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Back when social media was fun, a game we played was to write TV Guide-style summaries of terrible takes on movies that exist or terrible movies that should never exist. With the depressing news that Apple landed Neuromancer, I figured it was time to re-share this one that I wrote.

I'm sorry.

#neuromancer #badmovies #tvguide

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is greenlit, so here's my William Gibson interview! Talking cyberpunk, sci-fi, and the atemporal future with the author of Neuromancer and godfather himself.

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Apple orders 10 episodes of a Neuromancer TV series - Enlarge / A cover image for Neuromancer included in Apple's press relea... -

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Wow! Now a Neuromancer adaptation coming to Apple TV+:

Their sci-fi offerings are stacked: Foundation, For All Mankind, Silo, Severance, Constellation, and more. Plus Murderbot on the way too.

They aren’t all total winners, but most are well made and enjoyable. Consistent quality is a nice change!

Luke, avatar

@jasonsantamaria totally agreed. Stacked, indeed. , , and now ? This is getting really, really good.

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#Apple is turning William Gibson’s #Neuromancer into a TV series-The Verge

Another sci-fi adaptation is making its way to Apple TV Plus. The streamer announced that it’s adapting William Gibson’s seminal #cyberpunk novel Neuromancer into a 10-episode series. Graham Roland (Lost, Jack Ryan) will serve as showrunner, while JD Dillard (Utopia) will direct the first episode.
#gibson #williamgibson #scifi

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Ich warte schon ewig darauf dass den Stoff jemand als Serie umsetzt und ich bin froh dass es Apple macht. Da besteht eine große Chance dass es auch gut wird.


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Oh, das hatte ich ja noch gar nicht mitbekommen. Der Roman #Neuromancer von William Gibson soll als TV-Serie verfilmt werden. Soll dann wohl exklusiv bei Apple TV verfügbar sein.

#serien IT-News für Profis

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There's a couple of games from which I think they will be extra fun to play on a #SteamDeck. I'm looking forward to installing the old #Neuromancer at some point. For the time being, a little session of #Shadowrunner just feels pretty nice, too. #retrogaming #linux #turnbased

sproing, to random

Among the many predictions in @GreatDismal 's I feel like there's one that's rarely talked about. His "Panther Moderns" are eerily similar to 4chan/Anonymous in most of the ways that matter.

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Robert Pattinson has been offered the starring role in the TV adaptation of William Gibson's sci-fi novel for .

In the series, Case, a former data-thief, joins forces with Molly, a street-samurai, for a dangerous mission in a world where cyberspace and reality intertwine, testing their limits and perceptions of reality.



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Elon Musk Wants You to Use Neuralink to Lose Weight. That's a Bad Idea.

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Do you know why there is no Neuromancien movie yet? Because we are actually living in the movie. But it's only the prequel for now so stay tuned.

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I've just come across the worst take on ever, here's an excerpt:

> Now the Millennials and Zoomers, who will likely never read Neuromancer, also have no memory of reality without virtual escapism

Can you believe doing a "kids these days" on Neuro-fucking-mancer!?

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tomfinley, (edited ) to Cyberdeck
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So, apparently style nerve splicing and prosthetics are a thing now:

lauren, to random avatar

One of the creepier tech-related incidents I remember was many years ago when I wanted the Sam's Photofacts (a third-party creator of device specs and schematics, etc.) for a very old portable TV. Way out of date, but I was trying to help someone with it.

I mentioned to a friend that I was looking for old Photofacts, but I did not say anything about the TV. He scribbled an address on a scrap of paper, an address locally here in L.A. "Try him," he muttered.

I drive over. It's a small unmarked storefront. I go in, the bell on the door rings. Sitting inside, like the caterpillar in "Alice in Wonderland", is this little guy perched on a stool, with immense stacks of paper surrounding him everywhere. Total mayhem.

I walk up to him -- knowing that this was a waste of time and really wanting to get out of there -- and asked if he had the Sam's Photofacts for that specific very old TV model.

Without saying a word, he reached over to the pile of papers right next to him, took the TOP item off the pile, and silently handed it to me. It was the ancient one I needed. Stunned, I paid him the amount marked on the item, and left with it, not completely sure what had just happened.

When I drove by there a month later that storefront was something else entirely. He was gone.


@lauren Calls to mind The Finn, from @GreatDismal 's Sprawl trilogy - and sequels.
And another character.

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Tiens un débat qu'on a depuis longtemps avec @solimanhindy concernant le roman (Neuromancien) de William Gibson, sur son style d'écriture particulier rendant la compréhension de ce qui se passe parfois un peu difficile.
Ça serait bien un peu la faute de la VF , apparemment une nouvelle version de la traduction a été faite en 2020 !

ChrisMayLA6, to scifi avatar

@tomgauld - between #scifi & #bigtech, something has been lost in translation.


drimplausible, avatar

@ChrisMayLA6 @bookstodon Yes, exactly. I cribbed from the excellent Jack Womack in his afterword to the reissue of that "the gold of imagination might be transmuted into silicon reality" (Womack. 2004) in my MA work.

Michael Abrash confirmed they were inspired by Snow Crash in /Masters of Doom/.

Everything I've seen in the intervening 15 years has confirmed the process. There's variance, to be sure.

But the inspiration is there.

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@vruz Tessier-Ashpool S.A. is missing here!

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