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With 40.67% CAGR, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Market To Hit US$ 37,320.9 Million by 2032 | Hyundai Motor, Toyota Motor, Ballard Power Systems

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Tech workers who make 6-7 figures a year destroyed the income of freelancers earning pennies and we called it progress.


@Daojoan Just wait. It's going to get MUCH WORSE. Anything that is rule driven is in the : are coming to the end of their


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A guide to weighting surveys for market research.
Never heard of it? The goal when weighting a survey is to make the sample of respondents look more like the broader consumer population you’re interested in learning about.

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As I've moved over to this lovely Mastodon instance in the past week I thought I’d redo an post.

I’m Ben, I live near , and I work in roles. Loves music which is FUN, pretty much any kind of books, and late nineties sort of video games.

Talk to me about or Neil Hannon or Scott Walker or @ClayPipeMusic or Jonathan Franzen or Glasgow or Super Mario or fun things I list over on


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