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Suggest some beginner-friendly resources for learning about Linux kernel features like LSM (SElinux, Yama Landlock, Lockdown), Netfilter, eBPF, Cgroups, Namespaces, and KVM :D

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Ich bräuchte da eine #Windows VM auf meinem #Linux Laptop.

Was will ich dann da nehmen?

#QEMU/#KVM und den virt-manager oder #VirtualBox?

Oder was ganz was anderes?

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Last I tried screwing around with , and on I had a bunch of fun with scripts from sbo and dependency hell – since neither is an official slack package.

How does this fare in 2024 if I were to try to get a headless host for my stuff (qubes-like but I like pain)?

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In case anyone else ever has some fun with and / on :linux:

By default the FORWARD table drops all packages...
To get vm's back on the net simply leverage to make the packets flow again:

$ sudo iptables -A FORWARD -i br0 -o br0 -j ACCEPT

You can install iptables-persistent to save the current ruleset so it is applied every time you restart the system. 😉

Did that on my workstation... I always fall for it. 😂

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Can any folk (particularly in Australia, for local prices) recommend a reasonably priced network accessible ? Not after 4K support -- literally 1920x1080 is more than sufficient for my needs, but ideally should support at least 4 connections.

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Je ne me suis pas assez tenu au courant sur l'actualité des commutateurs il faut croire…

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How to mount a host directory inside a virtual machine

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In the market for a 4K@60Hz and USB3 4-port . My current KVM works but doesn't do 4K or .

Any suggestions for non stupid amounts?

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How to Resize (Extend) Virtual Disk Size with Ease

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Learn the simple steps to extend your KVM virtual disk size easily. Expand your VM's storage capacity without hassle or data loss.

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Lai Jiangshan posted a RFC patch-set introducing a new hypervisor called :

"'"This RFC series proposes a new virtualization framework built upon the hypervisor that does not require hardware-assisted virtualization techniques.

So the over-arching goals of PVM are to 1) enable nested virtualization within any IaaS clouds […] 2) avoid costly exits to the host hypervisor […]"'"

Pbonzini already replied:

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I deleted my toot about Broadcom abandoning VMware ESXi last month as I got fed up of reply guys explaining to me it couldn’t possibly happen.. but anyway, it has happened.

hanscees, avatar

@GossiTheDog @hdm yes, I am studying going to after 10 years or so of esxi

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So, @darth got me thinking... I have an old Phenom II X4 965 Black lying around. And I do have an old AM3 socket mobo, I also have an old case that is missing some screws. I might dig through my junk pile and build something. Use what I already have and only buy the parts I absolutely need.

I'm imagining maybe a server that is basically a hypervisor using and that will run , , , etc. basically all the POISX OSs I want to play around with.

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VirtualbBoxでKVMバックエンドを使うVirtualBox KVMというのができたそう。KVMだといろいろ使えるし今、virt-managerとVirtualBoxを併用する状態だからこれは嬉しい

VirtualBox KVM public release — Cyberus Technology:

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Cyberus Technology (my employer) just released a KVM backend allows VirtualBox to run virtual machines utilising the Linux KVM hypervisor instead of the custom kernel module used by standard VirtualBox. Check out our blog post about this:

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Does anyone happen to know a program that would allow an ip based between and (Think Apple universal control)
Barrier doesn't work on wayland or android, so this is out.

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