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In this video I am looking at a notepad I bought from. my local supermarket, Coles.

This iki-NA notepad is B5 in size and contains 160 lines pages.

Join me now to see what I think of this notepad and how it works with fountain pens.

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Voici une liste non exhaustive de (ou presque) que j'utilise fréquemment :


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My hand written not taking device arrived 5 days early. It's a Nomad . Time for unboxing. Here's to hoping once it's configured that I can simple turn it on, immediately write as if it were a notepad, then later send OCR'd notes to my .

cc: @SergKoren

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So, I've I moved the shrink wrap on the Nomad . The box has a very Apple-like magnetic flap on it. Except for the shrink wrap, it's all recyclable cardboard (and except for the magnet). It's light and it looks well engineered. No charger, however, just a cable. At least that I can see. Now to fire it up.

cc: @SergKoren

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"please share your thoughts" on the [ Nomad ]

After using the device for a few hours, it's obvious the main mode is jotting notes not writing word documents; both are possible. They have totally different gesture and pen functions, which is a head scratcher. I'd love the Word pen gestures to work for notes, but you have to click different toolbar buttons instead. It's easy to master, so no worries—just a head scratcher.

The /*built-in keyboard is not for touch typists and works best pressed with the pen. Don't buy if you want to type! */

I bought the pen and I'm doing handwriting. It can recognize cursive, but printing works much better. The pen point can write very tiny, and is recognizable! You can also sketch and draw, move and transform text. Recognition can be "exported" to .txt or .docx, the latter which you can edit on the device. Nice.

I chose syncing with Dropbox and it works very well. I've synced both directions. Best, whichever note I am working on is what appears when it wakes from sleep. Yay! Exactly what I was hoping for. It should serve as a paper notepad, one I can OCR and share with the Mac when necessary.

A Kindle app is available and works. There are PDF review and note taking features which should be perfect for research documents. There's file management including folders, and other simple things. Keyword, /simple./ It even has a feedback app, which I used. Yes, it accepted handwriting. The manual is on the website; I suggest you review it. I downloaded it to the Mac and synced it so I could read it on-device.

It's lightweight and feels like a very light clipboard with paper, easy to hold. The surface is textured so it feels like writing with a pen on paper. Your pen won't slip like the Apple Pencil does on the . Yes, you can have any number of pages you want.

I give it a thumbs up so far, but I have to see if it works for bedside notes. /Be aware that it has no internal light/— by design for extremely long battery life. I have electronic candles in my room serving as nightlights. Hope they prove sufficient. The idea is to not wake the spouse as the iPad would.

I'll check back in a few weeks with more thought.

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"I'll check back in a few weeks with more thoughts about the [

I used the device for three weeks.

The Supernote Nomad is very well made. Stylish with the "crystal" clear back. Sturdy, both in structure and in software design. The screen is like writing on paper, with realistic texture. With fluid ease, I can send image note data through Dropbox with folders, as well as OCR. I have a doctor's scrawl, but when I print, it OCRs my writing well. Transfer to and from the Mac is very good and simple. The interface is easy to use (when you figure it out), and desirable to use in a no-nonsense fashion.

My biggest nitpick has to do with that there are two writing modes, Notes and Word. Each presents a different method for editing and writing text. Bottom line, erasing mistakes is radically different between the modes. With Word, you use proofreading gestures. With Notes, you use a Paint paradigm. Notes manipulates pixels. You use a lasso tool, like in Photoshop, to erase and move pixels. The tool is intelligent, but still it requires acuity and dexterity. Since I must use the Notes interface (I'll elaborate if you ask why), erasing mistakes is not something I can do in very low light. Additionally, using the Notes interface, I am forced to click on a button less than a centimeter wide, again in very low light.

The problem here, and this is 100% due to my application, is that I need to see to click between the pen tool and the lasso tool when writing. Again, this is because I need to write in a dark room. Were there enough light, it wouldn't be a more than a mildly finicky interface.

So... I am returning the device during the 1 month trial period. I still highly recommend the device. It just won't work for my needs.


No backlight. I need a very dim backlight to use the device in the dark.

The solution:

The Kindle Scribe. I have already bought one and am using it. It has a fully adjustable, read dimmable, backlight. I can dim it to nearly 0%. I have already written a number of notes with it, and use the email notes interface to get my data to my Mac. The OCR works... completely sufficient for my task of writing in a dark room without waking my spouse in bed.

The writing interface has low latency, but the screen surface is nowhere as nice to write on as the Supernote is. The Supernote feels like a paper pad. The Kindle isn't as slippery as the iPad glass, but it certainly doesn't feel like paper. If I had a need to use the Supernote with plenty of light, I'd be loath to give it up, but alas, I don't.

Any questions? Just reply to me.

cc: @SergKoren

Supernote Nomad S6X2: Highly Recommended

Kindle Scribe 1st Generation with Backlight: Recommended for writing.


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Are you debating between Notepad and Notepad++? Here's the one you should use on Windows 11.

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++ v8.6 (20 year anniversary edition) has been released.

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Le ++, le célèbre et incontournable éditeur de texte ultra performant, fête son 20e anniversaire et vient de sortir une nouvelle version 8.6, avec une nouvelle fonctionnalité de multi-édition (éditer simultanément plusieurs lignes similaires) :

Plus d'infos et téléchargement :


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"A new version of Notepad is available [Install]"

I never thought I would see this day, and now I'm scared to click it.

VE3RWJ, to Windows11

To restore classic non-tabbed under :

  1. Open Settings, Apps, Advanced App Settings

  2. In Advanced App Settings, activate the App Execution aliases option

  3. In App execution aliases, locate Notepad in the list. Note: the list is not alphabetically ordered. Throw the toggle to the Off position.

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UX designers who eliminated the filesystem from user consciousness in name of simplicity ruined the world and are morally culpable for shriveling minds of children who are unable to tackle the challenges of today thanks to a choice sold as advocacy for the user but was ultimately motivated by control of a disempowered customer.


@ikanreed @SwiftOnSecurity I was completely speechless because even as a millenial born in 1992 this was more or less unthinkable to me to be possible.

I don't expect much in terms of #TechLinteracy but someone who was deemed eligible for university in 2019 should be able to turn a PC on, enter a password and open #MicrosoftWord or even #NotePad of all things...

Shit that even the #ECDL fake-#certification expects people to be able to do...

Apparently this person never got to touch a PC b4.

itnewsbot, to Windows11

For the first time in 40 years, Windows will ship without built-in word processor - Enlarge / The venerable WordPad is one of the few built-in Windows apps... - #microsoftword #windows10 #windows11 #notepad #wordpad #tech

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Entwickler von Notepad++ ignoriert offensichtlich Sicherheitslücken

Mehrere Sicherheitslücken gefährden den Texteditor Notepad++. Trotz Informationen zu den Lücken und möglichen Fixes steht ein Sicherheitsupdate noch aus.

#Notepad++ #Patches #Security #Sicherheitslücken #Updates


Mist... Ich benutze Notepad++ ausgesprochen gern.

#Verpasstodon #Notepad #Patches #Security #Sicherheitslücken #Updates

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The latest version of Notepad now introduces a new automatic saving feature when you close Notepad.

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I regularly post questions of the day on a variety of subjects (thank you ) but I'm making this one a question of the year bc it is that fundamental to my success as a person.

The reward for contributing meaningful (or humorous) answers to this question will be my sincere appreciation (valued at $0.02 USD).


How can I seamlessly integrate a "lite" tool that operates across platforms (Windows, Linux, Android atm) into my second



it feels too heavy.

When on a computer I oftentimes find myself falling back to a simple text editor (++ on Windows), but I eventually end up moving this data into another system.

I've used a large a variety of task management apps (e.g. , , , , , ) but always find them constraining.

The application that perhaps best captured my needs is Mark Joyner's but it isn't perfect, pretty expensive, etc.


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  • Warum ist da JavaScript

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  • In Windows 8

  • In einem Bus

  • und Mo_Fr_Schule.csv


@morph willkommen in , hier ist total oft Nächste Haltestelle ++ :-D

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