SouthernLibtard, to random avatar

Meanwhile, could piss in the water and everywhere would praise it as a great accomplishment.

""FACT SHEET: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Takes Critical Action to Protect Communities from PFAS Pollution in Drinking Water""

KimPerales, to random avatar

LE is full of -should be purged, but...

"POAM disgraced itself by endorsing TFG for pres. At a campaign event in MI, TFG's supporters cheered as uniformed officers flanked him *facing dozens of criminal charges in 4 indictments +liable for sexual abuse.
: undoc. migrants: “animals” & accused Pres Biden of being resp. for a “bloodbath” at the border. LE is supposed to be about gathering facts to use as evidence *crimes rates⬇️in cities - receive most migrants."

chiamaluca, to random avatar

All the 'hooks' politicians could use for their election campaign
have evaporated
administration is successful
economy good
inflation down
work up
crime down
also the 'immigrant invasion' they burned it
by refusing to support the funds to protect the border
attacking and harming the female population for political gain
is just cruel and stupid and will backfire
has only one thing left to use
the most dangerous
and use it politically style a 'jihad'

chiamaluca, to Russia avatar

(Speaker of the House) claims he was chosen by God.

I am serious
(is not a joke)
watch the video

the motto 'In God we trust'
that you can see written behind the fanatic
is NOT the TRUE motto of the
It was was adopted ONLY in 1956
To create a contrast with
(the Enemy of America so loved today by the )
who were unbelievers.
Previously the motto was
>E pluribus unum<
(much more beautiful and of profound meaning)
It would be good to reinstate it


chiamaluca, to random avatar

remember when
the 'misshandling of emails' was sufficient for
'rage the crowds'? 😀
ahhh.... 'the good old days'
a sex offender scammer with 91 plus criminal charges and suspected of treason
and with charge of overthrowing the Government is running for the Presidency 🤣
and (not joking) there are those who is ok. 😂😅

chiamaluca, to random avatar

I have a question for the

how much longer is needed
so that you understand that
the whole 'MAGA' 'scheme'
it's simply a 'system'
to milk you of your money ?

out of the box
for just a moment

how many times has asked you to 'donate' your savings ?
it's the only thing he does... Trump asks for your money
do you really not notice?

KimPerales, to random avatar

Republicans are weaponizing the border. Texas political leaders are militarizing the border & using deterrents like razor wire. Migrants are escaping horrific conditions in their home countries, & legally applying for asylum.

"Photo: Eagle Pass, TX. I was on the NPR Politics podcast discussing Texas, the history of states trying to pass their own immigration laws, & the socio- economic effects of measures like SB4." -J Garsd

NPR podcast on TX SB4:

KimPerales, avatar

@cindyyusa Unfortunately, I remember Prop 187. Thankfully, Dems still rule most of California. Some districts, like mine, still harbor .

cynblogger, to random avatar

🚨Maybe it’s time we turned the tables on MAGA using “woke” as an obscene epithet and start calling out their attitude & actions what they are in reality - NUTS!

Abbott &vDeFascist trafficking asylum seekers to frigid Midwestern & East Coast cities - NUTS!

Abbott defying legal immigration authority of the Fed gov’t - NUTS!

Red state legislators & governors with no medical training passing laws preventing emergency reproductive health care for women - NUTS!

Red state governors cutting Fed funding for students’ food - NUTS!

Republicans across America organizing to ban books & ignore factual history - NUTS!

GOP Congress withholding aid to Ukraine, knowing the trajectory Putin will pursue if not stopped - NUTS!

GOP Congress bribed by gun lobbies & fossil fuel industry lobbies, no matter how many people will die - NUTS!

Republicans accepting a rapist with 91 felony charges as their candidate, despite his record of chaos, corruption & vow to become DICTATOR - NUTS!

maddad, to random avatar

Another rigged election accusation

campaign accused the media of “election interference” for projecting Donald Trump as the winner of the Iowa caucuses while voting was still taking place.
"It is absolutely outrageous that the media would participate in election interference by calling the race before tens of thousands of Iowans even had a chance to vote,” the campaign’s communications director, Andrew Romeo, said in a statement.

makkhorn, to random avatar

Context! CONTEXT!
Iowan are just a puny percentage of voters

maddad, to random avatar

Ok, if anything, this is absolute proof that is insane...
Looney tune whacked....

new theme song...
'They're coming to take me away haha..hehe..hoho'

Trump Releases Utterly Wacko, ‘Fully Verified’ 32-Page Report Claiming to Prove 2020 Election Fraud: ‘Address this ATROCITY’

Former President Donald Trump kicked off the first news cycle of 2024 by continuing to push lies about the 2020 election, and this time, he claimed to have “fully verified” proof.

MJmusicinears, to random avatar House were unable to get themselves together to AGREE to debate a military funding bill, to say nothing of a continuing resolution to avert a government shutdown Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries held a press conference to make sure the message to the American people is clear: This will be the “unnecessary Republican shutdown of government.” This is an inherent problem with the Republican Party’s inability to govern"

SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
⚠️🇷🇺Russian culture: Russian invader returns home from murdering Ukrainians. Of course he’s drunk. You won't believe what he does to show off. He decides to show the kid how to use a grenade! How could someone be so stupid and irresponsible?! And, how is he walking around in public with a grenade? (VIDEO)

ChemicalEyeGuy, avatar

@SocraticEthics I’m starting to think that and American are in the exact same global cult of . ⬆️ 🤷🏻‍♂️

(aka ) is the leader, and is just a franchisee.

bleakfuture, to random avatar

Trump canceled his exoneration conference (we were so close to knowing the truth, rats!) so I’d imagine Four Seasons Total Landscaping has an unexpected open slot next week.

chiamaluca, avatar


his lawyers won't let him present them.

as I said ...
is the same 'Tax Return' scam , Trump WANTED to show his tax return
he couldn't 'cause they were under audit...

same BS
but the believe it.

chiamaluca, to random avatar

There's a very simple reason why kept claiming he 'won the election'
(he knows he's lost them)

Trump knows (as any good scammer)
that no one gives money to a loser
if trump had admitted to losing
he would also have lost the donation money
and Trump cannot financially afford to stop milking his fans
Trump has to appear 'so much winning'
to keep milking 'udder' (boob) to the last drop
it is the only true income he has.

chiamaluca, to random avatar

think they can stay in power
without worrying about the burden of getting the majority of votes.
After all the laws that curb the Right to Vote
and the '' they have imposed in the States they control
are convinced that they can win without popular support.
It is proven by the fact that the favorite candidate after ()
is even less likeable than Trump
and that all the laws they have passed (cheating)
are disliked by the majority of .

aral, (edited ) to random avatar

Trixie Mattel for president.

(Please and thank you.)

#gender #lgbtq #drag #trixieMattel #humanRights #transRightsAreHumanRights #christofascists



"If anyone says, 'I love God,' yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother." - 1 John 4:18-21

Bigotry is not a #Christian ideal. #WWJD

#Evangelicals do not follow Jesus. They follow politicians. #MAGAs = #Cult45

#BibleVerse #BibleVerses #Christianity #ProgressiveChristianity #LiberalChristian #ProgressiveChristians #Evangelical

rbreich, to random avatar

MAGA Republicans are holding the economy hostage to force unpopular cuts to Medicaid, veterans’ health care, and other key programs.

But they don't actually care about the debt. (They added ~$7 trillion to it under Trump.)

They care about power and pleasing their rich donors.


@rbreich McCarthy has been forced to comply with insurrectionists in #HouseGOP or lose his SINO title! How dangerous of McCarthy willing to destroy the full faith & credit by refusing to raise debt ceiling unless cruel demands are met! He’s complying with extreme #MAGAs ransom note taking the economy over cliff! #RepJeffries #CNBC

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