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À la mosquée Al-Aqsa de Jérusalem, le ramadan s’est achevé dans la tristesse

Depuis le 7 octobre 2023, impose des restrictions sans précédent aux Palestiniens qui souhaitent accéder au troisième lieu saint de l’islam, surplombant la vieille ville de . Des musulmans venus du monde entier célébrer la fin du sont aussi visés.

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When "your true" is weak, you don't want someone else to talk about it. Spanish TV reporter Almudena Ariza, after been interrupted by people in the street, talks about how some Israelis don't want press to witness what Israel is doing to the people in Palestine. (in Spanish)

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Human trafficking is always part of a #terrorist negotiation. The price per human life on display.

During this stage, Hamas would release all civilian women, children, elderly and sick hostages, in exchange for Palestinian women, minors, elderly and infirm prisoners, at a rate of 30 inmates for every hostage.

Hamas would then release female soldiers at a price per soldier of 50 Palestinians — 30 serving life sentences and 20 others chosen by Hamas.

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After 2000 years of tribal war over 500 miles of beachfront real estate plus #jerusalem, I don't think it's possible to conclude who started the fight.

The only thing missing is who will be brave enough to find the #peace.

@israel @palestine

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Over 60,000 Palestinians offer Eid Al-Fitr prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque

> Large contingents of Israeli police officers were deployed at the entrances, surroundings and alleys of the city.

> The Islamic Endowments Department in #Jerusalem said, in a statement, that more than 60,000 faithful offered their prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque on Eid Al-Fitr day, the main #Muslim festival following the end of the holy #Ramadan month. #Israel #GazaWar

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Today marks the 76th anniversary of the Deir Yassin Massacre, when hundreds of armed Zionist militiamen from the pre-1948 #Irgun and #Stern gangs committed one of the cruelest massacres in the history of Palestine.

On April 9, 1948, Zionist gangs raided the village of Deir Yassin, west of #Jerusalem, killing nearly 250 Palestinian civilians, mainly women, children and the elderly. Cases of rape, mutilation and humiliation were documented.

Of nearly 70 #massacres during the 1948 #Nakba, Deir Yassin would become one of those atrocities where almost all the acts of war criminality were unleashed: killing, destruction, pillaging, rape, and displacement.

#DeirYassin is a powerful symbol of Palestinian dispossession, as well as a historical fact that the occupying Israeli regime must confront when retelling its national narrative.

Watch the video documenting the massacre by Jewish Terrorists here:

#SaveGaza #StopIsrael #SaveTheChildren #History #NeverForget #palestine #Israel #Occupation #Apartheid #Politics #PeaceNow #StopTheWar #CeasefireNow
@palestine @israel

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As a #Christian, this #Christmas + #Easter have been harder for me than any before.

Most years, amidst the horrors & disappointments of life, Christmas and Easter have provided comfort, hope and challenge: seasons to reflect and recommit, chances to once more receive divine gifts freely and dedicate myself to the good of my neighbours (near and far), to solidarity in suffering, struggle and in seeing those sometimes only momentary glimpses of how another world is possible.

But this Christmas, Christian communities across #Palestine cancelled Christmas celebrations. #Bethlehem was raided by the #IDF (while far worse atrocities were being inflicted on #Gaza just miles away). How then could we sing "O little town of Bethlehem, how still we see you lie"?

And this Easter just passed, nearly all the Christian communities in the holy land, descendents of those who have lived & worshipped there for almost 2,000 years, were refused access to #Jerusalem, while the survivors from the tiny Christian communities in Gaza huddled together–hungry, wounded, scared, grieving–amongst the rubble of their lives and society.

The weapons killing them were supplied by wealthy western nations, whose Christian leaders remain largely silent.

Listen to Rev Dr Munther Isaac from Bethlehem.

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Following is a thread of quotes from #TheGlobalJigsaw latest episode on the #IRGC, #Quds force, #Basij militias - and th ideological blueprint for #Iran so called Axis of Resistance. Whole episode here:

Your feedback welcome here:

We have created, #Soleimani said, territorial continuity for the Islamic Resistance by connecting Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.


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Distinct amongst these branches is the #Quds Force, which within the #IRGC itself, is tasked with spreading the influence of #Iran and the Islamic Revolution abroad

Quds In #Persian means #Jerusalem. And it is clear that the ultimate aim of these alliances, at least rhetorically for #Iran, is to -in their terms,- restore historic #Palestine and destroy the state of #Israel.


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The true reason why the Church schism formed was the rejection of as the center of the map via the prime meridian through first Greenwich.

Use of (operated by the US Space Force, clearly an invasion of Heaven), and all maps derived via WGS84 are unchristian .

We're all going to hell, but at least we can have Google Maps navigate us there I guess

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"Police, protesters scuffle outside PM’s home as anti-government rally turns chaotic"

"Daughter-in-law of hostage dragged by police outside Netanyahu's private home; police arrest five demonstrators during scattered marches throughout Jerusalem."

#Jerusalem #Netanyahu #Israel #protest

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Tens of thousands of #Israelis thronged central #Jerusalem on Sunday in the largest anti-government #protest since the country went to #war in Oct. Protesters urged the govt to reach a #CeaseFire deal to free dozens of #hostages held in #Gaza by #Hamas militants & to hold early #elections.

#democracy #Israel #RightWing #Netanyahu #Palestinians #HumanitarianCrisis #geopolitics

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The song "Prayer of the Mothers", was born as a result of an alliance made between singer-songwriter Yael Deckelbaum, and a group of courageous women, leading the movement of “Women Wage Peace”.
The movement arose on summer 2014 during the escalation of violence between Israel and the Palestinians, and the military operation “Tzuk Eitan”.

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"Tens of thousands of demonstrators flooded Israel’s streets for a second straight night Sunday calling for immediate elections...

greatest threat yet to Prime Minister Benjamin & his far-right government.

On Sunday, the protesters moved from “Hostage Square” plaza in to the parliament in , waving flags & chanting for the removal of the country’s longest-serving leader."

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#Israel / Tens of Thousands of Israeli Protesters Descend on Jerusalem as Netanyahu Warns of Early Election

The rally in #Jerusalem opens what its organizers call a "week of national protest", aimed at holding new elections as soon as possible. The unusual cooperation between protest organizations and some relatives of the captives comes after some of them lost hope in #Netanyahu and accuse him of deliberately sabotaging the deal negotiations.



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While tens of thousands of people are protesting against him in front of the Knesset, #Netanyahu held a press conference this evening (Sunday) at the Prime Minister's Office in #Jerusalem, saying: "the first to welcome moving up the elections will be Hamas, this will harm the negotiations for the return of the captives."


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#Palestinian Christians barred from #Jerusalem’s Old City at Easter

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Children among cancer patients fearing being sent back to Gaza by Israel

Moves to deport those receiving care in East have been called ‘a deliberate risk to innocent lives’

Cancer patients from Gaza, including children, are living in a state of limbo in a hospital in East Jerusalem after Israeli authorities threatened to send them back.

The Guardian was given access to the Augusta Victoria hospital, where at least 22 patients from Gaza in urgent need of advanced cancer treatment are living in fear of deportation. As with numerous others, they received authorisation prior to Hamas’s 7 October attack to receive medical care outside the strip, due to the inadequate facilities in .…

@palestine @israel

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Another #BDS hit from my medicine cabinet.

Procter & Gamble’s #Israel House of Innovation collaborates with #Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (NASDAQ: TEVA; TASE: TEVA) and the Hebrew University of #Jerusalem

#FreePalestine #ceasefire #ceasefirenow @israel @palestine #gaza #biden #joebiden #GenocideJoe #genocide #Netanyahu #apartheidisrael #IsraelApartheid #ethniccleansing

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Les du monde entier célèbrent le
À , les fidèles ont défilé le long de la Via , malgré les tensions persistantes au Moyen-Orient.

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Arab News Research and Studies Unit launches latest deep dive on @israel @palestine

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Fascinating colorized, interpolated and upscaled film footage of various cities in 1896. The rich Western people throwing food at Vietnamese children as if they are birds is unsettling…

#film #video #history #cities #city #world #old #vintage #retro #egypt #italy #istanbul #turkiye #turkey #NewYork #london #britain #UK #france #paris #jerusalem #switzerland #vietnam #spain #ireland #russia #japan #tokyo

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Mary of Egypt reportedly converted to Christianity during a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. One of the earliest pilgrim accounts of Jerusalem is that left behind by a Roman woman named Egeria:


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Margery Kempe (d. after 1438) was another English #mystic credited with writing the first #autobiography in #English. But first, she was a businesswoman and mother, who later wrote frankly of her failed business ventures, stylish clothes, her loathing of sex with her husband, and her desire for an extra-marital affair. She went on long-distance pilgrimages to #Jerusalem, #Santiago, etc. She was repeatedly tried for heresy but never convicted.

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