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[Thread] After that somewhat less than stellar garden day yesterday, we decided to try a different garden today.

Mine, in fact.

Got a few things going off, and should get a lot more busy out here through the next couple weeks, so yay!

Up first here, our Columbine is just starting it's bloom.. 🌼

#Flowers #Bloomscrolling #MyGarden #Lumix #Darktable #Laowa

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The swamp awakens from the long sleep...

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♀️ Detail of a four spotted chaser 🇫🇮
ℹ️ The four-spotted chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata) grows up to 4.5 cm long and reaches a wingspan of up to 8.5 cm.

♀️ Detail von einem Vierfleck 🇫🇮
ℹ️ Der Vierfleck (Libellula quadrimaculata) wird bis zu 4,5 cm lang und erreicht eine Spannweite von bis zu 8,5 cm. Damit gehört er zu den Großlibellen. Gut zu erkennen ist das Tier durch die 4 Flecken am Vorderrand der Flügel, woher das Tier auch seinen Namen hat 😉 .

Cam: #lumixgx8
Objektiv: #mzuiko60mm

1/2.000 s
ISO 2.000

#Vierfleck #libelle #Libellulaquadrimaculata #dragonfly #fourspottedchaser #natur #naturfotografie #nature #naturephotography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #makro #macro #macrophotography #lumix #wellfotos #finnland #finland #suomi #pori

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Cat play time no2. Hiding in the toddler's "caterpillar" tunnel.

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Cat play time. Playing in the toddler's "caterpillar" tunnel started during the winter, and now she asks for it every night before bedtime.

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Wszystkiego najlepszego dla wszystkich kobiet.

Everything best for all the women.


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AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands - 17 Feb 2024 - Message for Putin ,
at commemoration at

Photograph: @ikbendaf with @PanasonicEurope

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AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands - 17 Feb 2024
Expressions and support ✌️ for , a walk from to
Photograph: @ikbendaf with @Panasonic

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bluszcz, to m43 avatar

Malutki preview z mojej wczorajszej sesji, zostałem zaproszony na ring bokserski. 🥊📷🦌

A little preview from yesterday's session, I have been invited to the boxing arena.

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bluszcz, to m43 avatar

Kolejna odsłona warszawskiej zimy w 2024. Tutaj na zdjęciu samotna ławeczka oczekuje na towarzystwo. F1.4

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Zima w tym zaskoczyła obfitym śniegiem. Samotny spacer wiaduktem na powstańców sląskich.


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I then I had a nice visit to the coast on Sunday morning for sunrise. Liked this shot which I've titled ‘into the Abyss’.

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The wind swept frozen beaches of Lake Huron... Normally much more frozen this time of year!

AnhedonicHedonist, to random

Saying hi to the girls this morning.

(Annas Hummingbird)

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nbailey, to photography avatar

A cloudy sunset on Lake Huron (the greatest of the great lakes)

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Geese flying low over Lake Huron at sunset. It's a long trip down south!

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