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Last Epoch ends floating capes, t-posing mages, and other bugs in latest patch

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First Character to Lvl 60 - Forge Guard


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Enjoying levelling a lich & Sentinel, amazing how many builds are viable.

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Hey Folks! I feel like I came off a bit negative on the podcast this weekend regarding #LastEpoch. I talked a bit this morning about how being "done" with something isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've put some 300 hours into this cycle alone, leveled a bunch of different characters, hit level 100 on at least one of them... and consider myself to have finished everything that I wanted to finish.

Done Isn't a Bad Thing

#ARPG #MMO #MMORPG #Games #Gaming #VideoGames

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Last Epoch writes a postmortem about its bumpy online launch and the lessons learned

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Streaming some #LastEpoch tonight! I'm going to demonstrate the Act V skip on my Spellblade I'm tinkering with and hopefully getting decently into the Monolith. Come hang out at

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#LastEpoch could be the killer blow for Corporate driven gaming such as #Diablo4 where user metics are not about liking the game but dollars/hour spent.

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Sometimes I get a dumb idea just lodged in my head... and no amount of failure will dislodge it.

Recently... it has been trying to turn Warpath converted to Fire Damage into something that feels as chill as playing Righteous Fire did in

This is my third attempt at this, and forced a new character.. but I think I am finally there.

Third Time More Burny

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Our builds are slightly against each other.

I'm a Paladin hitting everything while healing me, and his minions and him. While he's a necromancer trying to kill his minions for more damage 😆 Oh well, we're getting through the campaign really quickly anyway! So I don't think it matters until we're end game

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I also spent most of the past weekend playing Last Epoch. It had been in my radar for awhile but I never picked it up while it was in early access. Looked into it prior to its official release and liked what I saw so I pulled the trigger.

It has an online mode as well as two different offline modes (with and without a global chat)

More faster paced for when I just wanna smash some faces. Scratches the Diablo itch for me.

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bought! It'll be fun to discover a new coop game :D

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The Stream Team: Chris is taking his first steps into - join him live at 2p EST!

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Lots more content is coming to Last Epoch and controller support improvements (good news for Steam Deck)

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New Steam Games with Native Linux Clients, including Rail Route and Last Epoch - 2024-02-28 Edition:

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Not So Massively: Last Epoch is a potential gem in dire need of polishing

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Morning Folks! I've been hitting pretty hard since the launch on Wednesday. This morning I talked a bit about the wild player spikes and server woes. I also talk about the current state of my build and what I am working towards now.

Nearing Ninety

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Man, I'm tempted by Last Epoch. It looks like a perfect ARPG for me.

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Got this Falcon Fists from a friend who got it from the Soul Gambler and was kind enough to gift it to me with resonance. I have a build planned around this that I can't wait to start farming for!

is lovely in that cooking your own build is extremely approachable. I'm glad that the ingame tools are so flexible!

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Ok, więc Last Epoch to fajna gra, która niestety nie radzi sobie ze swoim startem kompletnie. Narzekałem na stan techniczny Baldur's Gate 3 na premierę, więc dziwnym nie jest, że konieczność wyłączenia i włączenia gry kilka razy w ciągu dwóch godzin najzwyczajniej w świecie mnie wkurwia. Szkoda mojego czasu, sprawdzę grę za jakiś czas, jak już naprawią. O ile znowu kupię, bo na obecną chwilę po prostu klikam refund.
Podziwiam ludzi, za cierpliwość. Ja jej nie mam.

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Holy crap! has passed the lifetime highest concurrent numbers for

I mean it is nothing like a PalWorld mind you, but these are phenomenal numbers for a very niche ARPG

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Last Epoch wrestles with online server issues while handing out bee pets and autumnal wraps to everyone

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Morning Folks! This morning I got to Divine Era Majelka in and joined the Circle of Fortune faction. I talk a bit about what I have seen so far in the way that prophecies and lenses work to help determine loot rewards.

Circle of Fortune

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Morning Folks! Yesterday was the 1.0 launch for and there were significant issues. I talk about this, and how for the most part everything stabilized by 5 pm CST.

I remember when servers would be fucked up for weeks... it is wild how far game launches have come.

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