little disappointed that there is no regular season board, they changed the tradition and in the awards the board does not look very cool... But again they added new achievements that had to be completed, so again I have 100%

thevglibrary, to fallout
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Did you know❓ In 2010, had a 48-page graphic novel released alongside its collectors edition!

It tells the story of some of the characters and events that lead up to the game.

Check it out here: https://www.thevideogamelibrary.org/book/fallout-new-vegas-all-roads


dorowski, to fallout76
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I’m still busy with , building a small camp and doing the daily challenges on the side. Even building a small camp takes forever because I always build everything super-accurate and pixel-perfect and the overall impression has to be right. It’s a completely unreasonable perfectionism that I don’t always like. But it’s always fun. —

belghast, to fallout
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Morning Folks! This morning I talk about finishing up the series and how it has driven me back into the hands of the franchise playing some and even diving back into a bit last night.

The bug seems to be contagious.

Radioactive Nostalgia

dorowski, to fallout76
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You have to try new things once in a while, right? I streamed an hour of on Twitch for the first time. It was a bit weird commentating my gameplay in front of zero viewers, but an interesting experiment nonetheless. It couldn’t be easier to connect the and . —

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geekgyrl, to fallout76
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I'm not dead. Just tired or super busy with reading books and playing video games. I've been deeply immersed in and outside of work.

I've got an idea for a new settlement in Fallout 76. So, I might be posting screenshots soon.

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