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Day 10

Today, I'm sharing one of my early pieces. I called this series "Kaleidoscopic Cells" and used my own cellular organelle illustrations to create them.

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Got my color rotation function back! Colors are a little bit bland, different to good hue algorithms. But it is customizable with a lower and upper border using trigonometric functions to create thresholds for the colors.

And that gives nice new effects, which don't look bland at all.

(The best is, I can reuse my color mixer render scene, as this is just a color mix with changing values.)

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day 9

Today, I'm sharing a piece from a project that helped me find my artistic voice. It's still one of my all time favorites: Particle Art!

I created these with code and inspiration from Chemistry and Physics. As the simulation ran, the image developed and I saved it when it was 'done'.

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🌟 Tiny Code Christmas is back! 🌟

Last December I stumbled upon a quirky advent calendar of challenges.
It introduced me to a wonderful new hobby and a whole community of brilliant, supportive, inspiring people.

This year, it's an honour to complete a circle and make an invite to 2023!

Please consider taking part, and also please spread the linked 👇 invite far and wide.
So very, very highly recommended.


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Started a bigger drawing today. I managed to finish the line work, and continue to work on the rest over the next few days.

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#GenerativeArt interlude

Mosaic fly eye

This pattern inspired by a SciAm diagram "an array of hexagonal ommatidia, each containing eight photoreceptor cells (circles) and two primary pigment cells (crescents), surrounded by six shared secondary pigment cells (ovals). The fact that a single ommatidion can have white and normal genotypes shows its cells are not necessarily descended from a common ancestral cell"

#XQuery #SVG #CreativeCoding

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Several still images from my upcoming animated project titled "We Dreamt in the Sun."

Have a great weekend, folks! 👋

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New algorithm! All images made by drawing millions of fine curly lines layer after layer using


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Since the Genuary 'prompt list' is so disappointing, I'm going to use my SciArt Prompt Generator for my creative coding inspiration.

I think I'll use it to randomly pick a prompt for each time I want a challenge.

Would you like to join me? Or just suggest prompts to add? Or both?

Let's crowdsource this.

Reply with your prompt idea, and if you'd like to be credited for it on the project page:

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@davidpwhelan Oh wow! Had to look twice to understand what's what! Also, the colors and shapes just reminded me of this 10 year old render (from my project)...

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What an amazing artist has passed today. I'm guessing that lots of my friends here already know about Vera Molnar's work.

In case you don't, here's her wikipedia page:

"Molnar is widely considered to be a pioneer of computer art and generative art..."

I hope that her website will be maintained:

#GenerativeArt #art

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Lot's of lovely people came together this year to create a generative advent calendar. Today's door is my little script:

Thanks so much for organizing @mtrc and @vividfax !


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Some new pictures of my book “Lines in Squares”

Very few copies are still available

#creativecoding #generativeart #art #book


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Well, the "prompt list" for genuary 2023 have confirmed that I will not be participating in Genuary 2024.

I'll have to think of something else to do instead. Maybe I'll add a bunch of prompts to my SciArt Prompt Generator and use it to select my prompt list. Or maybe I'll revisit past prompts and take them farther?

Maybe, I'll dedicate it all to Vera Molnar, who passed away today.

#CreativeCoding #GenerativeArt #art

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It's a star(t)


bleeptrack, avatar

Tadaaaaaa 🎶 #generativeart


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Thinking about more rooms in the pattern I've been playing with over the last few days of drawings.

It's a new month, so I'm starting new posts for my supporters on Patreon and Ko-fi. I'll be posting this month's in-progress and finished drawings in these posts.

kristinHenry, avatar

The sun came out bright and cheery this morning, so I was thinking of brighter colors for today's drawing.

kristinHenry, avatar

Instead of marking intersections, I'm exploring marking the arcs between if they are beads on a wire or string. Each 'strand' has a single color for its beads.

Here's a work-in-progress photo. The finished drawing, and all of this month's drawings so far are posted for my supporters on Patreon and Ko-fi:

kristinHenry, avatar

Playing with these 'strings' again in today's drawing, and using different colors for the strings themselves and not just the 'beads'.

Here's a work-in-progress shot.

kristinHenry, avatar

Thinking about bar codes, bubbles, and sound waves, while working on today's drawing.

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