box464, to Type2 avatar

My insurance company offers me free CGMs, and specifically the Dexcom G6 which I was really pleased with. They just switched me to the Libre 2 and it’s like going from a Lexus to a Kia.

Beggars can’t be choosers so I’ll deal with it. The main issue is that I can’t turn off the freaking alarms that go off every night at 3 am. 😡

#Type2 #Libre2 #Dexcom

ricmac, to random avatar

If you're a #type1diabetic in the UK and on #libre2, an auto-update for iphone users has disabled the app. Scary stuff for diabetics, who rely on this app to monitor their blood sugars! I certainly quickly got alarmed. Luckily the forum is onto it and pointed me to this video, which has a fix:

Goes to show a) you can't always rely on modern tech, but b) the web will always be there for answers! #crowdsourcing


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