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Today I stumbled upon the phrase "Eppur si muove" ("and yet it moves"), tenuously attributed to Galileo after being forced to recant his claims that the Earth moves around the Sun to avoid being punished by the church.

The impact and rhythm of the phrase really inspired me, so I wrote a poem about it.

I absolutely adore this one!


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RT by @CopernicusEU:

that the data provided by and , 2⃣of the components of the 🇪🇺🛰️Programme, are helping health authorities monitor parameters essential for our well-being?

This includes:
☁️Air and💧Water quality
🌞Solar radiation
and many more!

[2024-04-07 07:40 UTC]

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Perfect parabolas of spurting blood! Did #Galileo teach #Artemisia the science of gore? - gotta love those conic sections... #maths

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The #Galileo and #EGNOS User Satisfaction Survey is now open!

This is your chance to share your thoughts on how we can make the services even better, help us shape the future of the EU's satellite navigation.

Get started here ⬇️

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Tools for Thinking About Censorship

The Roman Inquisition in the 1500s was constantly complaining about its desperate lack of personnel (not enough Inquisitors, not enough censors to read books, not enough police) as it tried to keep up with the exponentially-growing flood of books enabled by the newfangled #PrintingPress. Why would such an organization waste hundreds of man-hours per copy on crossing out pages when they could have trivially burned the book and moved on?

Did the trial of #Galileo succeed or fail?

“Did the US government censor The #BlackPanther ?”

#Censorship #Comics #Comicbooks #ComicsCodeAuthority
#BookBans #SelfCensorship
#FilmCensorship #BookBurning

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#PPOD: An approximate natural-color view of the volcanic Tvashtar Paterae region of Io, made from images acquired by NASA's #Galileo spacecraft on Feb. 22, 2000. For an idea of scale, the dark kidney-shaped patera near the center is about 50 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Jason Major

#space #science #scicomm #io

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Today's threads (a thread)

Inside: The majority of censorship is self-censorship; The Bezzle excerpt (Part V); and more!

Archived at:



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"The Inquistions didn't set out to silence could have just assassinated him....Instead, the Inquisition persecuted Galileo, in a very high-profile manner

...The point of persecuting Galileo was to convince Descartes to self-censor... [and] "thousands of other major thinkers of the time wrote differently,...because they self-censored after the Galileo trial."

And this is exactly why the US so aggressively pursues #whistleblower like #Snowden and #Assange.

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#Iris2: the architecture of the #European Internet constellation soon to be revealed. The European Commission is due to receive their proposal by February 14.

IRIS2 is set to become #Europe’s third satellite component, after the #Galileo (geopositioning) and #Copernicus (Earth observation) systems. Its main mission will be to guarantee the security of government telecommunications and public services while providing global Internet coverage.

#Ukraine #Russai #EU

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RT by @defis_eu: Very interesting visit of the #Galileo Control Centre base in Fucino 🇮🇹 today with Luigi Pasquali

Glad to see the motivation of the teams to ensure Galileo reliability and efficiency !


[2024-01-26 11:15 UTC]


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His Dark Materials

Dark craters Chrysor and Aleyn in Memphis Facula on Ganymede.

Captured by the Galileo Spacecraft in 1996
Credits: NASA/JPL/Brown University

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Do you remember Newton's second law?
(total Force=product of mass & acceleration)

Commander Dave Scott of Apollo 15 validates Galileo's theory on the Moon by dropping a hammer and a feather, proving that objects fall at the same speed, independent of their mass.

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#GNSS Safety Improvements such as #Galileo's Navigation Message Authentication should be adopted faster, with GPS interference levels on the rise in Europe.

“On December 26, a large swathe of land and water between Växjö in the north, Stralsund and Neubrandenburg in the west, Łódź in the south, and Białystok in the east was red, indicating a GPS interference level of more than 10%”
#NMA #GalileoOSNMA

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Let's get ready for Juno's highlight of the year - an extremely close flyby of Jupiter's moon Io!

The NASA Juno spacecraft will make its 57th flyby of Jupiter (Perijove 57) on Sat Dec 30 around 7:39 a.m. ET (12:39 UTC).

A few hours earlier, around 3:36 a.m. ET (08:36 UTC), it will swing by the Galilean moon Io at a distance of 1,500 km. The record will still be held by the Galileo spacecraft which came within 200 km in 2000.

#Juno #Io #Jupiter

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Here is the iconic image of a volcano eruption on Io captured by the Galileo spacecraft on June 28, 1997 from an altitude of ~600,000 km.
The plume on the left is over a caldera named Pillan Patera. The plume was also detected by the Hubble Space Telescope.
There is another plume named Prometheus over a volcano near the center of the image.

Let's hope Juno catches a volcano in its act on Io!


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RT by @defis_eu: The #Galileo & #EGNOS User Satisfaction Survey addresses all users & several market segments 🛰️

Send us your feedback 👇
#UseGalileo #EGNOS @defis_eu @spaceopal @ESSPSAS


[2023-12-05 09:00 UTC]

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Jetzt ist EndeavourOS Galileo da

Die Arch-basierte Distribution reduziert sich aus gutem Grunde.

#Endeavour #EndeavourOS #Arch #Galileo #Linux

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🛰️ Le lancement des 4 prochains satellites de navigation européenne #Galileo sous tension

heiseonline, to SpaceX German

Verspätung der Ariane 6: SpaceX soll Galileo-Satelliten ins All bringen

Weil sich die Ariane 6 weiter verspätet und mehrere Galileo-Satelliten auf ihren Start warten, soll SpaceX einspringen. Noch ist der Deal aber nicht final.

#Galileo #Navigation #Raumfahrt #Satellit #SpaceX #news

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Well… one could argue they they didn’t need a fancy satellite to tell them this 🙃 “High-resolution images of #Australia and #Antarctica obtained as #Galileo flew overhead did not yield signs of #civilization.”

But, in all seriousness, fascinating story.

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🌊 ASGARD, the game-changer in maritime security! Co-funded by #EUSPA, leveraging the #Galileo OSNMA, this technology is set to safeguard vessels from GNSS spoofing attacks. #WorldMaritimeDay #EUSpace

Learn more:

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New data from JWST of Jupiter's moon Europa has identified the sub-surface ocean as the source of CO2 deposits in a region called Tara Regio.

Previous studies, including observations by the Galileo mission many years ago, had detected CO2 but could not rule out an asteroid origin for the CO2.

The 10x10 pixelated images show wavelengths measured by the NIRSpec instrument in 320 x 320 km cells covering Europa. The white pixels correspond to CO2.


AkaSci, (edited ) avatar

Tara Regio is the yellowish area shown in these images of Europa’s surface taken by the NASA Galileo spacecraft in June 1997 from a distance of 1.25 million km.

In 2019, visible light spectroscopic observations by Hubble identified sodium chloride (common salt) in the yellow colored regions, including Tara Regio.

Although not conclusive, the NaCl is believed to originate from the sub-surface ocean.


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Combining 🛰️ #Galileo's precise positioning with 🌍 #Copernicus' Earth Observation data, RigiTech is revolutionising drone delivery with the support of #EUSpace, fostering enhanced safety and efficiency in drone operations while paving the way for innovative solutions.

Discover more:

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Cet été, j'ai eu la chance de visiter le JPL, ce centre de la NASA où sont conçues, assemblées et testées la plupart des sondes et rovers américains qui explorent le Système solaire. Un récit de ma visite pour vous emmener dans cet endroit mythique. 1/37
@nasajpl @NASA

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Voici ensuite un modèle d'ingénierie de Galileo, donc en taille réelle !
3e image : le plateau mettant en rotation la partie supérieure de la sonde. On découvre aussi l'enregistreur à piste magnétique. Coïncidence : ce modèle et celui sur la sonde se sont bloqués le même jour ! Blocage de l'enregistreur qui a été résolu ensuite. 35/37
#NASA #JPL #Galileo #Jupiter


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Nature Journal astronomy covers - 1993

Is there life on Earth?

Featuring a paper by Carl Sagan and co-authors on a search for life on the pale blue dot from the Galileo spacecraft, as a control experiment for the search for extraterrestrial life by interplanetary missions.

#carlsagan #earth #palebluedot #life #galileo #spacecraft #nasa #universe #astronomy #astrophysics #space #science #research #nature #cover #naturecovers

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🇪🇺 "Normally, selecting the for communication that cost eight or nine figures is accompanied by a press release and plenty of celebration. That the , , , and said next to nothing until the last moment says a lot about how all parties involved about transferring three of their satellites onto . All three were to launch on "

📆 January 5, 2023 The 🇫🇷 industries association, , said ’s 🇪🇺 sector was in an “unprecedented situation” with the delayed availability of 6 and the recent failure of the medium-lift -C rocket

spaceflight, avatar

#Reuters Oct 23 2023 #SpaceX has signed a deal to launch up to four of #Europe's 🇪🇺 flagship navigation and secure communications #satellites 🛰️ into #orbit. The #European Commission did not immediately respond to a request for #comment 🙈🙉🙊

Picture :

#ESA #EU #Galileo

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