bitprophet, (edited ) to terraform avatar

Grumble. Looking at comparisons between #OpenTofu (nee #Terraform) and #Pulumi, for a new #IaC project.

Pulumi seems the obvious choice for me personally (I prefer the tradeoffs of internal DSLs, & certainly would rather write infra code in Python vs HCL).

But Pulumi has /exactly/ the same business-model risk OG TF had (freemium product controlled by a single commercial entity). Not sure I want to bet on its trajectory over the next 5-10 years!

twipped, to AWS avatar

Anybody out there with solid experience with #AWS in #terraform / #opentofu? All the resources for the Gender Dysphoria Bible are managed in terraform, but they're created against my root account.

I want to migrate them all to their own organization, but can't find any guides on how to do this in terraform. I don't want to break my config by clickopsing this.

tcurdt, to terraform avatar

I didn't know opentofu got a Cease and Desist from Hashicorp.

What a clown show.

#terraform #opentofu #opensource

changelog, to terraform avatar
estherschindler, to Cybersecurity avatar

Random question: How often do you click on hashtags for non-urgent-news reasons?

Like: Should I bother adding in a post? I'm thinking No. But Yes for niche subjects such as .


governa, to terraform avatar
linuxiac, to terraform avatar

Oracle phases out HashiCorp's Terraform in favor of OpenTofu, aiming for more open infrastructure solutions.

changelog, to opensource avatar

🕺 New episode of Changelog & Friends!

Frequent guest (and almost real-life-friend) @adamhjk returns to share his spicy takes on all the recent “open source meets business” drama.

We also take some time to catch up on the state of his open source-based business, System Initiative.


#opensource #licensing #opentofu #hashicorp #podcast

sellorm, to random avatar

IBM buying Hashicorp truly is the final nail in that coffin.
#OpenTofu for the win, I guess!
It does make me wonder if all this will have a chilling effect on new open-source adoption where projects are not affiliated with an umbrella like the Linux Foundation or the Apache Foundation or whoever. #RememberCentOS

Jeremiah, to random avatar

I feel IBM is more likely to reverse HashiCorp’s ̶B̶u̶l̶l̶ ̶S̶h̶i̶t̶ ̶L̶i̶c̶e̶n̶s̶e̶ Business Source License decision than HashiCorp’s leadership at the moment.

And if it doesn’t, #OpenTofu likely will eclipse Terraform usage by 2026.

Jeremiah, to devops avatar

I hadn’t heard about the actually-open-source Terraform fork in awhile and worried it might have fizzled out, but I was delighted to see OpenTofu released a 1.7.0 beta yesterday.

Jeremiah, avatar

Also, HashiCorp recently entered IP litigation idiocy territory instead of listening to its departing community.

changelog, to terraform avatar

🗞 New episode of Changelog News!

🤥 Devin's Upwork "side hustle" exposed
☄️ @antonz re-implements Redis w/ SQLIte
🧑‍⚖️ OpenTofu responds to Hashicorp's Cease & Desist
🆙 @brianleroux announces Enhance WASM
🎃 PumpkinOS is a re-implementation of PalmOS
🎙 hosted by @jerod


hugh, to terraform avatar

If anyone was in any doubt as to where Hashicorp is going post-BSL...

#terraform #opentofu #foss

jacqueline, to random

Our Response to Hashicorp's Cease and Desist Letter | OpenTofu

"(...) The team vehemently disagrees with any suggestion that it misappropriated, mis-sourced, or otherwise misused ’s code. All such statements have zero basis in facts. (...)"

vwbusguy, to opensource avatar

responds to showing that they kept receipts with a simple git diff.

johnl, to terraform avatar

Looks like Hashicorp are already playing dirty against the OpenTofu fork:

Good to know they're rattled at least. Keep using OpenTofu folks and stop trusting Hashicorp.

ajussak, to linux French avatar

Mention honorable à Fedora qui propose OpenTofu dans ses dépots

anderseknert, to random avatar

#Hashicorp sending their lawyers on #OpenTofu feels like the last chapter of what was once a great open source company. Oh well, the claims look baseless, and like pretty much any move Hahicorp made this past year, this will only hurt themselves.

jeff, to terraform avatar

This seems really bad. Anyone have inside info? I switched to from recently.

bennysp, to terraform avatar

Uh oh... hope there is a better explanation here. Like, maybe some of this code was in the previous releases but maybe not fully active?!?!

horovits, to opensource avatar

So you have a hugely popular project, backed by a multi-$B corp, that turns closed-source.
Are #opensource #community forks really able to "give a fight"?
Status check, special for Free Open Source Software Month:
#OpenTofu already has 30% of the users as #Terraform
#OpenSearch has 50% of the users of #ElasticSearch
#OSS forks FTW!🏆
@osi @ed #FOSDEM #FOSS

anderseknert, to devops avatar

It seems like #WeaveWorks (the #GitOps "inventors") have essentially imploded as a company, leaving the #Flux project in... well, flux I guess. We'll likely see more news like this in the #CloudNative space this year :/

#FluxCD #DevOps

anderseknert, (edited ) avatar

@timthelion survive, yeah sure. But that’s kind of a low bar on the other hand. Best case scenario (from an outsider's perspective) would probably be some of the companies invested in Flux stepping up, similar to what happened with after the fiasco. But we'll see.

cfgmgmtcamp, to random

Due to some last minute speaker cancellations , we are looking for speakers about for our conference in Ghent on 4 & 5 february , if you know people .. please send em our way !

infoq, to devops avatar

#OpenTofu 1.6.0 is now generally available!

OpenTofu 1.6.0 comes with a bunch of new stuff: minor improvements, bug fixes, performance improvements, and more.

Check it out, if you want all the details:

#InfoQ #DevOps #Terraform

xahteiwi, to terraform avatar

Okay, so how many of you have pivoted from #Terraform to #OpenTofu since the latter had its first release last week?

If you did: how did it go?

If you did not: are you planning to, and when?

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