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The #HFbands are still kind of a drag but a beautiful morning for some #POTA #parksontheair action with the BIG DOG #FT891 into EFHW with the #TennTenna 49:1 transformer & keying done with the American Morse Equipment #ultraportpaddle #morsecode #amateurradio #hamradio

Amateur Radio CW Morse Code contact

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Another day another different antenna. 40/20 meter #linkeddipole built specially for my #qcxmini 40 & 20 meter #qrpradio. Couldn't break through #SolarFlare activity effecting #hfbands so tried some #qrpp #wspr on 40 meters


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#solarstorm is bad this morning on all #hfbands making for a failed #pota #parksontheair activation. No worries, just blessed to enjoy the freshness of the early morning along #beargrasscreekstatenaturepreserve #amateurradio #hamradio #morsecode #qrpradio #ft817 #qrp #z817


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Intro To The HF Bands For Amateur Radio Episode 3 - HF BANDS

Source: Ham Radio Made Simply


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An interesting upcoming week with a potential for long duration . Steady values and moderate noise of the The Dr. @TamithaSkov gives details here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaSeyQIS01o


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While the sun took a nap, the Dr.
took a break. What's coming in ? Steady & less noise for dayside . Her new forecast here:


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A supposedly quiet weekend in store for the . Next 72 hrs - QUIET. Solar wind speeds are at near background levels and no significant geomagnetic activity is expected over the weekend.

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