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Daojoan, to random avatar

Tech workers who make 6-7 figures a year destroyed the income of freelancers earning pennies and we called it progress.


@Daojoan Just wait. It's going to get MUCH WORSE. Anything that is rule driven is in the : are coming to the end of their


Sheril, to random avatar

When a company pledges to ‘plant a tree,’ tell them you prefer they help ‘protect a forest.’


@Sheril @shaundon I taught Science and Math in a girls' Harambee school in Kenya 1984-86. One side project was I helped organize and plant 3000 Eucalyptus trees to combat deforestation and soil erosion. It is possible to do both protect and plant new trees. Moreover, built a 20 loaf wood fired oven and taught how to bake bread. EVERYTHING has a


omenos, to sysadmin avatar

Can we get all the hardware vendors together in a room and force them to agree that changing boot order preferences in a UEFI environment was absolutely a terrible decision?

I mean, it's not like we reimage servers after deployment or anything. And it's inconceivable that we would ever want to consistently PXE boot after installation and check if there's a configuration change set up for a system... /s

At least the Foreman devs put in a quick fix...

RJ, to architecture avatar

So much YES. Would love to connect with fellow enthusiasts and professionals working in the field, and engage more actively, bringing in my own expertise of working in high end interiors and architecture. If that's you, please reach out, boost, connect.

We OBVIOUSLY can't 'keep on keeping on' and design our built environment like we don't know how fundamentally flawed our design principles and construction methods are.

Let's embrace new aesthetics and look forward, not back. Bauhaus was relevant at the time, it's history now. Let's move on. Let's question every single choice in the design process and make better decisions. Educate our clients. Throw those outdated concepts overboard of what is aesthetically pleasant, what is deemed high-end.

Nobody will enjoy marbled lobbies, airconditioned greenhouse towers and concrete buildings on a dead planet. The future is now. Let's design and build it together!

mekkaokereke, (edited ) to random avatar

🤔 The US government is the most well funded in the world. We have Federal agencies dedicated to emergency management (FEMA). We have a robust network of highways. We have the best access to electricity and fossil fuels. Most US citizens are adults. Despite all this, when there is a hurricane, we struggle to evacuate a few million people from the path of a slow moving weather event.

If most Gazans are children, who have no fuel or electricity, how do they evacuate a million people?

MHowell, avatar

@ellie @mekkaokereke If you're going full prepper, also consider investing in a supply of wear-out parts: tires, tubes, brake pads, chains+gears, batteries.

Otherwise, you have only about 1500 miles until something wears out or breaks, and you cannot assume supply lines are functioning.

CelloMomOnCars, to Electricvehicles avatar

How Effective Are In Reducing Emissions?

"Even in -dominated grids, BEVs emit only about 50% of the CO2e of traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

The research took into account emissions, considering factors like manufacturing, maintenance, and operation in countries like , the , and ."

(Note: switching to e-bike or e-bus gives even greater emissions reduction).

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So I am torn 1) as trained entomologist (previous life) I love having these eggs from the Large White (Pieris rapae) 2) they are on my 1st attempt of growing brussel sprouts

Think I will end up keeping them and taking loads more photos as they develop

Before anyone says, yes I had them under cover but they grew and burst through the netting that I had down

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