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Initiative to restrict spending by certain healthcare providers that participate in Medi-Cal Rx, like the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, qualifies for the California ballot

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Unannounced inspection finds serious safety concerns at federal prison in Sheridan
The Oregonian / OregonLive

The list of things wrong is absolutely horrifying. Prison is where society puts bodies to suffer and die. This is not justice. This is callous cruelty.


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Bourque Bearskin & Victoria Dick of are currently working on creating a , “from the ground up”, called the & program for .

For Bourque Bearskin and Dick, the work they’ve been doing over the last few years, including the development of the , is better aligning with the principles of .

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"More training is needed for frontline NHS staff, I feel like the trans community is often required to educate the people who are gatekeeping their access to the services they need. The waiting times are maddening! Three years or more of waiting is is not acceptable, especially when gender dysphoria is your daily companion." Liv

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