hanse_mina, to Zelensky
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grossly misrepresented the Ukrainian constitution and Ukrainian domestic law on May 28 in order to further promote the information operation claiming that Ukrainian President Volodymyr is no longer the legitimate president of .



hanse_mina, to Slovakia
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Minutes after #Slovakia’s #Russia-friendly Prime Minister Robert #Fico was shot, social media was awash with conspiracy theories.

All those rumors were later rebutted by Slovak authorities. But not before they’d gone viral on Telegram.

The messaging app has become a key weapon for pro-#Kremlin accounts to spread disinformation aimed at undermining support for #Ukraine.



fulelo, to random
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V Moscow Times:
#FSB Launches Sweeping Purge of Military Elites With #Kremlin’s Approval

The purge of top generals is the result of infighting between the FSB and the military over the failure to capture Kyiv and competition for the military budget

hanse_mina, to Russia
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The leader of 's region, Ramzan , said early on Thursday he had met President Vladimir in the and offered to send more fighters to help Moscow in its more than two-year-old conflict in .

He said tens of thousands of "well trained and equipped fighters from the reserves" were prepared to fight for Russia in Ukraine if such an order were given.


timkmak, to Russia
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One of interim Iranian President Mohammad first phone calls since ascending to the position was with the

In October 2022, Mokhaber went to to sell and to , reported Reuters.

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"Where they are being used is not the seller's issue," an #Iranian diplomat said.

The #Kremlin responded to the death of #raisi #Putin said that he “knew President Raisi to be a reliable partner… who made an invaluable contribution to friendly relations between #Russia and #Iran

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⬆️ @timkmak

>> One of interim Iranian President Mohammad #mokhber first phone calls since ascending to the position was with the #kremlin. In October 2022, Mokhaber went to #Moscow to sell #Iraniandrones and #ballisticmissiles to #Russia

Now, I know that everyone who confuses #correlation and #causation ends up dying.

Still note correlation in timing of #Putin’s #China visit and #Raisi helicopter crash.

That correlation, and ➡️ https://mastodon.social/@rameshgupta/112473861520651907

Why meet with TOP defense & security?

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>> correlation 👀

  1. #Putin’s #China visit

  2. Timing of #Raisi helicopter crash

  3. #Mokhber 1st call since becoming #Iran's prez was with #Kremlin (via @timkmak)

  4. Raisi's helicopter had a #Russia passenger (via @kravietz) ➡️ https://agora.echelon.pl/objects/f170d9d2-fa42-4851-aebd-0ed1fce53317

  5. #Putin orders search for #Raisi’s helicopter (https://tass.com/politics/1790449)

WHY Putin met with TOP defense & security before ordering a "rescue" mission?

Suddenly there're lots of dots to connect in what seems highly implausible as coincidence


br00t4c, to random
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'Putin always chooses the best'. Here's how the Kremlin wants its propagandists to cover Russia's cabinet shakeup

#kremlin #vladimirputin


br00t4c, to Georgia
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br00t4c, to Russia
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Russia-Ukraine war live: Putin reappoints low-profile Mishustin as PM; Zelenskiy sacks chief bodyguard

#kremlin #russia


GreenFire, to random
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One clear sign of how ignorant and immature the college protesters are is how they all don't seem to want to be held accountable for the crimes they committed.

I wish that our U.S. campuses would at least still assign students to read MLK's Letter from a Birmingham jail, and Thoreau's essay on Civil Disobedience.

I think these protesters have failed the guidelines of: collection of the facts to determine whether injustices exist; negotiation; self-purification; and effective direct action.

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I agree with you, Clara, regarding the predilections of . (Interesting, BTW, that you should use the official ;))
could not conquer .

However, as we can see by its huge production of drones for the , it can cause havoc regarding the region's .
Also, I have read a bit about the technologies it employs (actually...


br00t4c, to random
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A Russian Influence Campaign Is Exploiting College Campus Protests

#kremlin #russian


br00t4c, to random
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World Leaders Snub Putin but Hollywood Action Star Saves the Day



fulelo, to Russia
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#BBCNews - Vladimir #Putin : Little chance of change as #Kremlin leader is sworn in again
By Steve Rosenberg

br00t4c, to workersrights
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Little chance of change in the Kremlin as Putin is sworn in again

#kremlin #wages


hanse_mina, to Bulgaria
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The #US and most #EU nations will boycott a #Kremlin ceremony to swear in Vladimir #Putin for a new six-year term as president on Tuesday, but #France and some other EU states were expected to send an envoy despite a plea by #Kyiv.

The varying diplomatic response by the Western powers underscored differences over how to handle the Russian leader more than two years after he launched a full-scale invasion of #Ukraine.


Nonilex, to Russia
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to Hold Drills on

Russian ofcls claimed the order was in response to comments from the West about the possibility of more direct involvement in . called the announcement “irresponsible.”

said on Mon that it would hold exercises w/troops based near to practice for the possible use of ….


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The #Kremlin said the order came in response to comments by 2 European leaders that raised the prospect of more direct Western intervention in the #war.

The exercise, the Defense Ministry said, would involve forces of the Southern Military District, an area that covers Russian - #occupied #Ukraine & part of #Russia’s border region w/ Ukraine. It said the exercise would take place “in the near future.”

#nuclear #NuclearWeapons #Putin

br00t4c, to Russia
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"Russia cannot afford to lose, so we need a kind of a victory": Sergey Karaganov on what Putin wants

#kremlin #russia


br00t4c, to Russia
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Russia pushing 'at all costs' to grab territory in Ukraine before fresh US weapons arrive

#kremlin #russia


shoq, to random
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Fuckity fuck fuck fuck! Russia is so committed now. They will keep at this for a decade if they have to. Unless Putin falls out of a window, anyway.

Confident of victory over Ukraine, Russia exhibits Western war trophies.


@aho@mastodon.social avatar

@shoq not sure that #kremlin is feeling they will win, as they have to have #fsb guys put on Ukrainian uniforms and burn #trump

The video emerge first on #russian #telegram channels and it's not released on the Trucha channels.

Source: https://www.svt.se/nyheter/utrikes/propagandavideo-pastas-visa-ukrainska-soldater-som-branner-trumpdocka

hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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As many as a million Russians fled abroad in the first year of the ’s invasion of . Now thousands are returning home, delivering a propaganda victory to President Vladimir and a boost to his war economy.

Russian citizens have faced difficulty or refusal when trying to renew expiring residence permits, according to Finion’s Kartamyshev. Most of those who do wind up choosing to return to .


hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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Over the past several months, #Ukraine drones have penetrated ever deeper into Russian territory, striking an oil refinery as far away from the border as the northwestern city of St. Petersburg, and more recently, a drone assembly plant in the republic of #Tatarstan. Increasingly, these air attacks are sapping into #Russia’s diesel and gasoline production, which #Kyiv hopes will hit the #Kremlin’s wallet and reduce the availability of fuel for Russia’s war machine.


br00t4c, to random
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The Kremlin promised career growth in exchange for work in occupied Ukraine. That didn't happen -- and officials are catching on.


Norobiik, to Russia
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"We are witnessing a historic process -- Russians are leaving for the first time in two centuries," independent Azerbaijani analyst Elhan Shahinoglu told AFP.

Observers of the say is too caught up with its invasion of to retain its sway in the region.

Russia quietly exits , ceding its clout 'for good'

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The #Kremlin-owned gas company #Gazprom has plunged to its first annual loss in more than 20 years, after gas sales more than halved following Vladimir #Putin’s invasion of #Ukraine.

Gazprom slumps to first annual loss in 22 years as trade with #Europe hit

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