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Down to seeds and stems as the great moving adventure continues.

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Good morning. The big move adventure continues as we wait for the furniture movers to arrive. #moving #movingsucks #today #Chicago

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Me: You should go through the box of wires.
Russ: Everybody had a box of wires. It used to be two boxes.
Me: Could it be no boxes?
Me: 🙄

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Good morning. Spring continues springing. Moving continues to suck. iPad discussions are zany.

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Ello sweet and lovely Friendos 💜

Alright I uploaded my pictures to just now!
I'll share the links here, there are two posts, one for upstairs and one for downstairs.
Dad sent me some pics as well, so I may upload some of those as well. And I made two quick videos but I need to make them smaller to fit on this server. 😊 I'm working on it!
But I had a restless night so am a bit slow this morning.... 🥱



Vids coming ASAP!!

Hope it gives a good impression of the house. I didn't get any pictures from the outside and we didn't stay too long. It was so busy (I felt very anxious with so many people, even though they'll be my new neighbors, time enough to meet them later on) and it was very warm (28°C) and I was also tired... So my parents and I walked around, took pics and the vids I'll share soon, and we headed home again before traffic would be bad...
Time enough in a few months to take make pictures when it's done and when I'll be working on it... Alone and with friends! 😁

Edit: I'll make this a pinned thread 🧵 for all things to do with the move from now on. 😊

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For those wondering, I'll share the sizes of the apartment and the house. The house is bigger but the living room is smaller. But hey, I'll get a garden instead of a stamp sized balcony...
And no stairs to enter the house, which is easier for both Arwen and myself, especially with groceries. 😊

The sizes of the new place. The living room will be a lot smaller... But hey, some extra space in the upstairs rooms. And no stairs to enter the house for Arwen (or myself, especially with groceries).

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Ello again, mesa has a small update on the moving progress... Or process 😉 Hihi...

I got loads of things sorted already which feels good. Just a few more things to go, but they need to be done at a later time, unfortunately...

Loads of anxiety, because I'm afraid I'll mess up something important... 😔

On Wednesday, a sweet friend and I will try to arrange the small moving van for the weekend of July 13th. We'll also visit the store where I ordered the floor. Hopefully I can set a date for measurements and also for the laying of the floor then. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 they can put the floors in on the 8/9 of July (they said it would take two days), so I have a few days before the big move!

I'm so happy my friends offer to help with the arranging and the actual move. 💜 I'd be so lost without them.... 🥲

Sooooooo... To be continued...

🧚🏼‍♀️ 🍀 💜 🐾

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Alright Friendos 💜

I have some small updates. 😊 The truck 🚚 rental has been arranged! It was a stressful situation... But it's been arranged. So that's a plus!

The floor data have been arranged as well. Unfortunately, they could not place the floors earlier as I hoped... They will measure on Tuesday the 2nd, the floors will be delivered on the 9th and they'll lay them on the 11/12th. So they should be done before we move my things on the 13/14th. Just doesn't leave much room for preparations... Bummer...

So it seems it's slowly working out, thanks to the help of some lovely friends! Ugh... So stressful to arrange all this. I was glad my friend had joined me or I would definitely had a meltdown there and then 🫣 my autistic bits did not handle it all too well...

But... It should be settled now... Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 it will work out!

To be continued...

🧚🏼‍♀️ 🍀 💜 🐾

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Heeeeey lovely Friendos 💜

So yesterday I had a phone call from my rental coop. (big eeeek but I survived)

There will be a initial viewing of the apartment on June 5th between 9-10:30. They'll check the apartment (in it's messy state 😂 I did warn her haha) so they can inform me on what needs to be done. And I can tell them what I'll have to offer to the new renters (for free, I'll just be happy if I can leave it behind).

On July 31st between 9-10 they'll check again as I hand over my keys... The end of 6 years in my apartment...

In between there could be some viewings of new possible renters. We discussed that a coop person would be present for my peace of mind. And they'll come after the big move, so I have some time to clear out most of the apartment. It's no use to anybody to see it now as it's so messy and full of boxes. Which the coop lady understood.

I even will get a coupon from the coop because I notified them two months in advance of the end of the renal... I needed some money for a nice new basket for Arwen, sooooo if that coupon comes soon, I'll need less money to get Arwen the new basket so... That was a big plus! 😁

Slowly, things are moving forward. Well, not that slowly though...

I'll keep you all updated! Thanls for joining me in my scary journey! 🤗

🧚🏼‍♀️ 🍀 💜 🐾

#PixysJourney #NewHouse #Moving

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Ello sweet and lovely Friendos 💜

So on Friday I was able to get two things arranged for the upcoming move! I got the insurance settled! Yay! Tried the WhatsApp chat and it worked!
Then I tried the WhatsApp chat with my internet provider. This person explained things to me and they helped me to end my sub on 15/7. I'll be at the new house then, as my stuff will have been moved, so I won't need fiber at the old place anymore.
No news yet on when the fiber will be available at the new house. I did ask the building coop lady about it and she informed with the responsible person. They didn't have the dates yet, they'd get back to the lady in max two weeks and when she knows, she'll let me know. So wait and see...
When the house is finally "connected" I'll be able to check which providers are available and choose the one that suits me best. (speed and price wise).

I tried to tell the new municipality I was gonna move but nope, it's indeed a max of 4 weeks in advance! So... I'll have to wait till June 3rd before I can handle my upcoming move there. Hopefully it will be time enough for them to settle everything with my taxes. And... I hope they'll be fast as I need to adjust my rent allowance to the new amount as well. But I can only do that once the move is officially processed by the government. So yeah... I'll get the allowance for sure, but the faster the better as it's quite an increase in costs! I now pay €525 and it will be €650. So yeah, every bit they can support me extra will be very helpful.

I keep checking the postal app 😂. I want that coupon to come to my place so I can order Arwen's new bed... I think she will like it loads, or at least I hope so, so I'm very eager to get it. (I used to be this eager when it was for me, but now it's for my dog who hasn't got any clue and I'm excited for her instead 😂).

Ah well, slowwwwly I'm getting everything settled. I hope... I'm checking my list, writing everything down that I've done so far. Hopefully all will go well enough and in about 50 days or so, I can be a little less stressed... I hope.

Thanks for following my journey folks! It's nice to have you at my side, supporting my steps towards a new part of my journey...

🧚🏼‍♀️ 🍀 💜 🐾

#PixysJourney #NewHouse #Moving

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Prepping to pack for the big move and to donate a large pile of clothes no longer needed since I lost so much weight during the last decade.

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Piano moving day. My wife is hiding her eyes.

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Good morning. Spring is bringing those spring showers. Not so great of a morning to be moving a piano though.

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It's dawning on me that everyone in my circle is a scrawny, geeky kind of person. It's time to make some athletic, beefy friends for a change.

No, the fact that I'm moving next month is completely unrelated.

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I'm just a girl, standing in the kitchen she owns, using a pizza cutter to cut leeks, because where tf are her knives?? ?

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Personal update!


Hewwo! Just wanted to update everyone on what has been going on since I have been gone for a while, and what's new!

#Update #Blog #Vlog #Talking #Lighting #Alpaca #Wool #Clothing #Life #New #Room #Moved #Moving

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I've moved nine times in my life. These were the reasons.

Parents bought a house
Dad got a job in the US
Back to Sweden
Went to uni
Got married
Bought an apartment
Son needed a room of his own
Bought a house

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We're moving a bit further down the valley next week, in the name of cheaper rent, shorter commutes and other good and necessary things ... And it's got us back with our favorite landlords from a couple years ago. Just amazing, sweet folks. Signed ye merrye lease today. Feels like a homecoming.

#MundaneLife #Moving

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is a very violent ! 😮

Kokirimuscle, to Seattle

Well, we have a trip to Seattle booked. Planning to drive around the Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia area looking for neighborhoods we wouldn’t mind getting an apartment in. Maybe even drive out to Ellensburg/Yakima.

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If I had not decided to make myself a nice cup of herbal tea tonight, it could have been months before I found my old pressure cooker's regulator weight. Apparently I had stashed it in my tea canister during my move, one of my classic "let's hide this important little thing in a place so clever I'll never remember it" stunts. At least I stumbled on it before I blew the $20 a new one would have cost me. 🤣

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I am and for

Found a first edition hardcover copy of Accelerando by @cstross

I never buy hardcover SF unless I really want the book.

Clearly my highest praise at the time.

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