owen, to apple
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What another great should-have-been-a-site-refresh event. I guess they really wanted to show off the chip😂

Honestly most excited for the Final Cut camera app, I hope it has more professional photography and videography settings like other phones do

davemark, to apple
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revk, to finalcutpro
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cdfinder, to finalcutpro
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Check out this great video by Matthew O'Brien on how to integrate into a video producer workflow!


"Use This AMAZING App To View Your Video Archives 💾 Without Connecting A Single Drive To Your Mac"
"[NeoFinder is a] Must-have app for video pros!"


samvarma, to finalcutpro
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Pretty fascinating to read as this stuff becomes more relevant to the work I'm doing, especially this feature film #FCPX workflow created by the filmmakers:


#postchat #VideoProduction #FinalCut #FinalCutPro

From: @fcp.cafe@rss-parrot.net

revk, to finalcutpro
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Err, , maybe say why?

davidrevoy, (edited ) to random
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Be careful: fake emails are circulating in the name of Free/Libre and Open Source projects. Below, an email received by @kdenlive that the official team does not recognize. Be vigilant, these are no doubt scams.

[edit: adding kdenlive hashtag, a request by the team]

@gfkdsgn@burma.social avatar

@davidrevoy @kdenlive
WTF!? Who does things like that?

Asking Qui Bono here makes me suspicious if or are involved in bad business practices like these?

hynek, to random
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As I’m finalizing my second video, I wonder: has someone used both Davinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro and could tell me whether for my explain-type videos the latter is less janky and more approachable than the former?

I understand that Resolve has the best color correction in the industry and amazing sound features but the jank is driving me crazy and from what I’ve seen about FCP, it seems like it could mesh with my brain that dreams in Keynote better.

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seitz, to music

Hi everyone! I’m , again! I had an account before but the server musician.social was on accidentally got wiped. So here’s a little : I like talking about and , especially that of the and . My own music has more of a feel since that was when I first started writing. , and are my greatest influences and I’d say my material falls into the genre.
I’m currently recovering from and learning .

tantramar, to random
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@ismh Connected 457 follow-up: Shake was compatible with Final Cut, but it was never part of Final Cut or Final Cut Studio. I’ve owned every version of Final Cut Pro/Studio since FCP 1.2 (but I’ve never had Shake). I still miss Soundtrack Pro and round-tripping, but the magnetic timeline is awesome.

WTL, to random
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Here's something I'm still getting used to on my 16” 2023 MacBook Pro; the completely insane battery life. I imported, edited, and exported a 4K video over three hours and seventeen minutes long in , and exported it on battery power, and it used about 21% of my battery. Doing this on my 2019 MBP would have crushed the battery to zero about half-way through the export.

mlanger, to random
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Calling all folks with or experience! (please boost)

I used FC years ago (until vX) and loved it. Then I began bouncing from one app to another. I like DaVinci Resolve, especially the price tag.

Now I'm getting rid of my old iMac and replacing it with a new 15" MacBook Air. My questions:

(1) Is Final Cut Pro worth $300? Does it do PiP? Title editing, sound editing, SFX, etc?

(2) Will the current version of DaVinci Resolve run on my new MacBook with 16GB RAM?

apfeltalk, to random German

Final Cut Pro für iPad: Erste Erfahrungen zeigen gemischtes Ergebnis
Apple hat kürzlich Final Cut Pro und Logic Pro auch auf das iPad gebracht, um das Tablet als vollwertiges Produktivgerät zu etablieren. Die ersten Erfahrungen sind gemischt.

Obwohl die meisten Nutzer wohl nicht komplett auf die Tablet-Versi

mikedoise, to random
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I was really hoping and for iPad would have been more accessible out of the gate, but I think there are just issues for everyone that need to be fixed, like the fact that you can’t import multiple files into Logic. Why isn’t that a thing!?

ianRobinson, to random
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That Mary Spender video on Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro for iPad Pro is worth your time.


mikedoise, to random
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Hello everyone. Here is a video about using on with . The first video focussed on using the keyboard, and this one focusses on if you can edit videos with the touch screen. https://youtu.be/rmTzaxocV1E

mikedoise, to random
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So on with using a keyboard is not the best experience. We could do some things, but it was very clunky and cumbersome. We will have a with our first impressions this evening.

ianRobinson, to random
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jeffdespres, to random

I have an inexplicable urge to learn after almost 20 years of cutting professionally on and .

waynedixon, to random
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Apple Announces Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for the iPad

Apple has announced that Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are coming to the iPad. Here is some information about both apps which will be available on May 23rd, 2023.


alexkidman, to random
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Interesting: Apple's finally bringing Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to the iPad... as subscription apps.

Do I have thoughts about that? Of course I do.


andru, to random

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are FINALLY coming to the iPad! 🤩 You’ll need an M1 or M2-based iPad for Final Cut, and an A12 or newer iPad for Logic. Each will cost $4.99 per month or $49 per year, dropping on May 23! 🙌🏽


itnewsbot, to tech
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Apple brings Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to iPad as $50-per-year subscriptions - Enlarge / Editing a video in Final Cut Pro for the iPad with an Apple P... - https://arstechnica.com/?p=1937669

ppatel, to random
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I wonder if the rumers of a larger form factor for iPads make more sense now.

@ppatel@mstdn.social avatar

Here's a story that provide many more details about Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on iPads.


WTL, to random
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Here's a weird one; #FinalCutPro popped up a requester just now asking to download a bunch of fonts, one at a time. 🤷🏻 #FCP #PostChat

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