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Paid caregiving is one of the US’ fastest growing occupations, but with the low pay and terrible benefits, there’s a huge shortage of workers – and that’s bad for those who need care and the families that have to provide unpaid care, instead.

But a new analysis finds that in Nebraska (and likely elsewhere) boosting wages return $1.40 for every $1.00 in additional tax dollars spent on it.

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With , we’re harnessing power of personal stories to highlight impacts of abandoning measures & demand change. Past waves of helped restore to BC & over fall/winter & resulted in a commitment of over $3 billion across 3 years for measures. Now, we’re on the third wave, supporting our ‘ Is Seasonal’ campaign to year round!

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Rishi Sunak to face PMQs and 1922 Committee as poll suggests third of Tory voters want different leader - UK politics live

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Ontario expands program to train long-term care staff | Globalnews #LTC #Nurses #PSW #LongTermCare #OntarioColleges #Placements #Education #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

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Ministry report cites allegation of sexual abuse at long-term care home in Six Nations, Ont.

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Ontario auditor found at least 99 patients placed in LTC homes without their consent | CityNews Toronto @ontariogreens @onpoli

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“One way or another, taxpayers are going to have to pay more for long-term care needs of the baby boomers.”

Many experts believe it’s untenable to expect that a private insurance market can protect most people from the growing burden of long-term care costs.

“The whole situation is poorly suited to that kind of insurance offering,” said Robert Saldin, a political science professor at the University of Montana who studies the industry.

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Finally joined this space, now trying to figure out who to follow - who was here from the bird nest that I haven't followed yet and who has interesting things to say :) anything

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California nursing home worker speaks on the continued spread of COVID and workers' struggles

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set to name leader to fill ’s Senate seat

Gov ’s office confirmed late Sunday that he plans to appoint Emily’s List President to fill the seat that was held by .
The interim appointment will extend until at least Nov 2024. Feinstein had planned to step down at the end of her term, in Jan 2025.

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has deep ties in the movement after decades working in a variety of roles. Before heading , the fundraising powerhouse group that has worked to support Democratic up & down the ballot, she served as the president of , a that represented 325k & throughout . She previously served as an international VP & headed SEIU United Workers.

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Ombudsman finds ‘serious lapses in oversight’ in long-term care during pandemic | TVO Today @ontariogreens @onpoli

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Ombudsman finds ‘serious lapses in oversight’ in long-term care during pandemic | TVO Today @ontariogreens @onpoli

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Ontario long-term care homes with poor care records are getting tax dollars to expand @ontariogreens @onpoli

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Various for-profit long term care () homes in Toronto are not planning to sell the buildings and land to developers.
Where will people who need long term care go?

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