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📆 2023 This study by for proposes a 29,339 m2 ☀️ collector at the point, from 🌙 materials, transported by a 🚠 from the

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In 📆 2022, the was estimated to be worth US$350 billion 💵 and is projected to grow 📈 to more than one trillion 💰 dollars over the next two decades. Actors such as already own a majority of the 🛰️ . In the absence of a concerted global 🌏 dialogue, individual countries are pushing ahead with their own laws. Usually, international arrangements tend to arise 🥱 when there is a real risk of .

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🛰️ operate in a below 600 km altitude. With drag at these levels, satellites are naturally deorbited ⤵️ in five years or less. initiated controlled descents on 406 satellites out of nearly 6000 Starlink satellites launched to date. It plans controlled descents on ~ 100 additional early-version 1 Starlink satellites.

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Right-wing outlets want you to believe our movement is secretly controlled by billionaires. The reality is we're just ordinary Americans who are using our citizen power to do the extraordinary: Defend our democracy from fascism. Now's a good time to join our "Radical Left Network."

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And as usual, “every accusation is a confession.”
Turns out it’s the that’s actually controlled by billionaires.
and on and on.

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Our IAU Centre for the Protection of the Dark and Quiet Sky from Satellite Constellation Interference paper on observations of the #BlueWalker3 prototype #satellite is finally out in the latest print edition of Nature accompanied by a News & Views piece by @sundogplanets.

#Astronomy #Space #SpaceSustainability #LEO

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Excuse me, #Netflix movie about a talking reptile who gives advice to 5th graders, but tuataras do not live in the Everglades, they are native to only a few islands near New Zealand. I hope someone got fired for that blunder.

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SpaceX starship lifts off.
Hot-stage separation.
First stage explodes.
2nd stage self-destructs.
Praises galore.
Artemis astronauts will have to a wait a bit longer.
Don't pack your bags for Mars yet.
#starship #spacex



Best report found so far is confusing and says the rocket reached both 51 miles (90 km) and 91 miles (148 km), so maybe close to orbital height which can be as low as 100 miles (160 km), but not a danger to StarLink or other LEO satellites.

If it is that high up there where will it come down?

#SpaceX #LEO #debris #Starship

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📆 Nov 15, 2023 is seeking to scale up production of the rocket to reach a cadence of two launches 🚀🚀 a month by the end of 📆 2025. That seems rather ambitious and might be asking a lot of suppliers, including engine manufacturer .

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📆 October 10, 2022 , priced at roughly $110 million 💰💰 per launch *, will compete with 's , priced roughly $62 million 💰 per launch ** 🤔

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The Global Satellite Operators Association (GSOA) has released a "Code of Conduct on Space Sustainability". The Code is the result of more than seven months of negotiation among multiple parties and commercial space operators.

One of the four pillars of the Code is "Limiting satellite reflectivity and the related impact on optical astronomy".

See the full report on:

#Space #SpaceSustainability #Satellites #Astronomy #LEO #SpaceDebris

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#LeMonde 📆 October 19, 2023 The #European 🇪🇺 #Space Summit that will be held in #Seville, Spain 🇪🇸 , on 📆 November 6 and 7 is a crucial event for the continent's technological future. The delay ⏳ of the European #launchers and the technical problems are only the tip of the iceberg. For every euro 💶 invested, #SpaceX is ten times more efficient 📊

#ESA "Revolution Space" report 📄

#Ariane #Arianespace

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Which 🚀 will first deliver 🛰️ to ?

design concept 📆 2014
design concept 📆 2015
design concept 📆 2018

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Most of the proposed constellations were filed by 🇨🇳 (circa 65) and the United States 🇺🇸 (circa 45); however, very large (>10,000 🛰️) constellations have also been filed by 🇷🇼 , 🇩🇪 , 🇪🇸, 🇳🇴, 🇫🇷, and 🇸🇧 Islands.

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In the worst-case #emissions scenario the social cost of #Kuiper is estimated at $1.4 billion 💰, versus $252 million 💵 for #OneWeb and $664 million 💵 for #Starlink

Sustainability assessment of Low Earth Orbit (#LEO) #satellite 🛰️ broadband mega-constellations.
#GeorgeMason University 🇺🇸
University of #Oxford 🇬🇧
University of #Strathclyde 🇬🇧
#Middlebury College 🇺🇸

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    Hab ich was Dummes gemacht?
    #leo hat gemeint, “drag” hieße „Baggerschaufel“ – und an der Schaufel war halt noch der restliche #Bagger dran…

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    👀Via Sherrilyn Ifill:

    Everyone keeps asking “why is being so defiant - even of the order?”

    Now we get a possible answer. And it’s a doozy.

    If this is true, it would mean that the SCOTUS is compromised & that the project to overturn civil rights laws is being undertaken deliberately and cynically by multiple associated players & cover groups across the legal system

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    The Alabama government’s briefs before the three-judge panel in September referenced a concurring opinion by #Kavanaugh that questioned whether “race-based redistricting” can “extend indefinitely into the future.”
    Alabama further relied on arguments — also rejected by the U.S. District Court — that a subsequent U.S. Supreme Court decision this same term ending affirmative action in college admissions (called Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard ) compels the Court to find that a state’s use of a map in which “race predominates” now violates the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of equal protection. As in Milligan, Kavanaugh filed a concurrence in Students for Fair Admissions, emphasizing the potential for #time #limits on race-related policies.
    In addition, there now appears to be a significant connection between Alabama’s post-Milligan map redrawing process, #Leo’s powerful national dark money network, and Kavanaugh.
    The tangled web of previously unreported ties centers around #Marshall, Alabama Solicitor General Edmond #LaCour — dubbed “the architect behind Alabama’s voting rights defiance” — and the D.C.-area law firm #ConsovoyMcCarthy, the firm founded by William #Consovoy, a now-deceased former clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas who represented Shelby County in Shelby County v. Holder.
    In Shelby County, the Supreme Court invalidated Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act and its vital preclearance provision, which protected against unilateral state changes to voting rights and maps in states that had a documented history of racial bias in administering elections in order to disenfranchise Black voters.
    #LeonardLeo #scotus #darkmoney #clarencethomas #FedSoc #ShelbyCountyVsHolder #VotingRightsAct #racebased #affirmativeaction

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    Terrifying. This group has infiltrated every crevice of #Florida. #Leo stooges are placed everywhere.
    If you want to see his pilot program for how the entire country would look, fascist-style, look at Florida.
    Teachers cower in fear of arrest. Local Health departments were co-opted by imbeciles during #Covid. Blacks never know whether voting rights will be there next election. The Guv regularly uses violent and derogatory language. He deflects our attention to Texas' borders while our own coastline shrinks and fresh water aquifers dribble away. Confused new migrants can’t drive. He literally has goons at his secret press conferences intercept the lone guy who dares show up to ask questions.

    Chaos. Fear. Confusion. All tools of the #Fascist Playbook. #project2025

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    "[A] sequence of geomagnetic disturbances together with multiple weak space weather events could lead to severe levels of atmospheric drag ending in a service or #satellite loss."

    #SpaceWeather #Space #SpaceSustainability #Starlink #LEO

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    Is #China planning a second #LEO satellite constellation to provide #InternetAccess from #space? (i.e. to rival #Starlink , #OneWeb, and the others being built?)

    Interesting article from SpaceNews about "G60", a potential 1,296 satellite constellation coming out of the Shanghai government:


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    Tomorrow will be the height of Venus retrograde. The Sun and Venus in Leo will conjunct in the same degree, merging their significations with one another. The creative expression of the self will take center stage. When thinking about this conjunction, it will be purely about the self and how we want to express ourselves to the world. What creative endeavors have you picked up (or more specifically, revisited) recently? How do you feel people see you when you express yourself? Is that in line with how you personally see yourself?

    Venus is about relationships, and creative expression. Art and beauty come from Venus, whereas the Sun wants to be seen as its own individual self. Those two merging will be an explosion of creative realizations around how you attract people to you. Be unapologetically upfront, and be yourself! That is what this Venus retrograde is teaching us.

    #Venus #Retrograde #astro #astrology #sun #leo #zodiac

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    Federal Judge Upholds #Arizona’s Right to Record the #Police
    The court’s order includes strong language in favor of the right to record the police. The order declares that the law violates the #FirstAmendment because “there is a clearly established right to record #lawenforcement officers engaged in the exercise of their official duties in public places.” Throwing out the class 3 #misdemeanor (which would allow for up to 30 days in jail) #EFF #ACLU #LEO

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    📊 There are 60 operational orbital #LaunchVehicle types on a #global basis. This article characterizes those launch vehicles in the following areas:

    • Launch vehicle types by country
    • Responsive launch
    • Reusability
    • Flight heritage
    #Payload mass to #LEO

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    🇨🇳 #Landspace #Zhuque-2 launch 🚀 scheduled for 📆 July 12. If successful, Zhuque-2 will become the world’s first #methalox launch vehicle to achieve #orbit.
    A range of methalox #rockets, including #SpaceX’s #Starship, the #ULA #Vulcan, #BlueOrigin’s #NewGlenn, #RocketLab’s #Neutron and #TerranR from #RelativitySpace, are at various stages of development and testing.

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    🇨🇳 #LandSpace is targeting a hop test 🚀 later this month, during which a stainless steel prototype of #Zhuque3’s first stage would lift off to a height of about 100 metres and land back on Earth in a controlled manner.
    It will be able to lift #payloads up to 21.3 tonnes to #LEO when expendable, or 18.3 tonnes when the first stage is recovered down range, or 12.5 tonnes when the first stage returns to the #LaunchSite


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    #Forbes 📆 Jun 23, 2023 "#Amazon says half of the 3,236 #satellites 🛰️ will be up above us by 📆 2026" - but who will #launch 🚀 them ? 🤔

    #BlueOrigin / #NewGlenn : no news / tests yet
    #Ariane 6 is years late (again)
    #ULA's #Vulcan is late, dependent on #BE4 engines

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    😲 has signed a contract with for three launches to support deployment plans for Project , Amazon’s low Earth orbit () 🛰️ broadband network

    spaceflight, to space avatar

    📆 2023/02/16 Four 4️⃣ private #SpaceStations planned

    #VoyagerSpace / #Nanoracks
    #SierraSpace / #BlueOrigin

    "It's going to be a small percentage that #NASA is going to be funding these #SpaceStations" so each project needs "to go out and raise #capital 💰 to do this."

    Several other #SpaceNews in this article : #FAA #SpaceX #IntuitiveMachines #CASC #Roscosmos #AerojetRocketdyne #Maxar #VirginOrbit #VirginGalactic #SpaceRyde #Inmarsat #Astranis #SidusSpace #RocketLab #RelativitySpace #AllSpace #Iridium #AerojetRockdyne #JAXA #SpaceCom

    Pictures : "Langley engineers check out the interior of the #inflatable 24-foot #SpaceStation in 📆 1962.", #Bigelow #SpaceStation, #CrewDragon approaches #ISS Kibo laboratory


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    📆 14th Jan 2024 has been granted an extra $42 million 💰, in addition to its $130 million grant, to work on developing the concept with the aid of several other companies, including , , and . has been granted an additional $57.5 million 💰 to its initial $160 million grant for designing the orbiting complex.
    's goal is to commence operations before the is phased out in 📆 2030

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    #Micrometeroid ☄️protection : #Starship is made of 4mm stainless steel. The #ISS got so-called "Whipple shields". The future of #spacecraft #shielding 🛡️ could stem from ongoing research into “self-healing” shields, materials that #automatically #repair themselves after they’re hit


    Pictures : #SpaceShuttle debris holes, #Satellite panel hit by #SpaceDebris


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    @revesdespace at least if there are people or tons of propellant on board (in #LEO) they should consider additional shielding

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    🇩🇪 startup tests . In collaboration with the Institute of Engineering of the Technische Dresden, Polaris will investigate the potential of fitting the with nozzles that use 25-30% less at low altitudes, making them a perfect solution for launchers

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    #Spaceplane #AURORA is designed to be capable of delivering 1,000-kilogram payloads to #LEO. Testing of the final demonstrator will begin in 📆 2024


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