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For people like this Hamilton woman, Monday's total solar eclipse was 'very special.' Here's why

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We traveled to Toledo, Ohio last night for today’s . The journey from here depends on the clouds.

Wishing everyone clear skies & great viewing. Have fun & make sure to protect your eyes.

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@Sheril going to my workplace to view the eclipse today. Of course, it was entirely sunny on the weekend, but calling for partially cloudy this afternoon, so just have our fingers crossed 🤞.

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[Canada] Hamilton man who livestreamed assault and transphobia on city bus gets 7 months jail time
Judge says Chris Pretula's sentence to send message that 'hate and violence will not be condoned'

  • sentence sends message this hate, violence will not be condoned
  • Nieuwoudt profited f. anti-2SLGBTQ+ rhetoric via donations on his livestreams
  • hate incidents, criminal offences in Hamilton grew 61% f. 2021-2022


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Hamilton man who livestreamed assault and transphobia on city bus gets 7 months jail time

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If Donald Trump returns to the White House, close allies want to dramatically change the government's interpretation of -era laws to💥 focus on "anti-white racism" 💥rather than discrimination against people of color.

Trump's Justice Department would push to or programs in government and corporate America that are designed to counter racism that has favored whites.

Targets would range from decades-old policies aimed at giving minorities economic opportunities, to more recent programs that began in response to the pandemic and the killing of George Floyd.

Trump campaign spokesperson told Axios: "As President Trump has said, all staff, offices, and initiatives connected to Biden's un-American policy will be immediately ."

Longtime aides and allies preparing for a potential second Trump administration have been laying legal groundwork with a flurry of lawsuits and legal complaints — some of which have been successful.

A central vehicle for the effort has been , founded by former Trump aide , who has called the group conservatives' "long-awaited answer to the ACLU."

America First cited the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in February in a lawsuit against CBS and Paramount Global for what the group argued was discrimination against a white, straight man who was a writer for the show "Seal Team" in 2017.

In February, the group filed a civil rights complaint against the NFL over its "Rooney Rule."

The rule — named for Dan , late owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers — was instituted in 2003 and expanded in 2022.
It requires NFL teams to interview at least two minority candidates for vacant general manager, head coach and coordinator positions.

American First argued that "given the limited time frame to hire executives and coaches after the season, this results in fewer opportunities for similarly situated, well-qualified candidates who are not minorities."

In 2021, Miller's group successfully sued to block the implementation of a $29 billion pandemic-era program for women- and minority-owned restaurants, saying it discriminated against white-owned businesses.

"This ruling is the first, but crucial, step towards ending government-sponsored racial discrimination," Miller said then.

Other Trump-aligned groups are preparing for a future Trump Justice Department to implement — or challenge — policies on a broader scale.

The 's well-funded "" envisions a second Trump administration ending what it calls "affirmative discrimination."

Part of the plan, written by former Trump Justice Department official , argues that "advancing the interests of certain segments of American society ... comes at the expense of other Americans — and in nearly all cases violates longstanding federal law."

Hamilton is America First Legal's general counsel.

Such groups have gained momentum with the 's turn to the right
— most notably its recent rejection of affirmative action in college admissions.

The court ruled that programs designed to benefit people of color and address past injustices discriminate against white and Asian Americans.

In 2021, a federal judge blocked a $4 billion program to help Black farmers

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Podobno chcą .owi cofnąć umowę z na rzecz . Ten ostatni jest zdecydowanie tańszy i pewniejszy niż stary mistrz świata. to byłby całkiem nieoczekiwany ruch w i na pewno by podsycił kolejną aferę.

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Hamilton pizzeria wins big at Vegas pizza contest after 'buzzer beater' scramble to fly in its dough

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I got my feet wet with and put up a page breaking down the anatomy of the Sympath:

We also have Sympath events coming up in April in and , I'll post more info about those tomorrow 💤

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My collaborators (Mitch Renaud and Gayle Young) and I will be showing off the Sympath at two free events in southern :

- April 12 7PM at the Canadian Music Centre

- April 14 1:30PM at the Art Gallery of Hamilton

We'll be demoing the instrument, discussing its function, history, and some tips for building it, then performing with the Sympath and wrapping up with hands-on time.

More info:

:boost_requested: cc @diy_instruments

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Sprawdzilem sobie z ciekawosci czasy i wyniki 2. treningu do i poczytalem komentarze pod postami niektorych ekip i... jezu... hardkorowa fanbaza .a to jest jakis totalnie absurdalny poziom oderwania od rzeczywistosci 😆

Oskarazanie .a ze specjalnie maja w nosie Lewisa i dali mu gorszy samochod niz .owi, tak, bo Mercedes kompletnie w nosie ma jakakolwiek walke o punkty chociazby w klasyfikacji konstruktorow... borze szumiacy 🤦‍♂️


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No transparency and accountability in F1 - Hamilton

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Bed bugs in Ontario worst in Canada: Orkin

> Ranked number one for the seventh year in a row: .

> The following four cities were all in . In second place, moved up from third, followed by , and .

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University prof among winners of $100,000 Killam prize for Canada’s top researchers

“His research on microbial resistance was inspired by a incident he experienced in Europe.

The he was prescribed did not work.”

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Bearman 'proud' of Hamilton and Alonso praise

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"There are concerns if [doctors] speak up it will threaten the relationship with the person [] who pays you. And you risk audits and investigations if you cause problems which is causing immense stress. I’m 10 years into practice but feel like I’m nearing the end of my career because the job just ages you." 3/3

  • Dr Michael Verbora

@avis_favaro @mverbora

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Dr. Michael Verbora [McMaster] is speaking out on why physicians are leaving 's Ontario in droves...

"Ontario physicians face huge challenges simply trying to collect payment. It’s such an archaic, outdated system that many are now willingly forfeiting a massive chunk of income because getting paid takes too much time. [Many new loopholes, increased paperwork]
After a doctor submits a claim to OHIP the doctor doesn't even find out if the claim was accepted for 2 MONTHS. 1/3

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"There are concerns if [doctors] speak up it will threaten the relationship with the person [] who pays you. And you risk audits and investigations if you cause problems which is causing immense stress. I’m 10 years into practice but feel like I’m nearing the end of my career because the job just ages you." 3/3

  • Dr Michael Verbora

@avis_favaro @mverbora

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Meet Hamilton's 'harbour master,' one of only two women in that role in Canada

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New at my Patreon... Surely I took this photo of a lovely garden somewhere in Italy? No, it was actually in Hamilton, NZ - at a space composed of historic gardens:

Image of the week: Do as the Romans do

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#Budget #UKPolitics This article by Gary Stevenson is so good, please read every word of it.

“Whatever Jeremy Hunt says, traders know the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. And they’re paid millions to bet on it.”

This is what the world is - it is run by a minute elite for a minute elite and the rest of us, the masses, the natural world, we just don’t count. It is a #TragedyOftheNonCommons (will reshare my own piece on this below 1/n)


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🧵 22/n Last point and then I will stop for today: saw a few weeks ago and was really struck by how then it was possible to start a revolution, raise an army and WIN! Like, that would just be totally impossible now. The imbalance in military power, just as in wealth (and control over media etc etc) is just so VAST now. It’s impossible to beat. That’s why noone really even tries anymore.

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Post Office victim Jo Hamilton settles but feels 'guilt'

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