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RITA PYTLINE Inside the next room - YouTube


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emptyfm - Listen to your favorite FM radio

🔊 #nowplaying #music #3615radio

yoa - Matcha Queen

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André Previn - "Plays Songs By Vernon Duke" (1958)


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Quand le gars vous disait qu'il allait écouter Koji Asano, ça n'était pas qu'une menace, il s'est exécuté. Etrangement, si cette musique n'était pas le truc le plus plaisant que je découvrais au début des années 2000, aujourd'hui, je lui trouve plein de charmes.
Hélas, point de Bandcamp, et son site web semble lui aussi ne plus exister donc aucune idée de comment vous faire écouter, peut-être chez les streameurs-voleurs, mais j'ai encore un peu décence et je n'ai pas d'abonnement à ces sites où les artistes ne sont pas rémunérés.

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In my attempt to wean myself of cloud music services, I've been delving through the game OST list I have, and a relatively recent addition really hit it out of the park.

A fun mix of cyberpunk Ghost in the Shell influences with a dubstep beats, on top of definite NIN and Mick Gordon Quake and DOOM FPS roots:

REVEL - Sprawl OST

It's a bit outside of my usual tastes, but it is very fun and I think it matches the game to a T.

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Houdini — Lordofon

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Fiddler's Green - The Green Machine


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Artist: K-Bereit [FRANCE]
Title: Unit Neural Distört
Genre: Industrial / EBM
Release: Singsaly Transmissions Records USA, 2009. Black Compact Disc edition in Digipack presentation.

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Artist: Circle Of Dust [USA]
Title: Brainchild
Genre: Industrial Metal / Electronic
Release: R.E.X. Records USA, 1994. First edition CD.
#NowPlaying #USA #Industrial #Metal #CompactDiscCollector #CompactDisc #CD

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McLaughlin, DiMeola, De Lucia - Passion, Grace, & Fire @vinylrecords

Bargain bin buy -a classic disk.

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The Lounge Lizards - Big Heart Live In Tokyo @vinylrecords

Cheap bin find. Nicely nostalgic

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Love And Rockets - 7th Dream Of Teenage Heaven #vinyl #80s #postPunk #pop #NowPlaying #CrateDigging @vinylrecords

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My brain decided I needed an especially chaotic earworm, and so this ditty has been stuck on my mental soundtrack for the past three days. Early Frank is some of the wildest Frank. 💖

kaichen, to random

The All Seeing I (Feat. Tony Christie) - Walk Like A Panther (Official Music Video) - YouTube…

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It’s Saturday, I’m cooking dinner, so that can only mean Craig Charles’ show and alcoholic libations!

DJDarren, avatar

This @Skeewiff rework of Man of Constant Sorrow is genuinely one of the best remixes I’ve ever heard. Absolutely phenomenal work.


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Now playing on LABR: Wednesday Workout 36 Brother Soul! Tune in now at

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Hüsker Dü - "Warehouse: Songs and Stories"
Now if you're going to do power trio indie rock, the Hüskers are the way to go. Massive influence on Nirvana, of course. This isn't their best album, but it's head and shoulders above the competition.

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good morning! Cannonball Adderley - Somethin’ Else @vinylrecords

I love Cannonball Adderley and in particular his collaborations with his brother Nat, but on this instead we get Miles Davis on probably the best record where he’s credited as session musician.

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Tristan Welch - 40 hours @vinylrecords

A little known gem from my collection. Recommended

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Inspired by a thing I saw on Reddit earlier today, I’m going to try listening to more complete albums this year. Maybe daily? We’ll see how it shakes out.

I’m starting off with the 2019 mix of Abbey Road by The Beatles:


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#AnAlbumADay 137/366: This is Normal by GusGus

Still a day behind…

#music #NowPlaying

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138/366: Doctor Who Theme Collection Vol 1 by HardWire

I’m enjoying the latest run of Doctor Who; last night’s new episode put me in the mood for this lovely collection of different interpretations of the classic theme music. (This continues the trend of pleasant coincidences I’ve found with this “alphabet game” format.)

mpirnat, avatar

139/366: Long Distance by Ivy

I’ve loved a handful of Ivy’s songs for a long time, but have for some reason never explored beyond those few. I’m glad to be remedying that tonight. Also, “Edge of the Ocean” is as perfect a track as ever.

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