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"Hike Through Volcanic Rock and Ice Caves at This National Monument | The floor is literally lava—and it gets fewer than 150,000 visitors a year" -

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Based on... many random photos I think and finally it not looks like any particular one :blobcatjoy:
I wanted to experiment with water and reflections.

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For I have this view of Narada Falls in Mount Rainier National Park (Washington State, USA). Wider views of the falls tend to look a bit the same, so I used a longer lens and picked out some details.

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Imagine a world without abundant plant life, without sunlight and rain, the warmth of light, and the normalcy of one season following upon the heels of another.

It would be a drab, sere, cold place, the kind you see on dystopian science fiction movies, a hostile environment where humans and animals would not want to, or possibly could not, live.

Canyon at Capitol Reef art print --

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In the back of our minds, deep in our hearts, we all have a place that we think perfect, a sort of paradise where it would be delightful to live.

For me, one of those places is the country -- far out in the country and surrounded by meadows and trees, with plenty of space for animals to graze and children to play.

Autumn Dreams canvas print --

#home #country #mastoart #fediart #art #artwork #buyintoart #house #farm #landscape #nature #rural #autumn #family #dreams

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"Early Dawn Tranquility"

Buy this beautiful print at:

The nights darkness slowly transforms to the red hues of early morning. The trees along the shore are silhouetted in the thick fog and the distinctive outline as a catamaran sailboat rests gently on still water shrouded in mist.

#buyintoart #photography #mastoart #travel #mainevacation #travelmaine #scottloringdavisfineartphotography #scottloringdavis #landscape #fineart #wallart #homedecor #lakearrowhead #serene

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No drama last night. Softness is good too

Night in the fields III, June 2024.

#photography #fields #landscape #sky #sunset

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Attended a photography workshop up in Crescent City, CA this past weekend with one of the spots being at Damnation Creek Trail. It is well known for fog and blooming rhododendron flowers (when in bloom.) During the workshop, we didn't have much luck with foggy mornings but on my drive home it was foggy so I stopped to get some pictures.

#landscape #photography #redwoods #nature #trees #omdem1 #omsystem

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A photo of the 102-year-old active lighthouse taken with a 72-year-old camera ~ Ponta do Pargo, Madeira, Portugal 🇵🇹

• Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex Ia (854/16) (Germany, 1952)
• Novar-Anastigmat 75 mm f/3.5
• Kodak Professional Portra 400/120 (treated as ISO 200)

#120film #6x6 #analog #analogfilm #analogphotography #art #artmatters #believeinfilm #building #filmisnotdead #filmphotography #fotografia #fotografiaanalogowa #ishootfilm #kodak #kodakportra #landscape #landscapephotography #lighthouse #madeira #mastoart #mediumformat #nofilter #outdoors #photography #photooftheday #portra400 #portugal #scenery #ShootFilmBeNice #travel #travelphotography #zeiss

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Hi friends!

As I won't be able to compile the video the next day, I decided to just share the photos already. I played around a lot with foregrounds .. and honestly deleted most of them - but I also learned a lot.

We did this trail ... many years ago and we always wanted to revisit it. (of course I felt challenged to take better photos as well)

I hope you enjoy the photo as much as I did walking the trail.

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It's summer! Know what means? Wildflower meadows.

We decided on a fairly local favourite: Sedbergh and its fields of flowers beneath the Howgills.

My oh my, they were chock full!

#landscape #landscapephotography #nature #travel #summer #sedbergh #cumbria #yorkshiredales #uk #britain #england #wildflowers #meadows

This image depicts a serene rural scene in Sedbergh, located in the Yorkshire Dales. In the foreground, a piebald horse, primarily white with large brown patches, stands in a lush, green meadow filled with yellow buttercup flowers. The horse appears to be grazing, with its head lowered slightly. It wears a red halter, and its long, white mane flows gently. Behind the horse, there is a traditional dry stone wall, characteristic of the Yorkshire Dales, running horizontally across the image. Beyond the wall, the landscape features dense greenery with trees and bushes. In the distance, rolling hills rise up with a patchwork of fields and more trees, creating a sense of depth and tranquillity.
The photo shows a rural scene in Sedbergh, located in the Yorkshire Dales. The foreground features a lush green field dotted with countless small yellow buttercups. The field is gently sloping and shows curved paths where the grass has been slightly flattened, possibly from walking or natural growth patterns. To the left, a person is walking along a narrow path that runs beside a dense line of trees and bushes. The tree leaves are a vibrant green, and some branches stretch out towards the field. A wire fence runs parallel to the path, partially visible among the foliage. In the background, the landscape extends into rolling hills covered in more greenery, with scattered trees and hedgerows. The sky above is overcast, with thick grey clouds suggesting the possibility of rain, creating a moody yet peaceful atmosphere.
A picturesque rural scene in Sedbergh, located in the Yorkshire Dales. In the foreground, a weathered, partially hollowed-out tree trunk is prominently featured. The trunk is covered in green moss, with some small plants growing from it. There are also some shelf-like fungi attached to it. The tree stands next to a metal wire fence, which runs horizontally across the image. A small pink foxglove plant is visible at the base of the fence. Beyond the fence, there is a vibrant field filled with buttercups, which stretch across the landscape. The field leads to gentle, rolling hills in the background, covered in lush green grass and scattered with a few trees. The sky above is partly cloudy with patches of blue visible, suggesting a pleasant, mild day.

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