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Has anyone considered a Fediverse moderator exchange program?

Basically you'd have a moderator come onto your team and see what your moderation challenges are, how you handle them, etc.

This would be especially useful to marginalized communities which have poor representation on the Fediverse, such as Black instances, Jewish instances, and so on.

Would this be interesting to anyone else?

#Fediverse #moderation

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A Brazilian Supreme Court judge has opened an inquiry into Elon Musk after the multi-billionaire said he would reactivate accounts on the social media platform X, formerly Twitter, that the judge had ordered to be blocked.

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I’m pretty happy with how tools for are coming along!

Moderators can:

  • delete & edit anything in community
  • ban people from community, and unban them.
  • review reports about content in that community
  • mark a report as resolved / ignored.

When a report is resolved or ignored, all reports regarding that content are also resolved. So if something receives 150 reports then mods won’t need to click 150 times to resolve all reports. Ignored reports stop all future reports from being accepted.

The person who created the community can appoint other moderators.

Reports federate to and from so if a PieFed user reports some content that came from a Lemmy instance the moderators on the Lemmy instance will be notified about the content being reported.

There’s still more to be done with federation of bans, a moderation log, etc. But it’s shaping up nicely!


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expands labeling policies as 2024 presidential nears
New ‘’ labels will be applied to posts the company detects have been generated by AI Starting May 2024, Meta will identify sounds, images & videos generated by on its amid widespread concern that a rise in “” posts will mislead .

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The Sublinks team has written up a little survey, which we feel is both thorough and inclusive. It covers a wide range of topics, such as user privacy, and community engagement, along with trying to gauge things that are difficult when moderating.

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Weird bug in #Akkoma and #Mastodon interaction, thought #FediStaff / #Staff, #FediDev, and #FediMod / #Moderation people might want to see this.

Got a #report about a user saying things that were upsetting people, noticed it was from another instance, realized that I had access to the actual account that had sent it. Not sure what this is or why, didn't even realize #ActivityPub supported signed reports (I'd honestly like to get more), but obviously that's a risky thing if they didn't know it was happening and didn't know why.

Does anyone know what this is?

Screenshot of reply: they're on Akkoma, don't know why it happened, and don't seem to have experience with how Mastodon handles multi-instance reporting.
Screenshot of my reply, explaining the situation. See post above for the gist.

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!!Moderation request!!

I come home to find my feeds/streams flooded with vitriolic politicial drivel emanating from a group to which I belong that states emphatically that it doesn't tolerate off-topic traffic.

The stated purpose of this Fediverse group on my home Friendica server is stated as follows:

This is a Friendica group dedicated to news. What are the advantages of a group over a hashtag?Groups can do things that hashtags can't. For example, groups:

  • are moderated
  • can re-share content
  • can speak as a group

Joining and contributing to a Friendica group is easy. To share your posts to @Fediverse News, follow these steps:

  1. Follow @Fediverse News
  2. When sharing Fediverse news, tag @Fediverse News
  3. The @Fediverse News group will then re-share your post

This is an actively moderated group. Be sure to stay on topic, or your posts will be removed.

As per the instructions for this Friendica / Fediverse group, I'm notifying the moderation team by CC'ing the following address with this complaint and request to remove the vicious hate that's been spewing into the group here all day long while I've been away working:


People who sign up for a Fediverse News site should not be subjected to hatred being fomented, propagated, and bantered about with respect to unrelated matters, such as (abominable) off-topic, political vitriol.

  1. ) Posting announcements concerning the onboarding and subesquent federating nature of a public figure's account on is a relevant matter to the Fediverse, Fediverse Technology, and Fediverse News.
  2. ) acerbic comentary, name calling, ad hominem, and libel, as has consumed the group today, is not - those posts are a cause of severe harm and should most certainly, IMO be removed as per the terms/rules quoted above.
  3. ) The level of cacophony and pejorative hate speech permitted to continue throughout the day today is shameful. This is not the place to engage or encourage such juvenile behavior, let alone permit it to foment and spread across the Fediverse as it has today!

Moderation Team: Thank you, in advance, for taking your time to address and resolve this matter, returning this group to the decorum it usually enjoys with people conversing and observing the principles of civil discourse.

Discourse -hominem speech


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@stux @stux @phillycodehound @antonioserrata Sorry to bother you. Wondering if you plan to defederate with I have a lot of concerns over their policies and practices and that is why I use mastodon, to get away from big corporations. Thanks in advance! (If anyone else knows what the official policy is here, please tell me)

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We just expanded the section in our server rules to conform to the guidelines against targeted misgendering and deadnaming in the fediverse.

Read more here:

cc @jaz

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Covert accounts are masquerading online as supporters of , promoting , stoking domestic & attacking President ahead of the election in Nov.

The accts signal a potential tactical shift in how aims to American , w/more of a willingness to target specific candidates & parties, including Biden.

Nonilex, avatar

In an echo of ’s campaign, appears to be trying to harness to undermine the admin’s policies, despite recent efforts by the 2 countries to lower the temperature in their relations.

Some of the accounts impersonate fervent fans, including one [still allowed] on #X that purported to be “a father, husband & son” who was “ all the way!!”

Nonilex, avatar

The accts mocked #Biden’s age & shared fake images of him in a prison jumpsuit, or claimed that Biden was a Satanist pedophile QAnon [#propaganda] while promoting #Trump’s #MAGA slogan.

“I’ve never seen anything along those lines at all before,” said Elise Thomas, a snr analyst at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a nonprofit research org that uncovered some of the fake accts….

#cybersecurity #moderation #Security #ForeignInfluence #disinformation #ConspiracyTheories #ElectionInterference

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now supports the movement?

Do NOT normalize christofascists who seek to violently topple democracy.

This is NOT ., or shouldn't be


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the reticence of some to block is indeed disconcerting, but there is a solution

there are standards for responsible servers. if enough bigotry, hate, trolling etc emanates from a server, the problem is moved from blocking accounts, to blocking the server itself

we all know what is going to come from threads

and the inevitable outlined above will just play out

and those servers that choose not to block, will find themselves eaten alive by the toxicity that will result

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LGBTQ+ advocacy group GLAAD published a report which claims Meta's moderation system allows anti-trans content on Facebook, Instagram and Threads to "flourish."

#Meta #LGBTQ #SocialMedia #Moderation #Facebook

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Just noticed TikTok has a feature called “folded comments” that may appear at the very end of a videos comment section. It hides crappy comments but does not delete or exclude them.

These aren’t necessarily flagged comments, just ones their algorithm thinks would offend you.

This is part of their optional (enabled by default) anti bullying protection.

This one in particular was hiding anti gay sentiments.

Graphic for anti-bullying protection highlighting comment care mode with criteria for stricter comment filters on a social network.

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I enabled then disabled "Server Discovery" because almost users using it were spam vs my personal urls which are almost all real people

The URL still seems to be active and is still getting 100% spam users. Any way to disable this?

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An interesting find with self-labelling of posts (Content Warnings) on BlueSky compared to Mastodon.

For whatever reason, you can only self-label your posts with images in them. So if your words are suggestive in some way, you're out of luck. There's nothing in their docs about requiring an image, but that's the way their app works (and some third party apps)

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Mods of Do not integrate with threads! Block threads! Mark zuckerberg is a piece of shit who wants nothing more than to sell our data and use it for profit. Fuck zuckerberg! Down with his tyranny! ✊️ 🏴🚩🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏴‍☠️

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: "When OpenAI CEO Sam Altman announced GPTs, custom chatbots powered by OpenAI’s generative AI models, onstage at the company’s first-ever developer conference in November, he described them as a way to “accomplish all sorts of tasks” — from programming to learning about esoteric scientific subjects to getting workout pointers.

“Because [GPTs] combine instructions, expanded knowledge and actions, they can be more helpful to you,” Altman said. “You can build a GPT … for almost anything.”

He wasn’t kidding about the anything part.

TechCrunch found that the GPT Store, OpenAI’s official marketplace for GPTs, is flooded with bizarre, potentially copyright-infringing GPTs that imply a light touch where it concerns OpenAI’s moderation efforts. A cursory search pulls up GPTs that purport to generate art in the style of Disney and Marvel properties, but serve as little more than funnels to third-party paid services, and advertise themselves as being able to bypass AI content detection tools such as Turnitin and Copyleaks."

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1928 Poster of with tape on his Mouth Claiming he is Being

The text under the image translates to:
“One alone out of 2000 Million humans on earth is not allowed to speak in Germany".

(damn this is EXACTLY . Also, someone show this to re the arguing they’re being censored by .)

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Die Aufzeichnung meines Vortrags zu

" und auf "

auf den @clt_news ist bereits draußen :squirrelhype:


Danke ihr fleißigen Bienchen, das ging sehr fix!

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This is why is my burner instance; it's too thought-policed

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Are you passionate about the Fediverse's future? Have ideas to enhance the experience?

Join our session at !
Whether you're a current or not, your insights matter

@jdp23 and I will facilitate a discussion on:

  • What approaches/processes work well?
  • What resources on moderation are useful or what would be useful if they existed?
  • Suggestions for Fediverse software improvements

Can't attend? Share your insights in our survey!

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I’m teaming up with @iftas to create template documents, moderator training, and best practices guides tailored to support moderators within the Fediverse community.

We'd greatly appreciate your input! Feel free to complete our survey to share your thoughts and suggestions.

A million thanks to those who contribute their valuable insights!

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