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Thinking of setting up a pedal board for solo acoustic shows versus one of those multi-fx things. What do people think? Multi-fx I get recall and it's cheaper. It's also a single point of failure and if something goes wrong during the show, I might be on my knees messing with settings.

Separate pedals I have no recall, but it's conceptually simpler. I expect my vocal/acoustic guitar needs (harmonizer, reverb, eq) are small enough that it would be okay?

dpFXpedals, to guitarpedals
dpFXpedals, to guitarpedals

ISKRA (Искра) Guitar Overdrive, suitable for blues and all range of rock music, it fully preserves your guitar tone and discretely enhances your mids so that your tone stays on top in the mix while giving a classic tone characterized by smooth drive and nice sustain. (more specs in first comment)

guitar overdrive pedal
guitar overdrive pedal
guitar overdrive pedal

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Today I finally got my hands on a Big Muff pedal so that I can ape the Siamese Dream sound. Hopefully it can make up for the pain of the past few days. I now have a Super Fuzz and a Big Muff pedal so I feel I have fulfilled a teenage dream that began with Now to make some noise!

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#NPD Cusack Music Project 34 Selenium pre/drive.
It's kind-of like a klon: vol, tone, gain, can boost and/or add dirt.
Has a switch to add bass.
I'd say it's more creamy than fizzy in character.
I don't know where to put it yet... which pedal to take off the board, where to put it in the chain.
#GearSquad #guitar #GuitarPedals #GAS

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“I can’t play like me. There are things I can’t do”: Mahogany Rush legend Frank Marino injured his finger while building pedals for his new company – and it’s affected the way he plays guitar

When I met Danny Marino of The Agonist I had no idea he was related to Frank!!

#musician #guitar #guitarist #guitarPedals

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Alright, Fediverse, let's talk Tubescreamers. I got asked a question regarding the famous FS "hump" which got sent down a rabbit hole of measurements and guess what, YOU get to benefit from my hyperfixation. "tbg," you ask, "how do you have time for this with your job, and kid, and touring?" I FUCKING DON'T, SHUT UP AND READ THE THREAD AND DON'T TELL MY BOSS

(Also, apologies, no alt text, but I describe each pic in the post)

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Oh god, they’re multiplying.

Initial testing has the TS9 way closer to the TS808 than discourse has led me to believe. Somehow ran out of cables for real time so gotta wait til the ones I ordered come in for more testing.

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My collection of mostly crappy pedals! Nothing too exciting here, mostly stuff I bought because it was cheap. A few classics (Boss DS1 distortion, original Korg KAOSS Pad), some home studio workhorses (Alesis NanoCompressor, Zoom MS-70CDR), one boutique pedal (Catalinbread Echorec), and a couple weird old junky pedals from the dawn of the digital age (Zoom 505 Guitar, Yamaha GW-10).

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new pedal day! my first pedals actually.

i know these are “cheap” pedals, but i really wanted to just see how things go with something affordable before i invest a lot of money in fancier units. also, no fancy effects yet, but hopefully will just have more control over my sound beyond the pickup controls on the bass or the bass/mid/treble controls on the amp.

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Update: don’t talk to me or my son ever again. I’ll get more in depth later but spoiler alert, they uhhh do not sound the same.

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Anyone tried the zendrive pedal? It caught my eye at the shop today :blobcatcoffee:

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Wife: your bass amp is making weird noises.
I come check. The Digitech Multi Play pedal I bought 40 years ago is on. It won't turn off. It's wet. It smells like dog pee.
I hope it dries out.

eyesquash, avatar

I rather hope that if it's not just going to dry out and then be okay, that I can replace the switches, as I did with another DigiTech pedal. Fun stuff. You need to remove the knobs and unscrew the pots - and I think the four side jacks, too -- and the main board or boards before you can see the switches.
But that's okay.

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Also today found a list website that compares pedals to their original inspirations
Great website, with a load of Gearmanndude videos too (anyone remember him, he was like the ORIGINAL guy)

Thought Joyo did a DS-1 clone, thats why I went looking.

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Album of the Day 138: Yanqui U.X.O. by Godspeed You! Black Emperor

2002 post-rock album from Montreal, Canada. It's tough to pick a favorite album from GY!BE, but this might be it.

The album is slightly longer on vinyl, with the final song getting an extended intro.

Alt names for the tracks: "12-28-99," "Tazer Floyd," "Tiny Silver Hammers"

My picks: "09-15-00 (cont.)," "motherfucker=redeemer (cont.)"

LadyMarth01, avatar

Yanqui U.X.O. is also the inspiration for the name of the MTHRFCKR=RPTR delay pedal.

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Guitar pedal people, check out these great-sounding budget units ($99!!!) from ALABS in Indonesia:

edgeofbreakup, to guitar

NEW GUITAR DAY! Wide Sky Guitars P125c 😵 total knockout, 10/10, no mods, no changes. Unbelievable! Demo coming soon on my YouTube - subscribe now so you don’t miss it!

thebigklosowski, to guitar

New Gear Day. Les Paul Modern. I’m now officially on a one-in and one-out policy because my rack is full. I sold a tele and an amp to afford this one.

The rack as it stands today:

  1. American Pro Strat HSS
  2. Reverend Charger 290
  3. Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass
  4. Gibson LP Modern
  5. Gibson LP Robot
  6. Yamaha Revstar
  7. Guild Polara S-100
  8. Ibanez Mikro 5-String

Acoustics, kids guitars, and other basses not shown.


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Cause & Effects: An effects builders guide to getting experimental with guitar pedals
ThorpyFX main man Adrian Thorpe MBE wants you to get out of your effects rut heres how you can get experimental with guitar pedals

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Couldn't resist getting yet another fuzz.

The Fever Dream, by Pine-Box Customs and Mask Audio Electronics is a fuzz with a modulatable resonant filter.

Oh, and a CB radio microphone which runs through the fuzz and filter, naturally.

It's a noisy thing, more than capable of overwhelming your guitar playing with the resonance of the filter. Dial it back a bit, or roll down your guitar's volume, and it's much friendlier.

#GearSquad #GuitarPedal #GuitarPedals #EffectsPedal #EffectsPedals #Fuzz

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Anyone else build guitar pedals? Been enjoying some of the weirder ones lately. Hoping to do a video where I run synths through them, but here's some guitar noodling

LadyMarth01, to guitar avatar

Here's all of my music equipment. With all of these, I can sound bad in millions of ways! 😆

edgeofbreakup, to guitar

I’d like to thank everyone who takes a moment to favorite or share my stuff with their followers. Means a lot to me! 🙌

What’s the last pedal that you’ve fallen in love with?

#guitar #guitarist #guitarplayer #guitarpedals #songwriter #musician #music

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