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Bill Barr says he will vote 'the Republican ticket' - despite once calling Trump a '9-year-old child'

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So let me get this straight:

Despite saying "a second T**** term would mean " and would be "a horror show", still thinks Biden would be worse???

Their argument is: "It's okay [if this incompetent criminal man-child is reelected], b/c & would keep him in check."

So WHY then would reelecting be worse than putting back in charge if who's doesn't even matter??? 🤨 🤔

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The admin is expected to deny permission for a mining company to build a 211-mile through fragile , handing a victory to in an election yr when wants to underscore his credentials as a leader & .

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is intent on bolstering in the to fight . , the venture behind the proposed road, has said the copper it seeks is critical to make , photovoltaic cells & transmission lines needed for , & other . But is also determined to environmentally sensitive lands, & has been expanding the footprint of natl monuments…while also blocking off some from & .

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Well, that's something! Glad to hear we’re not planning to be dragged into more violence by Israel.

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Just remember, the 's entire national platform is completely influenced by a former US President who is currently facing about 85 felony crimes. And will go on trial next week for paying hush money to a porn star for the sex they had.
We should also mention the racketeering and espionage act felony charges he'll be facing later this year.

Oh, and Trump is taking credit for the outlawing of abortion in the US.

If he's your pick for , you might be in a .

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Thurs, the admin announced they are closing what is known as the #"GunShowLoophole," by tightening up the definition of what it means to be "engaged in the business" of selling .

The has just implemented a change in the federal register language, which was previously more specific to who was selling guns, & the agency did it in accordance w/the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, passed in 2022.

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By being more specific & precise in the definition, admin ofcls on a call w/reporters said it would require more people to register for a federal selling & run a background check on the person they are selling to.

said in a statement he has spent time w/people who lost loved ones to , & that he is taking action to make sure fewer guns are sold w/o .

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Eclipse has started in

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I went outside to view the eclipse and Air Force One just flew over my house - directly into the sun (the poor pilot)...

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#Trump saw more turnover in his #Cabinet than any other recent president, & it’s not even close. #POTUS #Biden, on the other hand, has had relatively little change in his admin’s top roles so far.

As Trump & Biden barrel toward a fall rematch, The WaPo is examining the numbers behind their time as president. In this case, we reviewed how they ran the vast #ExecutiveBranch of govt through the lens of the #stability of their Cabinets.

#BidenHarris2024 #governance

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“Let there be no illusion. If Donald Trump is elected & the in put a on the Resolute Desk, will sign it into . Donald Trump & all those responsible for overturning Roe don’t have a clue about the of in America. But they are about to find out.” -

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has privately said he could end ’s war in Ukraine by pressuring Ukraine to give up territory…. foreign policy experts say that would reward & condone the violation of internationally recognized by .
Trump’s proposal consists of pushing Ukraine to cede & the border region to Russia…. That approach…would dramatically reverse ’s policy, of curtailing Russian aggression & providing military to Ukraine.

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relies on a doctor who is a member of his golf club to vouch for his health

After Trump escalated his longstanding attacks on Pres ’s & last fall, he released the 1st updated report on his own condition in >3 yrs.
The report had just 3 paragraphs w/o specific numbers, proclaimed that Trump was in “excellent health” & had “exceptional” cognitive ability, & did not disclose Trump’s weight.

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Aronwald’s letter lacks the specifics necessary to discern much [of anything]…about ’s health. has released a 6-page letter that details his blood tests, conditions & medications, which the WH said gives voters a clearer picture of health. “Joe Biden is proud to have been transparent w/his health records as VP, as a presidential candidate, & as ,” WH spox Andrew Bates said in a stmnt. “He believes all leaders owe that level of to the American people.”

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Book review for 2024 is Edward P. Crapol's John Tyler, the Accidental President. I think that seeing the 1840's era Presidents getting more critical looks is good for the study of American History in general and presidential history in particular. I think that the work adds to the understand of not just Tyler's administration but of 1840's America as well. A ☕☕☕☕ review @bookstodon @books @bookstodon

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Book review for 2024 is Robert Caro's The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson. The first volume of this series, The Path to Power began a 40 plus year reading journey of every American President, that, with exception of POTUS 46 and 45, has continued to this day. This volume of Caro's series focuses on the 1960 election and up to the spring of 1964. Well written and moving.
A☕☕☕☕☕review. @bookstodon @bookstodon @books

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The admin said late Thurs that had AGREED to open another for to get into amid the dire crisis there.

The announcement came hours after had a tense phone call w/PM during which Biden threatened to condition future support for Israel depending on how it addresses his concerns about & the in Gaza.

Nonilex, avatar

In a stmnt, the said that had agreed to open the to allow into northern & to also open the . The measures were being taken “at the president’s request,” the stmnt added.

“These steps,” the stmnt said, “must now be fully & rapidly implemented.”

There was no immediate confirmation from the government.

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Nearly all of #aid that has reached Gaza has entered through 2 border crossings in the south, & conditions are especially bad in northern #Gaza, where most of the population lived before being #displaced by #Israel’s invasion.

#POTUS #Biden #geopolitics #ForeignPolicy
Thurs night’s NSC stmnt:

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#Biden warns #Netanyahu the situation in #Gaza is ‘unacceptable’
#POTUS said #UnitedStates #policy will change if #Israel does not immediately take ‘specific, concrete, & measurable’ steps to address the disaster

#geopolitics #Humanitarian

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“In the coming HOURS & DAYS, we will be looking for concrete, tangible steps that they’re taking” - WH spox John Kirby

The call between the 2 leaders came 3 days after 7 workers from the José Andrés-run were killed by an Israeli strike on a clearly marked convoy, igniting outrage in the & abroad. held the call w/ specifically because of the deadly strikes, Kirby said, adding that was “shaken” by the attack.

Nonilex, avatar

It marked the 1st time has indicated a willingness to reassess his unwavering support of ’s campaign in , as pressure grows among prominent to condition sales to Israel as the death toll in Gaza has surpassed 32k, acc/to the Gaza Health Ministry. ’ rhetoric has grown increasingly sharp regarding Israel’s handling of the crisis, but until now he had not directly warned Israel of if it does not change course.

Nonilex, avatar

added that the expected to see not just “announcing” changes, but “executing” & “implementing” them.
The WH summary of the Biden - call added that had told the Israeli prime minister that the situation in was “unacceptable” & had called for an “immediate .”

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    It seems that this is too much for people to comprehend.

    This is the biggest crime since Hitler and Stalin murdered 60 million.

    Never again is RIGHT NOW in Ukraine.

    Where are the Ukrainian children that Vladimir Putin's army has taken?

    International Criminal Court arrest warrants for Vladimir Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova.

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    on Tues again used despicable & language to describe & what he called 's " ."

    Trump said at a "messaging event" in , , "It's a very bad thing happening. It's going to end on the day that I take office, which will be Jan 20."

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    Yeah, this is why I say that @potus forced the hand of the Fediverse.

    Like it or not, most Americans want to see President Biden’s messages. I therefore suspect that many people will migrate to servers where they can follow him.

    I’m not saying certain servers are wrong for de-federating Threads. But just because a server enacts a policy doesn’t mean that end users agree with it. Both figuratively and literally, people have a right to vote in the matter.

    If they haven’t already, they will vote with their feet.


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    ...HOWEVER knowing the precisely address/root/whatever, I don't really really the details anymore, it was possible to access these "" handle without much ado.

    Why wouldn't this be possible for ' handle from ?


    HistoPol, avatar

    @atomicpoet @potus @Gargron

    Defederating account.

    (2/2) knows where it can find them. 😉

    Maybe this will speed up the Admistration's own native instance setup.


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    is restoring resources & staffing for the program, steadily rebuilding a pathway for Trump gutted.

    The has allowed >40k into the country in the first 5 months of the fiscal yr after they passed a rigorous, often yearslong, process that includes & & interviews w/ American officers overseas.

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