paradoxmo, to random avatar

Comparison part 2

Waterman Mysterious Blue (Blue-Black) old vs new formula

Very obvious from the back that the old ink is actually teal while the new is blue.

Part 1:

Comparison reverse

timelordiroh, to random avatar

Does anyone know, was the Diplomat Nexus a limited/special edition pen? I'm seeing the gold nib variant is sold out pretty much everywhere and stores aren't putting up 'notify me when this is back in stock' options.

Demo318, to random avatar

Some pics of the Diplomat Aero I mentioned this morning.

Truly a brilliant piece of engineering.


garryeves, to fountainpens avatar

Writing Sat 18 May Visconti Homo Sapiens and Diamine Inkvent 2023 Fireside Snug

Todays pen and ink

Visconti Homo Sapiens <Gold 18kt Broad> + Diamine Inkvent 2023 Fireside Snug

edebill, to random avatar

Sad reality of ordering from a small place. You are lucky if the order ships promptly. Never mind if they give you a warning at order time, it might take a few weeks anyway. Mainly an issue if they’re the maker.

Mi_Mo, to random avatar

Pilot Parallel art. Ink: Robert Oster Tea Time Parallel pen: 6.0mm

gnomedic, to chicago avatar

Just uploaded my first YouTube video on a new channel!

Please check it out! Subscribe, like, comment, the whole works! ☺️ It was really fun shooting a video like this.

Chicago is a beautiful city and I can't wait to do more filming!

voicilefer, to random Spanish avatar

I got me a bottle of Waterman Harmonious Green yesterday and I couldn't be happier with the results. A pretty good candidate for frequent use!

thepoliticalcat, to random avatar

I like the idea of , bc there are days when I desperately NEED to rant. It's the perfect tag. Of course, I won't use it only on Fridays bc my brain is really a sieve these days and I don't always remember things on Fridays, or on other days, either.

Today's Fuck Off Friday topic is pain. Pain is a GREAT incentive to swear. Did you know swearing actually reduces pain levels? Yes, it does. I read it somewhere. Of course, I forget WHERE.

_, avatar

@GreenRoc @thepoliticalcat is it on decent paper, or avail digitally?

I am hobbyist, and would be interested, but bleed-through is a problem. Willing to print on paper of my choice as well.

I recently turned 40-something, and decided that I’m ok with whatever makes me happy, deals w/ anxiety, etc. anyone judgy of my comfort zone gets booted.

Looking for outlets, this sounds like one. With shimmer inks, and any color I’m feeling in the moment.

jimp, to fountainpens avatar

A little lunchtime Kakuno family portrait.

Bottom arc of pens are from the Kakuno "family" set, each color has a different nib face design (L-R Pink, Blue, Green, Red, Cyan). Top pen is a typical Kakuno EF.

What can I say, they're fun. The world needs more fun. What's life without whimsy?

Unfortunately the "family" pens aren't available with EF nibs but this does let me finally branch out and try the other sizes.

VVitchtoria, to random avatar

#MorningPages 17 May 2024 #EverydayIsAHoliday 29th of Floréal hnr White Mustard #Notebook Chronicle Go-To w/ Mohawk paper, dotted & Col-o-ring #FountainPen Lamy LX Au Black, M nib #ink J. Herbin Caroube de Chypre #OracleCards Secret Pocket Oracle #CardOfTheDay 78 Shield - protection, isolation, defensive barrier; 54 Bee - hard work & productivity, taking action, good communication, social interactions; 67 Star - hope, sudden sense of clarity & vision, inspiration

(Can’t get a pick to upload)

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ordinal, to random avatar

It finally happened - my Opus 88 Omar (well, eyedropper) ran out of ink after using it for my whole this year. It is a big pen and the body is almost all ink reservoir, apparently holding 4ml, plus I was using an EF nib. I have never before used all of the ink before getting bored and changing inks. Noodlers Black in this one hence it looking a bit filthy.

Luckily I have my Kaweco Sport piston filler as backup. A lot smaller of course.

Yes this is really just a pen post.

Much smaller kaweco piston filler

MrAldisaADS, to random avatar

Pues al final me decanté por una pluma Lamy Safari, a pesar de sus cartuchos propietarios (soy más de tintero :P)

Una pluma "de batalla", pero que va super bien sin subirse de precio, y con plumines intercambiables, por si me canso del grosor "F" o si lo acabo doblando.

Muy contento por ahora, me alegra volver a poder escribir en pluma! ^•^

paradoxmo, (edited ) to random avatar

Completely unscientific comparison between two editions of the same

Pic 1,2:

  • Waterman Blue-Black NOS (likely early 2000s)
  • Retro 51 Lincoln / FPR ultraflex 14k

Pic 3,4:

  • Waterman Mysterious Blue (c. 2020)
  • Opus 88 Jazz / Regalia Crossflex

Both on Tomoe River 52gsm original

Old ink leans teal if looking closely, and the sheen looks redder. The new ink is more straight up dark blue, and the sheen looks more gold. Purportedly reformulated ~2015.

paradoxmo, avatar
garryeves, to fountainpens avatar

Writing Fri 17 May Jinhao 95 and Robert Oster Green Green

What are you writing with today?

Jinhao 95 <Medium> + Robert Oster Green Green

penfount, to random avatar

#FPQuestion of the day:
What was the worst experience you ever had with pens, ink, writing, or stationery? How would you advise people to avoid having a similar experience?

Demo318, to random avatar

I got my first for-real today.

Diplomat Aero

In orange.

Truly remarkable.

rpla, to random avatar
Lbb89, to random avatar
VVitchtoria, to tarot avatar

16 May 2024 28th of Floréal honoring Buglass, Adrienne Rich born 1929 Chronicle Go-To w/ Mohawk paper, dotted Lamy Studio - Dark Brown, M nib Lamy Crystal Topaz Tea-stained Tarot (RWS) Knight of Cups - openness, sincerity, a simple heart

YmirFP, to random Spanish avatar

Travel time, again.

Can you guess the three that I brought with me this time?

abrokenjester, to random avatar

Question for #FountainPen experts: is it normal that my Pilot MR runs dry after writing 1-2 A5 pages of text? Using the converter that comes with it.

New to convertors (always used cartridges before) so perhaps I'm doing something wrong.

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