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Tell me three things that are wrong with this picture of Jet Set Jeremy

Best answers get a prize xxx

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Slightly off-topic, but when states that "according to the , the is predicted to have the highest GDP growth rate of countries", don't believe him.
Go and look at the IMF's World Economic Outlook (April 2024).
It shows that UK growth is 6th out of 7 in 2024 and joint 3rd out of 7 in 2025.
(In the table G7 members are marked with a red bar.)

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As usual, enforcing capitalists' debts over by forcing over a stricken country, while (2 years on) promised funds by international banks remain stunts.

'..why there has been a delay, Mr Ye said that the amount pledged was for reconstruction.. "..the new climate risk profile and the possibility that these areas may be flooded again,”...'

No shit sherlock!

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As the world moves toward an increasingly bipolar order, the divide between U.S.-led and China-aligned blocs is taking a toll on the global economy as trade and investment flows are redirected along geopolitical lines in ways not seen since the Cold War.

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The International Monetary Fund has boosted its growth forecast for Asia this year, reflecting a rosier outlook for the region’s two largest economies and flagging a possible upward revision in its outlook for China.

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GDP Growth Forecasts for 2024
has released its real gross domestic product (GDP) growth forecasts for 2024, and while global growth is projected to stay steady at 3.2%, various major nations are seeing declining forecasts.

It's just a prediction, though.
IMF promotes propaganda whenever it can.
For the last two years it has been revising its forecasts, especially for every 2-3 months, so presumably BRICS numbers here will be much higher at the end.

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The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors recently approved a groundbreaking framework for financial incentives to encourage investments in projects that generate positive cross-border externalities.

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Most difficult global outlook for a century heralds end of US-led world order | Larry Elliott

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An International Monetary Fund economist has recommended Japan phase out its measures to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its energy subsidies to achieve fiscal consolidation.

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Bank of Japan Gov. Kazuo Ueda said on Friday the central bank "very likely" will raise interest rates if underlying inflation continues to go up, and begin reducing its huge bond buying at some point in the future.

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10-point plan for IMF and World Bank to end Africa’s debt crisis

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Higher interest rates in the U.S. and a larger-than-expected slowdown in China could "pose significant risks for baseline fiscal projections in other economies," the IMF said in a report.

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IMF says US debt creating "significant risks" for the global economy

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"Something will have to give"--IMF warns of build-up of US debt

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to levy against over attack on

The will impose sanctions on Iran’s missile & drone program, as well as entities supporting the Iranian regime or military, adviser Jake Sullivan announced late Tues.
Earlier in the day, Secretary Janet Yellen said additional sanctions on Iran would be forthcoming in retaliation for its attack against Israel over the weekend.

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ofcls & their are discussing potential responses to Iran, as leading Western ofcls converged on Washington for the spring meetings of the %
& . Their options are limited because is already one of the most heavily penalized countries in the world, w/ US in effect on its , & sectors.

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IMF warning over growing private credit market

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IMF warns BoE over keeping UK interest rates high due to fixed-rate mortgages

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From the : "Globally subsidies were $𝟳 𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗹𝗹𝗶𝗼𝗻 or 7.1 percent of GDP in 2022, reflecting a $2 trillion increase since 2020."

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- I'm building infrastructure in the south and writing a petition to the in line with the letter by Budhoo (1990), and specifically demanding the IMF/WB restructure according to the original bancor plan proposed by Keynes before it was butchered at Bretton Woods, and with poor and working people to leverage a general strike big enough to ensure that our petition is not ignored-and that there are consequences if it is.

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Just had a video call on with Buba Kuteyah, who lives in the and has neither refrigeration nor running , as is typical in his area. He and I are writing a petition re: GSRMs to the & WB and organizing a global general strike. Until we have the numbers to ensure this petition will be heard and addressed appropriately, we are building autonomous mesh network communications infrastructure to mediate free south-to-north labor organization.

Help us!

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2023 saw the pivot to accelerating significantly.

According to the 2023 report by - independent think tank & advisory service that enables commercial, political, and economic engagement between Asia, the Middle East & Europe.

between these regions increased by 34.7% from US$383bn in 2021 to US$516bn in 2022 & is growing faster than previous reports’ projections.

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The Gulf Cooperation Council —comprising , , , , & —marked a “remarkable surge” in trade with “Emerging Asia,” it notes.

refers to the International Monetary Fund’s “Emerging & Developing Asia” list of 34 Asian economies, including , , and most members. But it excludes advanced such as , , , , & Taiwan, as well as & .

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