vwbusguy, to hilton
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The at in is definitely one of the nicest Hilton hotels I've ever stayed at. It ended up being slightly cheaper than other Hiltons in the area when you factor in hotel and universal studios parking.

martinpeck, to ilaughed
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A of the roof of station at night, taken from the hotel, along with a similar photo taken the morning after. I was able to choose my room so that I had good view of the station roof.

nitpicking, to hilton
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is confusing. Doesn't affect me, but a Hampton Inn I'm going to be staying at has this pet policy: "Pets allowed ... $75(1-4n),$125(5+n)2 pets Max,dog/cat only"


mjgardner, (edited ) to Cosplay
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I am officially coining the collective noun “a of Mrs. Ropers”

(PS: This was when the group was still gathering outside the Masquerade. The fully assembled kaftan was over 100 Helens strong.)

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After co-presenter Tony Gowell invited a hundred -bedecked cosplayers to storm the stage, the ladies confused and alike as they strutted through the and to their appointed outside the .

from the was consumed and a sea of red wigs assembled on the steps.

Then things got weird.

dbsalk, to random
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Today is the 19th anniversary of my start date at the Palmer House Hilton in #Chicago, Illinois, USA. If you were a guest at the Palmer House between June of 2004 and August 2006, it's entirely possible that I checked you in for your stay.

If that's the case, hello again! I apologize if your room was impossibly small. I promise it wasn't personal. The hotel is old.

#Hospitality #Hotel #Hilton #Travel

spaceflight, to space
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Ads in
lander : Sportswear
lander : , , bank
: champagne
: hotel

In the late 1990s, paid to place a logo on a Russian space mission, paid seven figures for Russian astronauts to pose beside a four-foot-high replica of its soda can, and the Israeli food brand hired a Russian astronaut to film a 90-second commercial for one of its milk products. , , and have dispatched their products to the https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2023/05/space-mission-brand-advertising-opportunities/674038/

Pictures : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Dream_Chaser_pre-drop_tests.6.jpg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Coca-Cola_logo.svg

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